Sunday, December 13, 2009

URBN DK - Will E. Survive... ? Yes E. Will!!! EP

7th release on Will E. Survive and I think last release of URBN DK. Think it's a different singer than on the previous releases on Beer City and Power Ground.
URBN DK started already in the early 80's. More punk though. Bob, the original guitarplayer just took the name for a new band in the 90's, playing fast HC.
This 7" was released in 1997.

1. Hated
2. Wax
3. Crack B.S.
4. O
5. Apathetic
6. Charity Case
7. Untitled

Urbn DK

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nighters - Drop Down Dead 7"

Another generous gift from Donut Duck!
Was really curious about this EP of Italian band Nighters. Already knew it was more in the mid tempo punk vein but it's a nice listen. This record doesn't show up very often for sale and it's not so known. It was released in 1984 on New Rose Records (not the French label). You can find some reviews of this 7" on KFTH.
I'm not sure, but I've read that Nighters had (an) ex-member(s) of Bloody Riot, a band that did a self-released 7" in 1983 and an LP on Mecano.

1. Live It Anyway
2. Drop Down Dead
3. Nightrise/Take A Look
4. Lost Control

Nighters (thanks Jolicoeur!)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Maimed For Life - s/t EP

Here's another HC band out of Utah. Maimed For Life have a bit of a metal influence and some soloing going on. Typical for a record released in 1985. But they have good songs with socio-political lyrics.
Don't know anything more about Maimed For Life.

1. Maimed For Life
2. Sins Of War
3. Just Don't Know
4. World War III
5. Closedminded
6. Pawns In Twisted Games

Maimed For Life

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pressure/Reluctant - Split 7"

As requested, here's the 4th release on Will E. Survive. Not my favourite of this label. Reluctant is OK but Pressure add some mosh part breakdowns in their songs and I really don't like such parts.
Released in 1995 or 1996.

1. #1 Culprit
2. Junk

3. Cellblock America
4. Listen
5. All-For-Profit

Pressure / Reluctant

Saturday, October 31, 2009

V/A City Of Thorns LP

2nd installment in the Sound Of USA Cities series on Mystic. This one compiles bands from Portland.
Ä lot of unknown bands here except for Wehrmacht, Rancid Vat and SLA.
There's actually an extra song of Wehrmacht on the album but I don't know which one. I ripped it together with the "E" track.
Rancid Vat has a live recording of an Alice Cooper song. The band name is spelled wrong on the sleeve as Rancid Bat.
Some stuff OK, other stuff mediocre. Compiled in 1985 but I guess it was released 2 years later.

1. Cardinal Sin - Devestation
2. Death Midgets - Death Midgets
3. Death Midgets - Amputee
4. Anathema - Public Affection
5. Anathema - Pigs
6. Anathema - When It's Too Late
7. N.R.A. - Pit Monger
8. N.R.A. - Vendetta
9. Wehrmacht - Beermacht
10. Wehrmacht - E
11. Oily Bloody Men - Skull Duggery
12. Oily Bloody Men - Secret Town
13. Carnage Shop - Creepin' Flesh
14. Carnage Shop - Rainbow
15. SLA - Insane Is Right
16. Rancid Vat - Under My Wheels
17. Skate Drunx - Whimps
18. Skate Drunx - Morticians Boner
19. Tradition Dictates - Hypocrisy

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Unwanted - Shattered Silence LP

Let's stay in Canada for a while. Here's the sole album of Manitoba band Unwanted. They also appear on the BYO comp. 'Something To Believe In'.
'Shattered Silence' was also released on BYO (Better Youth Organisation) in the US in 1984. Seems to be a split release with Canada label Headbutt as the logo appears on the sleeve. Headbutt released also the Stretchmarks 7" and Some Weird Sin LP.

01. Gotta Get Out
02. Colorblind
03. Thrills
04. Who's To Judge
05. Shattered Silence
06. Die A Slave
07. Party Degs
08. Venom
09. Dead End
10. Unwanted Chain
11. One Life To Live


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Random Killing - Take Our Flag 7"

First and best release of this Toronto HC punk band. Released in 1986 on their own Aardvark label.
The 7" can also be found on the 'Re-Issued' CD from 1993, together with the 'This Whole World' 12" and some comp. tracks.
Random Killing also recorded a 2nd 7" called 'Kicked In The Nuts: A True Story!!' on Swiss label Resistance Productions. I do have that one if you're interested.

1. Take Our Flag
2. Terrorist Attack
3. It's Okay
4. Drunk Driving
5. Stealing Food

Random Killing

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Attack & Decay - Squirrel Sonatas In The Key Of C 7"

One of the many Detroit HC bands that never released any vinyl during their existence (also bands like Heresy, Gore,...).
This is the 'Lunchbox' demo recorded in 1987. 8 tracks of USHC. Reissued sometime in the 90's on Canadian label Spam Dagger Records. It's a band-approved release, no bootleg.

1. Drunk And Disorderly
2. Lunchbox Philosophy
3. Admit Your Shit
4. In My Game
5. Back To Bed
6. No Thanks
7. Communion Of Righteousness
8. Global Unrest

Attack & Decay

Saturday, October 3, 2009

V/A Hardcore Showcase LP

Time for some Japanese hardcore now.
The 'Hardcore Showcase' LP was released on Stomping Record in 1989 and has 9 bands from Sendai city. Most bands are pretty unknown but play raging hardcore here. For those more in the knowledge of Japanese HC will know that Lance Lot released a 7" flexi 'Eat The Dream' on Stomping Record as well.
Fat Slave and Banish Arms also appear on the 'Give Us The Time To Play' comp. double EP with other Sendai bands Half Life, Gang Thrust and Rich Mate Rally (ex-Reach A Mental Road, who did a split 7" with Hiatus on MCR).
Banish Arms also appears on the 2nd Japcore comp. LP released on Discipline/Vinyl Japan called 'Who's Chained Up To The Dogs Of Outrage!!'.

Here's the Stomping Record discography:
SR 001 The Vomits - Death On The Beach 7" flexi
SR 002 Tiffany's - 4 Original Hits 7" flexi
SR 003 Dead Person - s/t 7" flexi
SR 004 Lance Lot - Eat The Dream 7" flexi
SR 005 The Vomits - Reckless Cow! 7" flexi
SR 006 Under Beans - Roots Rock Suck 7"
SR 007 V/A Hardcore Showcase LP

1. Bat Bones - Shit Maker
2. Bat Bones - Out Of My Face!
3. Sex Crime - Shock
4. Sex Crime - Boys In The Box
5. The Wild Geese - King Of Rockin' Roll Monster
6. The Wild Geese - Coming In From The Rise
7. Leather Face - Disguise The Facts
8. Leather Face - Foolish Dreamer
9. Lance Lot - Nightmare
10. Lance Lot - Fight It Out
11. Red Neck - Grasp All, Lose All
12. Red Neck - Road Marks
13. Banish Arms - Lie Power For Murder
14. Banish Arms - Bat Luke You
15. The Snickers - Continue The Resistance!
16. Fat Slave - Helpless
17. Fat Slave - False

Saturday, September 26, 2009

V/A We Can't Help It If We're From Florida 7" EP

Another one of my friend's collection. I know that this one has already been posted elsewhere but my friend told me that the rips he found are of atrocious quality. That's what you get from taking rips off soulseek.
The 'We Can't Help It If We're From Florida' comp. documents the Florida scene around 1983. It was released on Destroy Records, the label run by Roach Motel. Roach Motel did 2 classic 7"s.
Also Sector 4 did a 7" on Destroy Records in 1983.
Morbid Opera is an all-girl band I think. Also did a 7" on their own Sublapse label. This label also released the Gay Cowboys In Bondage 7".
Hated Youth is one of the better stuff here. Fast raging HC. Luckily Bob Suren of Sound Idea/Burrito Records (RIP) had contact with one of the ex-members and released a 7" and split LP of unreleased Hated Youth songs. All worth getting.
Not much known on Rat Cafeteria. No other recordings available.
Early Roach Motel has been put on CD.

1. Hated Youth - Hardcore Rules
2. Hated Youth - Ted Bundy
3. Hated Youth - Army Dad
4. Sector 4 - White House
5. Sector 4 - Plaid Spaceship
6. Morbid Opera - Eat The Rich
7. Morbid Opera - White Flag
8. Morbid Opera - Polyester Pig
9. Roach Motel - Heart Attack
10. Roach Motel - Fla. Reptile Land
11. Roach Motel - My Dog's Into Aanrchy
12. Rat Cafeteria - Kill
13. Rat Cafeteria - Tax Revolt


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rebels And Infidels - Corporate Picnic LP

HC punk band from Alameda, CA. Formed in 1979 as Scream and released a 7" in 1982 under this name but changed their name as well as the sleeves for this one, so there exist 2 versions of it. you can check that one here.
'Corporate Picnic' was released in 1984 on the cult Fowl label (Fuck-Ups, Verbal Abuse, Black Humor,...). good mix of HC and mid-tempo punk.

1. War Games
2. Red Flag
3. Pay The Price
4. Modern Man
5. You're Fired
6. American Citizen
7. Rebels And Infidels
8. Last Rites
9. Vision Of Darkness
10. More Beer
11. State Of The Union
12. Mother's Child
13. Outa My Head
14. Too Fast - Too Slow

Corporate Picnic

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rat Bastards/Dead Drunk - Split 7"

Here's another one on Will E. Survive. The label's 3rd release, from 1995.
Both bands also had 7"'s out on Beer City. Can post these as well.
Rat Bastards offers 3 tracks of HC punk. Dead Drunk do the same with silly lyrics on drinking. Good voice though.

Rat Bastards
1. Industrialized Autocracy
2. What The Fuck?
3. Yer In My Urine

Dead Drunk
1. Beer By Beer
2. Song For Booze
3. Belly Of The Beast

Rat Bastards/Dead Drunk

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Disappointments - s/t 7"

Not to be confused with the 90's punkband. This one is the band from Muskegon, MI. The label states the bandname as Elvis Roy And The Disappointments. Think this 7" was released in 1987.
They were also the backing band of GG Allin when he played in Muskegon.
21 tracks of HC thrash with lots of changes. Elvis Roy blasts his lyrics at high velocity through the ultra-short songs.

Note: some tracks recorded as one rip as it was impossible to seperate them.

1. Better You Than Me
2. Scar Yourself
3. Drink It Away
4. Brainwashed
5. Possessed
6. Wanker
7. Rehash
8. Squared
9. Find A Job
10. The Woe
11. Trash Fever
12. Big Fat Boss Man
13. No Pot
14. P.U.P.
15. Putting It Off
16. Credit Due
17. Wishing Well
18. Did It Wrong
19. Next To Impossible
20. Hint To Move
21. Mama Done Told Me


Saturday, August 29, 2009

10-96 - 2 EP's

Someone asked for some more 10-96. Here's the 2 7" EP's released on Beer City.
'Gas Bag' is the 1st one. Most tracks were re-recorded for their 'No Retreat' album, except for the Fuck-Ups cover (track 12).
'Catastrophe' was the band's last release. Here we find another cover 'Folsom Prison Blues'.

Note: some songs ripped as one track as it was impossible to separate them.

Gas Bag 7" EP (1994)
1. Old School
2. Isnt Life Crazy
3. Intensation
4. Mental Chant
5. Bullshit
6. Gotcha Goin'
7. Fuckhead
8. Dred Song
9. Why
10. Friendship
11. Pigs Law
12. I Think Your Shit

Catastrophe 7" EP (1997)
1. What The Fuck
2. Pressure
3. I Met Him There
4. Runaway
5. Riot Tonight
6. Think Please
7. Trust
8. Folsom Prison Blues


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vicious Circle/Perdition - Split LP

Here's the 1st split LP of Australian bands released on Flipside to help introduce them to the US HC scene. 2nd one is the Depression/Gash split.
Vicious Circle's side starts with a few songs never released on their own releases. The song 'Rights Dub' is a re-worked version of 'Police Brutality', one of their best known songs as it appeared on the War/Peace comp. on Rradical. The last 5 tracks is the complete 'Search For The Solution' 7", originally released on Reactor in 1985.
Perdition's side has songs taken from 'The Intoxicated' EP and their only album 'How To Teach Your Budgie To Talk'. 'Degeneration' and 'New Anarchy (Dub)' can only be found here.

Vicious Circle
1. Epitaph
2. Supplied Demise
3. Coconut Song
4. Distant Cry
5. Dwelling On Thoughts
6. Rights Dub
7. Vicious Circle
8. Personality Crisis
9. Trapped
10. Claws Of Death
11. Corporate Death Scheme

1. I'm Laughing
2. Just One Mistake
3. Degeneration
4. Progress Where?
5. Big Problems
6. Nothing For You
7. Deserve To Die
8. New Anarchy (Dub)

Vicious Circle/Perdition

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Depression - Money Chain 7"

Thanks to Dougal for another generous gift. Never had the 1st Depression vinyl release.
I think anyone already know about Depression as one of the 1st HC bands from Australia. They did some other great releases like the self-titled LP, 'Australia, Australia' 12" on Reactor.
Later they signed to Cleopatra for a live album, the 'Big Brother' 7" and 'Thrash Till Death' LP.

Note: last 2 tracks ripped as one track.

1. Money Chain
2. Soldiers Never Cry
3. World Leaders

Link removed. Seems that Reactor Records will release a Depression discography CD.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jackshit - Hicktown EP

HC punk band from Reno with a connection to 7 Seconds. They also appeared on the 1st Positive Force release, the 'Nuke Your Drink' comp. 7", and the 1st We Got Party comp. album on Mystic.
6 tracks with funny lyrics. Released in 1984 on Squirtdown Records.

1. Hicktown
2. We Still Like Drugs
3. Champagne For Breakfast
4. E.T. Go Home
5. Gimpy
6. Keys In The Car


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Love Canal - It's A Dogs Life So Blow It Out Yer Ass LP

Requested by many so here it finally is.
Had to lend a copy of a friend as my copy has one side slightly off-centre causing some warped sound.
Named after a Niagara Falls, NY neighborhood built on a massive toxic waste dump, Love Canal from Huntington Beach, CA, formed in 1982 after The Skoundrelz broke up.
They also appeared on the "Half Skull" comp. 7" on Insane Industries as well as on the Mystic comp. "Clockwork Orange County" and "Covers". Well they play a Hendrix tune here.
The album was recorded in 1985 except for the last 4 tracks which were recorded in 1983 and suffer from lesser quality unfortunately.
"Funk You", "Friends" and "Lurking In The Dark" were originally written by pre-Love Canal band The Skoundrelz. I think The Skoundrelz appeared on one of the BCT comp. tapes.

Singer Kerry was in Motherfist after Love Canal split up.

Read somewhere that Grand Theft Audio planned to release a discography CD but I've never seen one.

There's a MySpace page for the band . Seems they reformed in 2007 and play live again.

The LP was released in 1985 on National Trust Records.

National Trust Records discography:
NT 884 Vandals - When In Rome... LP
NT 885 M.I.A. - Notes From The Underground LP
NT 886 ?????????????????????????
NT 887 Love Canal - It's A Dogs Life So Blow It Out Yer Ass LP
NT 888 Sextet - s/t LP
NT 889 Don't No -Incite The Riot LP
NT 890 Detonators - Just Another Reason LP
NT 891 Fang - Spun Helga LP
NT 892 Doggy Style - Last Laugh LP
NT 893 Rights Of The Accused - Dillinger's Alley LP

1. Scratch In "Z" Minor
2. This Is America
3. Broken Windshield
4. Funk You
5. Friends
6. Black Clouds
7. Hey Joe
8. Drunk & Stupid
9. Lurking In The Dark
10. Banned From Huntington
11. Larry Flint
12. Dark Shadows
13. Histler's Brain
14. Worm Crawl In "R" Major

Monday, July 27, 2009

V/A Welcome To Ax/ction Island 7" EP

Got some requests for this one so here it is (yep, the Love Canal LP will follow soon).
"Welcome To Ax/ction Island' was released in 1986 on Ax/ction Records run by the people of Psycho.
Side A starts with Boston band and Psycho offshoot Cancerous Growth. Released one 7" EP, 2 LP's and one live 7", all on Ax/ction. Albums (with extra tracks) came out in Germany as well.
Stupids is the only non-US band here. One of the 1st UK bands with a USHC sound.
GG Allin needs no introduction. You love him or hate him. Weird choice.
Psycho started as a HC band but later changed to grindcore. There's a discography out with all the early (non-grind) stuff.
Spastic Rats did one 7" "Rodentia" posted here before.
PTL Klub is one of the most underrated Boston HC bands and one of my faves.
The Scam also released a 7" on Ax/ction, posted here before. Just got a comment from Eric that a discography CD is planned as well as a vinyl edition of the unreleased "Sic World" LP. Funny to see that this album was planned as ACT 12 on the label info sheet included with this release.

1. Cancerous Growth - Delusionary Tactics
2. Stupids - We Suck
3. GG Allin - I Wanna Suck Your Cunt
4. Psycho - Animal
5. Spastic Rats - Incite To violence
6. PTL Klub - Constitutional Monarchy
7. The Scam - Wasted Time

Ax/ction Island

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mystery Band

Here's a record that puzzles me already for a long time. Have it on tape since the late 80's.
According to the info I have, the band should be Anal Babies and the 7" is called "Let's Party" but I haven't found any info on this one. Already checked sites like Flex, Kill From The Heart and various have/want lists but this one never shows up. So the info is probably wrong, or the record is extremely rare. A friend of mine didn't recognize it as well and he has a trained ear concerning HC stuff.
The 7" contains 8 tracks. Unfortunately, I have no tracklisting.
It's definitely a US (or Canadian?) band from around 1986-87.

Hope someone can solve the mystery.

UPDATE: Thanks to Dr. Phibes we know that it's indeed Anal Babies from Sacramento, CA.

Quality is pretty shitty, but I managed to upgrade the sound a bit while ripping.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Perdition - The Intoxicated EP

Thanks to Dougal for this contribution.
Very first vinyl release of this wellknown punkband from Australia. I also have their LP but I think it has been posted on other blogs.
This record was initially released as a 7" but later reissued as a 12" to improve the sound quality.
'The Intoxicated' came out in 1984 on Reactor Records.

1. Nothing For You
2. Deserve To Die
3. Life Of Pain
4. Blood Runs Red
5. The Last Hour


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dissension - We The Fooled LP

2nd album of Dissension. The 'Why Work For Death' is a classic these days. Not many people have heard this one. More crossover style and less interesting than the 1st one but it isn't bad either. You decide.
This copy is self-released although there exists a picture-disc version on Metal Storm/Azra.
'We The Fooled' was released in 1988.

1. False Promises
2. Searching
3. Let's Think
4. The End
5. Destitute Detour
6. A New Beginning
7. Hopeless
8. Subject
9. Dreams
10. My Own World
11. Blinded By Power

New link as track 2 was damaged.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

V/A Sutura Eterna LP

Compilation album released in Italy in 1986. It was released by Senzapatria, an anti-authoritarian and anti-militarist organisation from Sondrio.

4 bands participate:
Midgard (Milano) play 2 tracks of crossover; more metal than hardcore.
Link Lärm (Padova) play 4 tracks of HC punk. They also released an 11-track demo.
Disperazione (Como) is the most wellknown here. This is from their later period so expect more metal in their sound.
Antisbarco (Chioggia) ends the comp. with 3 tracks of HC punk.

Geat sleeve artwork by Stiv Valli. I made the exception to scan the back sleeve as well.

1. Midgard - L'Ultimo Fuoco
2. Midgard - Sangue Versato
3. Link Lärm - Politicanti
4. Link Lärm - Militare
5. Link Lärm - Odio La Gente
6. Link Lärm - Voglio Fare Il Senatore
7. Disperazione - Non E' Ancora
8. Disperazione - Anticipo Di Morte
9. Antisbarco - Troppi Messaggi
10. Antisbarco - Controllo Totale
11. Antisbarco - Tempo Di Menzogna

Sutura Eterna

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Half Life - Never Give In LP

First full length of this Pittsburgh punkband.
Half Life already started in 1984. Their first release was the 'What's Right' demo tape in 1985, later re-released on LP/CD. In 1986 they released the 'Under The Knife' 7". The sound changed from typical punk anthems to a more heavy sound.
'Never Give In' was released in 1989 on Skyclad and was produced by Tom Lyle.
The band split up in 1990.
There's a Half Life official site here done by ex-guitarplayer Vinny Curtis (who doesn't play on this album).

1. Go Down Fighting
2. Crawling
3. Never Give In
4. Who Do You Blame
5. Rotted Mind
6. Somethings Missing
7. Victory To The Killer
8. Try To Stop Me
9. United And Strong
10. End It All
11. Information We Get
12. Whats Right

Never Give In

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Order Of Decay - Bite Or Be Bitten 7" / s/t LP

And here's another one from Australia.
Order Of Decay released 2 records on Norwood label Dominator Records & Tapes. Can't find much info but the LP is posthumously released as singer Philthy Phil passed away in 1989 at the age of 23. Don't know how he died.

Dominator released a variety of stuff : from HC punk of Filthy Scumbags, Order Of Decay, Arm The Insane to dark indierock like The Mark Of Cain. At the end the label went completely deathmetal.

Bite Or Be Bitten 7" (1988)
1. Expelled
2. The Aftermath
3. Payroll
4. Order Of Decay
5. Mental Anguish
6. Fuel

Order Of Decay LP (1989)
1. Australian Police
2. On One Condition
3. Confused
4. Detox
5. Talking
6. Another Christ
7. K.S.
8. Get Out Of My Way!
9. Solitary Confinement
10. Psycho Man
11. Exciter

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blitzkrieg - Complete Disarmament LP

I think there were a few bands called Blitzkrieg back in the day but this is the band from Amsterdam. Not a lot is known on them but they managed to release an album 'Complete Disarmament' in 1983. Lots of short songs played very fast and a few longer mid-tempo songs.

There's a clock ticking in between the songs (although I ripped the first couple of tracks without the clock ticking, sorry). The lyrics are CRASS-style political rants covering the usual punk topics. Sung both in Dutch and English.

1. Complete Disarmament
2. System Needs War
3. It's You
4. Alles Is Tevergeefs
5. 3,5 Miljard Idioten
6. Dankbaar
7. Ieder Een Taak
8. Silly Play
9. Mannen En Gaten
10. My Life
11. Whole World In Flames
12. Wat Ben Je Dom
13. Someone's Gonna Get The Head Kicked In
14. Blind En Doof
15. Klein Verschil
16. Gut Gut
17. Val
18. Twee Revoluties
19. Den Haag Vandaag
20. Party-Punk
21. Think!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Human Sufferage - Thank You, Mother Dear LP

As promised, here's the second album of Columbus band Human Sufferage. A great follow-up of their first one. 'Thank You, Mother Dear' was released in 1985 on New Age.

1. Hey Big Guy
2. Thou Shallt Die
3. My Special Friends
4. Less Than Life
5. Results Are Still The Same
6. Don't Play With My Life
7. Thank You, Mother Dear
8. Take It For Granted
9. Fair Warning For All

Thank You, Mother Dear

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Human Sufferage - No Place Like Home 12"

First record of Human Sufferage of Columbus, Ohio. Their 2nd album is 'Thank You Mother Dear' which I plan to post later. Both records were released on New Age, a local Columbus label that also released records of True Believers, Screaming Urge, Vertical Slit, Great Plains, ...
'No Place Like Home' was released in 1983 and comes with a comics newspaper. Here's what Tim Yohannon of MRR wrote on the record:
These guys have a great crunching garage punk and thrash sound here, and they come down hard lyrically on middle class mores and problems ranging from the effects of Reaganomics to psychiatric conditioning. The production is hot, and the record comes with all sorts of weird inserts.

1. Nowhere Fast
2. 100% Middle Class
3. Results Are Still The Same
4. No Place Like Home
5. Dress Code
6. Vocal Nonsense
7. Iamwhatiam

Human Sufferage

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Puncture Wound - s/t 7"

Puncture Wound was a Cleveland, Ohio HC band active in the late 90's. Not that I know alot about them but if you like Inmates, H-100s, 9 Shocks Terror or Gordon Solie Motherfuckers, then you'll probably like this one.
This 7" was released in 1999 on Bloodclot Records (fifth release) as well as on Human Stench (1st release), a now defunct label out of Pittsfield, MA. that reissued the comps. 'Last White Christmas' and 'I Thrash Therefore I Am' on CD (originally tapes on BCT).
Found a page on some Cleveland labels and related bands, if you're interested in that scene.
Most releases are limited and some sell out fast. Anyone who wants to get rid of his/her 1st Inmates 7"?

1. Break A Leg
2. Roommate
3. Pickle Dick/Call The Police
4. Coventry
5. Cap'n Ahab's Ghost
6. Exersize The Right To Be A Stupid Idiot
7. Pound Nails Til' Never Die

Puncture Wound

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bodies In Panic - This Ain't Rock N' Roll LP

Early release on Buy Our Records so you know this band is from New Jersey. Full title of the album is 'This Ain't Rock N' Roll (Then What The Hell Is It?)'.
They also appear on the 'New Jersey's Got It?' and 'Big City-One Big Crowd' comp. albums posted here before.
N.I.B. is a song originally by Black Sabbath.

1. Bodies In Panic
2. Salesman
3. Ism
4. Bored With Action
5. Necrophilia
6. Uncle Sam Needs You
7. This Ain't Rock 'N' Roll
8. Democracy Or Die
9. Ode To The Bouncer
10. N.I.B.
11. Demolition Mission
12. Lester
13. Ariel Sharon Loves Violence

Bodies In Panic

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Premature Baby's - Lie Cheat And Steal 7"

Premature Baby's (sic) were from Muskegon, MI. This 7" was released in 1987 on Michigan label Depression Records known for their releases of Plasma Alliance and Boom & The Legion Of Doom.
Some of their releases are quite sloppy but Premature Baby's play fast and tight HC punk.

A partial Depression Records discography:
42949 Plasma Alliance - We Can't Wait 7"
DR 1 Toxic Attitude - Stupid Teenage Music 7"
DR 2 ?
DR 3 Boom & The Legion Of Doom - Hate To Love, Love To Hate 7"
DR 4 ?
DR 5 Premature Baby's - Lie Cheat And Steal 7"
DR 6 Ugly But Proud - Knuckles From Nowhere 7"
DR 7 ?
DR 8 Boom & The Legion Of Doom - Detroit LP
DR 9 ?
DR 10 ?
DR 11 ?
DR 12 ?
DR 13 ?
DR 14 Twitch - Jedi 7"
DR 15 Pecker Tracks - Kamode Kamotion 7"
Here some releases I can't find the label # of:
Boom & The Legion Of Doom - Skate Thrash Grind 7"
Broken Trust - Straight Edge America 7"
Slaughterhouse - Perfect Example 7"

All help with filling in the gaps is much appreciated!

1. Cats In The Bag
2. Quest For Money
3. Encaged
4. You're Not The Boss
5. Lost Cause
6. What's The Difference?
7. Who Died For You?
8. Insanity's Destiny
9. Riot Squad

Premature Baby's

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Confederate - Surrender Or Just Fight LP

As requested: here's the Confederate LP. already read some discussion on this one on Good Bad Music.
Produced by Rikk Agnew. Thin production and somewhat generic HC punk but an enjoyable listen.
'Pity Me' is only a few seconds long. 'My Generation' is a cover of that famous rock band (who?).
And one can also discuss the band name and cover art.
The vocalist later showed up in Doggy Style.
'Surrender Or Just Fight' released in 1983 on Revenge Records.

1. My World
2. Stop And Go
3. Written Laws
5. Life In Vegas
6. Surrender Or Just Fight
7. My Way
8. Brixton Wall
9. Take The Pressure
10. Pity Me
11. Upsetting The Matter
12. My Generation
13. We Keep Up Front
14. American Farmboy
15. Starting To Hate
16. War Is Not Real
17. Clambake


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Doomsday Massacre - Wake Up Or Melt Down 7"

Here's some classic hardcore punk from Texas. The 'Wake Up Or Melt Down' 7" of Doomsday Massacre was released in 1983 on C.I.A. Records, the label run by Really Red.
First heard them on a weekly HC punk program in the late 80's on some French radiostation in Lille.

1. R-U-Ready
2. Attack
3. Pissed
4. Annihilation
5. Last Day

Doomsday Massacre

Kwik Way - s/t LP

Don't know anything about this band. They were from Berkeley, CA and this mini-album is the only release I know of. Released in 1986 on their own Golden Star Records label.
'Whatever' is an instrumental track. 'Bald' is a funny song and a stab at hardcore's unwritten rules about haircuts. 'Nations Capital' attacks straight edge preaching. There's some freak-out stuff at the end of side B which isn't mentioned on the record. It ends with a reprise of 'Don't Stop'.

Note: tracks 2 & 3 ripped as one.

1. Go Die
2. Geezers
3. Nations Capital
4. Bald
5. Whatever
6. Don't Stop (Till U Get Enuf)
7. Urban Wildlife
8. Pacifica On Saturday
9. Drink And Drive
10. Plane Trooth
11. Untitled

Link removed. There's a discography CD released in 2008 (I didn't know).
I did a quick check for availability and found it for sale on CD Baby.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crucified Truth - Communication 7"

Pretty unknown australian hardcore punk band with one release. The 'Communication' 7" was released in 1986 on Sundown that also released the Public Execution 7". Only 400-500 copies pressed depending on the source.
Crucified Truth also appear on 'The Not So Lucky Country' comp. on Reactor.
Strange but they're not mentioned on the Australian Punk site. Did find an entry here.

1. Death Machines
2. Communication
3. Control
4. Lies

Crucified Truth

A message from Jeff Earing of Insanity Defense

Hi - this is Jeff Earing from Insanity Defense and Satan's Cheerleaders. We're very honored and flattered that our fans and friends have continued to enjoy our music after all these years. After the bands broke up in 1985, we all moved on and regretfully stopped following the punk/hardcore scene. We always valued our fans and continue to be proud of our involvement in such a vital and innovative network of musicians, artists, and activists. Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way. That being said, it has come to our attention that people have been trying for some time to reconnect with us and find copies of our recordings. It seems that, for the most part, fans have resorted to file sharing in order to hear our music. We have never been about profiteering off of our recordings and merchandise - in fact we embraced the do-it-yourself approach, which we always felt was in the true spirit of punk rock music. File sharing has certainly kept us alive in the hearts (and ears!) of our old fans, and has also exposed us to a new generation of punks. For that we are truly grateful. However, the bands have decided to offer another venue for connecting with us and obtaining our work. We will soon launch a website that will offer access to all things ID and SC, including downloads and remixed and remastered versions of our CD's. We will also be releasing a new Insanity Defense EP, as well as a previously unreleased Satan's Cheerleaders record. There will also be videos, T-shirts, and other items that we hope fans will enjoy. There are also retro record labels that have expressed interest in releasing our material. Please be patient, it's been a while! We will let you know soon when everything is in place. We would very much appreciate and help and suggestions our fans can offer. But above all, spread the word - we're back! Thank you and be well -on behalf of all the members of the bands.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Red Beret - First Impression LP

Got some requests for this one.
First heard Long Beach punkers Red Beret on the Mystic comp. 'You Can't Argue With Suckcess'. All these tracks also appear on their sole album. In fact those songs are the best ones. I was a little disappointed when I heard this album for the first time. The other songs are way slower, some OK others not that good. Better skip 'I'm A Believer' 'cos it's dreadful, but I never liked that song anyway.
Red Beret also appears on the 'When Men Were Men...' comp. LP posted a while ago.
'First Impression' was released on Bemisbrain/Enigma in 1984.

1. N.Y.B.
2. One Day
3. Can't Take It
4. Silent Scream
5. Suicide
6. Saturnine
7. I'm A Believer
8. The Spirit Of Perverseness
9. No Time For Losers
10. Pull The Plug
11. Unhappy Boston
12. Shoot'em In The Head

Red Beret

Saturday, April 11, 2009

N.V. Le Anderen / Riot - The Sound Of The Streets LP

Here's another classic release from Holland. Released on Vögelspin Records in 1982. Both bands are more on the streetpunk side but they play quite fast and dirty.
N.V. Le Anderen was a skinhead band from Wormer. They also did another 12" and changed their name to NV Boys a few years later. Grand Theft Audio did a discography CD of them a few years ago.
Riot on the other side has never been reissued. Great fast punk although I can live without the tracks 'Bolero' and 'When The Punx Are Marching In'.

N.V. Le Anderen
1. Troublemakers Skinheads
2. Work Till 65
3. Religion
4. Imitation
5. Wormer
6. Death Ship
7. Between The Easts
8. Kerntroep
9. Don't Believe Them
10. Rockabilly

1. Children
2. No More War
3. War
4. Thatcher
5. Radioactivetie
6. Last Execution
7. N.R.1
8. Riot Punx
9. Bolero
10. What Did You Learn
11. When The Punx Are Marching In

The Sound Of The Streets

Friday, April 3, 2009

Front Line - Outside Your Window EP

Requested by Kennyhel77 of the Days Of Our Youth blog.
Here's the Front Line 12" released on IM Records in 1986. Produced by Adam "Bomb" Segal of The Faction.
This one is the CA skatepunk band. There was another Front Line from the midwest in the early 80's that changed their name to God's Will.
Let's hope that Kennyhel can give us more info on this band.
Cover model is Chrissy Boggs if one really wants to know.

note: 1st 2 tracks ripped as one track as it was impossible to seperate them.

1. Here To Stay
2. Fight Back
3. New Generation
4. Your Time
5. All I Want
6. I Remember

Front Line

Venom P. Stinger Re-upped

Some friends of me told me that it took hours before they could get the Venom P. Stinger album posted a while ago.
I uploaded the file again so try again.
Don't be afraid to comment when such problems occur. I Can't check every link for problems. Thanks.

Direct link to the Venom P. Stinger post.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

10-96/Insult To Injury - Ancient Future Split 7"

As half of the records posted here are from a good friend, he asked me to post this one here as he never heard the 10-96 tracks on this one.
10-96 were from Chicago and played ultrafast hardcore punk. They released 2 7" EPs on Beer City as well as the 'No Retreat' LP. All are worth checking out. I could rip and post them if needed. After singer Dean Dirt died, some members started Despite.
Don't know much of Insult To Injury. They did a 7" before called 'Hostile Behavior'. Not bad but more influenced by the late 80's with some mosh parts. Tracklisting is wrong on the sleeve for their side so see the correct one below.
Released on Will E. Survive in 1995.

1. Gotcha Going
2. Desert Scam
3. Wake Up
4. Bullshit
5. Money
Insult II Injury
6. Radio Slop
7. Inferno
8. Her Fool
9. Backlash

Ancient Future

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mongo Mange Gatoo - Death Can Be Hazardous To Your Health LP

Quite obscure hardcore band from Amsterdam. Think the band consisted of young kids.
This album was released on their own Lethal Death Records label in 1986. Not a lot of info to be found on them, not even on the Nederpunk site.
Here's a review from MRR No. 45:

This Dutch band seems to model itself after outfits like PANDEMONIUM, who specialize in ultra-fast thrash with political lyrics. The harsh speedmetallish vocals are way in the front of the mix, which unfortunately pushes away the great instrumental sound here, but this is still a respectable debut. (SS)

1. Atomic War
2. CIA Battlefields
3. Go Ahead, Make My Day
4. An Offer You Can't Refuse
5. All Equal
6. Napalm Beach
7. Sniarb Erom Sniarb
8. Baalzebub's Back To Earth
9. Kill The Mayors
10. Capital Punishment
11. Nuclear Holocaust
12. Death Can Be Hazardous To Your Health
13. Mens Sana In Corpore Sano
14. Acid Rain

Mongo Mange Gatoo

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bedlam - s/t LP / Lost In Space 12"

Here are both records of New Jersey band Bedlam. Some members, together with some members of A.O.D. ran Buy Our Records.
Lots of short songs with a sense of humour. Some were taken from TV series like Flintstones. 'Lost In Space' originally written by Jerry Goldsmith. 'Generation Landslide' originally by Alice Cooper. 'Burnin' Love' is also a cover but I don't know of who.
The only song I can't stand lyricwise is 'A.I.D.S.', another stupid rant with a homophobic tone. It seems that a lot of people back in the day thought that AIDS only infected gays and was only possible to get through anal sex. We all know better these days.

Bedlam LP (1986)
1. M.T.V.
2. New Jersey: Chemical Dump State
3. No Regrets
4. Hated You Then & Hate You Now
5. Military attitude
6. A.I.D.S.
7. Flintstones 1
8. Anorexia (A-Go-Go)
9. Unemployment Club
10. Buddyfucker
11. Burnin' Love
12. Dioxin
13. (Total) Bedlam
14. Flintstones 2

Lost In Space 12" (1986)
1. Lost In Space
2. Mongoofy
3. Burn One
4. Knife In My Back
5. Rotting From The Inside Out
6. Cutback
7. Generation Landslide
8. Untitled


Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Crewd - Gather 'Round LP

Here some cool Long Beach punk of The Crewd. They also appear on the Mystic comp. 'You Can't Argue With Suckcess' and 'When Men Were Men And Sheep Were Scared' comp. (posted here before).
Unfortunately only 5 tracks on this 1-sided LP but has a cool etching on the other side.
Released on Enigma/Bemisbrain in 1983.

01. Dog Day Afternoon
02. Gather 'Round
03. Every Mother's Dream
04. Soldier of Fortune
05. We Don't Give

The Crewd

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snoopeez Tapeworm - s/t 7"

Snoopeez Tapeworm were a HC band from Chicago, active in the late 80's. They never released any vinyl back then but some recordings survived and were released on this 7" in the late 90's on Will E. Survive.
At least one member can later be found playing in Rat Bastards and Generation Excrement (posted a while ago).
Unfortunately the record doesn't mention any titles of the 6 songs so if anyone could help figuring them out, that would be much appreciated.

Snoopeez Tapeworm