Sunday, May 18, 2014

Aimkreis - s/t Tape

Aimkreis was a HC/punk band from Essen, Germany. Got this tape while I was on the Edingburgh punk fest sometime in the mid-90's.
These songs were recorded in 1994. If you like German punk, you can check out Aimkreis.
Can't give you more info.

1. Betontod
2. David
3. Schlag's Ein
4. Geschenk
5. Nazi-Skins
6. Schluss Jetzt


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Küolema / Araukana - Split Tape

Split tape with  2 Brazilian bands. I guess released somewhere in the mid-90's.
Araukana from Sao Paulo deliver 7 tracks of pissed off, political HC as we know from South-American bands. I think all songs are in Esperanto. Araukana did 2 split 7"s, with Democratic Disorder and Progeria.
Küolema (not to be confused with the Finnish band) came from Araras and have 7 tracks of HC with a 90's crust edge. They released a 7" 'Filhos De Caos' on Grito Records in 1997.

Küolema / Araukana