Saturday, December 11, 2010

Black Eyes Club - Demo

Here's a pretty obscure demo tape I could obtain this year. Black Eyes Club was a short-lived HC band of Ontario who were into skating as this tape is a benefit for the Hamilton Skateboard Assembly.
Black Eyes Club have a strong early Hüsker Dü influence. They even cover 'Lifeline' of them.
There were plans for a 7" on Schizophrenic Records but the band already fell apart. Too bad.
Don't know when the tape was recorded but must be the first half of this decade.

1. Pain And Suffering While Watching Solid Gold
2. Father, Son And The Holy Shit
3. $6.85 Is The Real Number Of The Beast
4. Strings Attached
5. Shove Your Fencepost Up Your Ass
6. System, System
7. Thank You Mr. McAllen
8. One Day At The Time
9. Black Eye
10. Lifeline

Black Eyes Club