Saturday, December 31, 2011

Distress - Demo 1988

I know there's a lot of bands called Distress, but this one is a Belgian HC band from the late 80's.
Don't know a lot about them and I think I never seen 'em live. Guess they played more locally, in the Mol-Geel area. They thank Jakke (then bassplayer of Agathocles, later of The Sexmachines and now in Creature With The Atom Brain) and D.B.C. which stands for Danish Butter Cookies, another HC band from that area.
The tape states 14 tracks, but there's only 12.
Any more info welcome.

1. Intro
2. Religious Suckers
3. Bothered
4. Born To Loose
5. Fuck Reality
6. Had A Tough Day
7. Arseholes
8. Usher
9. Nuclear Nightmare
10. No Solution
11. Hooligans
12. Evil Death


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Deviant Gedrag - Yeah Really Demo 1986

Let's get back to Belgium to post some demo tapes of 80's HC/punk bands.
Here's the one and only demo tape of Deviant Gedrag (Deviant Behaviour) from Wambeek. Their style goes way back to the early punk sound, contrary to the more prevalent HC sound in the mid-80's. Great midtempo punk and strong song material. Recording quality is pretty good as well.
Drummer Dirk now plays in poprockband De Mens.

1. What's Reality
2. Fear
3. War
4. Tell Me
5. Fascist Cops
6. Brainless
7. Problems
8. I Hate Religion

Deviant Gedrag

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Scuzz - Liability 7"

Cool HC punk 7" from this Wisconsin band. Pretty unknown and not that easy to find these days.
'Liability' was released in 1998 on Asinine Records, the label of Asinine Solution. Asinine Solution is better known due to a 7" released on Beer City. Their other 2 7"s were released on Asinine Records of which the 1st is impossible to find. Only 200 copies. So if anyone could find the 'Your Wisconsin Friends' 7", please let me know. Btw, I have a demo/live tape with older stuff of them. Will try to rip and post it later.
Off to The Scuzz. 8 tracks of late 90's HC punk similar to all those Beer City bands from that time.

1. Liability
2. Socially Excepted
3. Dying On The Cross
4. Catheter
5. Drunk As Fuck
6. Democracy Hypocrisy
7. Badge Of Authority
8. All For Confrontation

The Scuzz

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nerves - 13 Styles Strike 7"

2nd release of UK HC punx Nerves. First release was a split 7" with the great Substandard. Substandard's singer is now in Constant State Of Terror. I've even seen Substandard with a complete different line-up on a festival in Nottingham called Rock'n Reggae. But that's a very long time ago. Try to get the discography album.
Don't have much info on Nerves. They play quite fast HC with a strong punk influence. It's not thrash though.
This 7" was the 1st release on Nottingham label Delerict. 2nd one is the 'Back In Rags' 7" of The Slum Gang. Pretty hard to find these days. The Slum Gang had Lloyd on vocals who also sang for Default and also for Concrete Sox on their last euro tour. He's not on any Concrete Sox recordings. I remember the Sox staying at our place before starting their tour. We were passing on spliffs but Lloyd didn't want that 'hippie shit', ha ha. Also got Pug on drums who was in The Losers later on. Met him on my visit in Notts and I remember him to be a very funny guy.
Ok , back to the Nerves. 6 short blasts of punky HC and the 7" is over before you know it.

1. Over & Out
2. Fr-end
3. Dried Up & Dried Out
4. Drink Your Last Drink
5. To The End
6. Sucked In


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Clusterfux / Up Yours! - On Capitol Hill With Punks And Swill Split LP

Split album on Queen City Punx from 1997 with 2 Denver, Colorado bands, Up Yours! and Clusterfux.
Up Yours! were an uptempo neo-streetpunk band and probably the only band in this style I really like. No posturing like The Casualties and others. Up Yours! 1st output was a split 7" with political punk band Flux Of Disorder on Hazy Morning. After this split album the band did a 7" 'False Flags' and then changed their name to Scapegoat. They only appeared under this monniker on the Colorado comp. album 'A Force To Be Wreckin' With'.
Clusterfux mix punk and metal to create their own style of male/female vocals crusty hardcore. This split album was their 1st vinyl appearance. 2 years later followed the self-titled 12", also on Queen City Punx. The band existed for a very long time and only recently split. The later line-up didn't have the female vocalist anymore and I never heard that stuff. 'Thrash Mongrel' was their 3rd release, a CD-only album on Rodent Popsicle. A series of split 7"s follows in the next years with System Shit, The Last Priority and Apocalyptic Christ. Their last album is called 'Problem/Reaction/Solution' another CD-only release.
11 tracks for Up Yours! and 10 for Clusterfux. I'll post the 1st Clusterfux 12" in time as both releases are limited pressings and hard-to-find.

On Capitol Hill With Punks And Swill

Sunday, October 23, 2011

V/A Around The World In 90 Minutes MC

 2nd comp. tape on Smurfpunx. Compiled by Mokka and showing very diverse and international stuff here. Actually, this tape opened my ears for a lot of lesser known international bands, in a time where people still where very UK-oriented.
There's also some bands here which music has to be smuggled across the iron curtain. Remember that this was made during full cold war. Only a few years before the wall should fall. It was very dangerous to smuggle Western music into the Eastblock and vice versa.
On side A we have Toxic Waste (Northern-Ireland), Armatrak (New-Zealand), Bikini (Hungary), 2 Minuta Mržjne (Yugoslavia), FOH (West-Germany), Anti-Dogmatikss (Spain), Funeral Oration (Netherlands), SH Draumur (Iceland), Siekiera (Poland), Nyx Negativ & Bedrövlerz (Sweden) and Lobotomia (Brazil).
Side B contains Ex-Humans (Greece), Butcher (France), The Zero Point (Denmark), Powerage (South-Africa), Saukerle (East-Germany), A.P.P.L.E. (USA), Cani (Italy), Kumikristus (Finland) and Sponky Business (Belgium).

Side A

Side B

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Short Fuse - Blow My Fuse 7"

 This 7" was simultaneously released with the Stompede 7" posted below. Another Tokyo HC band on Czech label Badman Records.
Don't know anything about Short Fuse and I think they didn't release anything else. I like this one more than the Stompede 7".

1. Reign Of Blood
2. Restriction
3. Words
4. Sleep
5. Lie-Cycle

Short Fuse

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stompede - s/t 7"

As requested, here's the Stompede 7", a HC band from Tokyo.
Originally released as a double pack with a 7" of Saigan Terror on Pushead's Bacteria Sour label in 2001. This version is the repress in 2002 on Czech label Bad Man.
Bought every Japanese record I could get my hand on back then. Haven't listened to this one for a long time. It's OK but not outstanding.

1. Yo Anny Ta
2. Drunk 48
3. Sic You
4. Stomp The Sunset
5. No God No Man


Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Assailants - s/t 7" / Hate Machine 7"

Here are the last ones on Violent Reaction. Both by The Assailants, VRR 1 and 5 actually. Violent Reaction was run by the people of The Assailants. The band, with a different line-up, was initially called Violent Reaction.
Both 7"s are a bit different. On the 1st one they had 2 guitarplayers and the songs dealt with their hate for boneheads and the system. On 'Hate Machine', both guitarplayers were replaced by one and the lyrics are more of the silly non-PC kind, not unlike Street Trash. Mike and Drew would later play in Street Trash. The 'Hate Machine' EP have a few different pressings/versions with different artwork. I scanned the sleeves of the normal version and the spraypainted version.
The Assailants also released the 'Modern Technology' CD in 2000, and a split 7" with the Swellbellys in 2002. Never heard those.
There's a 6th release on Violent Reaction by Scattered Fall. Not really a Violent Reaction release as there were some problems between the band members and Ron Ramirez set up a new label 'Deadpan Records' that only did the Scattered Fall 7".

s/t 7" (1999)
1. Unite
2. We Don't Care
3. Senseless Violence
4. No More
5. Baskin Robbins

Hate Machine 7" (2002)
1. Suicide By Jock
2. Bum God
3. Hate Machine
4. Little Indian Girls
5. Untitled

The Assailants

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dona Nobis Pacem - Live 1988

Well here's another live recording of Antwerp band Dona Nobis Pacem. This one was recorded by my friend Vrokker in the 1000 Appeltjes. I think they opened for Extreme Noise Terror and Chaos UK.
Dona Nobis Pacem was an anarcho-punk band with a strong Antisect influence. Unfortunately they never recorded anything officially. There was a plan to do a split album with E.N.E. but that never happened. I think singer/guitarplayer Muffie was also in Brutal Society before.
Vrokker started recording when the 1st song was already happening. The last song is also cut-off due to the tape ending. It was a bis song; but you can hear that one on the other live recording.
The other live recording (from a split tape with Chumbawamba) can be found on No Longer Forgotten Music or Old Fast And Loud.

Sorry, no pix of the band.

Ripped as one long track (I beefed the sound a bit) but here are the song titles:
When Reality Stops
Some Love The Animals
If They Only Could Speak
Pornography Of Life
Skeletons Of War
Behind Suffering Lies
Balled Of Nature (cut)

Dona Nobis Pacem

Saturday, August 20, 2011

V/A Bye Bye Ronny! Tape

Here's a tape released to celebrate the end of the Reagan administration. It was also a benefit for the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign.
Mostly UK bands here with one from Germany (Inhuman Conditions) and France (Original Disease). A lot of wellknown names from the late 80's UK scene and a lot of different sounding ones as well. There's even 2 tracks of metal band Paradise Lost included.
Solstice is not the doom metal band, but a postpunk/gothy sounding band which I never heard of before. Also Hedgehogs is a complete mystery to me.
Sound quality differs as some recordings are live.
I've split the file in 2 parts as it is too large to upload as one file.

1. Intro
2. Deviated Instinct - Stormcrow
3. Decadence Within - Back Biter
4. Terrorain - Defiance
5. Anorexia - Police Farce
6. Original Disease - Others
7. Concrete Sox - Product
8. Internal Autonomy - State Of Mind
9. Instigators - The Blood Is On Your Hands
10. Hedgehogs - Criminal Damage
11. Inhuman Conditions - Positive Or Dumb
12. Paradise Lost - Plans Of Desolation
13. Hellbastard - Live As Mortals
14. Insurrection - World Full Of Lies
15. Solstice - Dreaming
16. Matt & The Lads - La Bamba
17. Terrorain - Acid Death Child
18. Shrapnel - Autumn
19. Insurrection - People Are Starving
20. Decadence Within - Self Respect
21. Cowboy Killers - You're Dreaming
22. Anorexia - Obscurity
23. Hellbastard - Death Camp
24. Instigators - Eye To Eye
25. Concrete Sox - Euthanasia
26. Internal Autonomy - Patriotic Destruction
27. City Indians - To Buy Or Not To Buy
28. Paradise Lost - Nuclear Abomination
29. Original Disease - ?!?
30. Spawn Of Beelzebub - The Charge Of The Metal Queen Into Valhalla

Side A

Side B

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Liberats - Disgrace 7"

Another one on Violent Reaction Records. The 3rd one actually.
No info on The Liberats. They play that typical Violent Reaction style of HC/punk with a UK punk vibe. Some songs on this one sound a bit too generic for me.
Released in 2000.

1. We'll Seek Revenge
2. White Mike
3. Lost Soul
4. Our Way
5. As One


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Radio Soulwax: Hardcore Or Die

The De Waele brothers are better known as 2manyDJ's and wellknown for their mash-ups. On their recently launched radio station they do a 1 hour HC/punk mash-up. It's really cool to listen to as well as to look at. They took the sleeves of the records and made some great animation with them. They got a lot of help of Steve, their drummer who played in some HC bands in the late 80's, early 90's (Chronic Disease, Rise Above). Funny to see those tape sleeves with the tracklisting of a HC radioshow from Lille on Radio Campus.

Now I think some purists will look at this as a blasphemy to their beloved punk music. But punk is all about blasphemy and a 'fuck you' attitude and personally I've always hated that reactionary and conformist view of what punk should be. The mash-up stays close to the energy of what HC punk is.

Radio Soulwax is broadcasted in GMT time. Check the schedule and also the time zone where you live in. In Belgium the show starts at 16.00 and 01.00.
Hope you can sit through the whole hour (longer would be hard to digest I guess).
From Discharge to DYS, Dayglo Abortions, CRASS, Negative FX, Doom, Fear, Bad Brains, Siege, Subhumans, Conflict, Fear Of God, Black Flag, and many more.



Radio Soulwax

Saturday, July 23, 2011

V/A Benelux Fight Back Tape

Comp. tape released in Belgium with Dutch and Belgian bands. No Luxemburg band included here. This small country was a wasteland when it comes to punk stuff. No release date, address included. Maybe it came with a booklet?
Tape opens with Lärm. No introduction needed. One of Europe's most wellknown bands, and one of the most extreme in the world as well.
Next is Pure Hate. Did a great 7".
No Numbers of Tielt is the 3rd one. Tracks taken from their one and only demo tape.
We go back over the border, to Eindhoven for Afflict.
Side A ends with .C.P.D. of Hamme. C.P.D. stood for Complete Political Disorder or Corrupt Police Dept. and maybe a few others. I think this band had a lot of potential. Never released anything, not even a demo tape. It's very hard to find some decent recordings of them. Great political HC/punk.
Side B opens with another band from Tielt, Repulsives. This band had Brob on bass, now responsible for the Smurfpunx site. He was also the author of Tilt! fanzine. Repulsives did record songs for an aborted split album.
Next band is the Dutch Kikkerspuug. Appear on the 'On Our Way To Fools Paradise' comp., released a tape 'Galgemaal' in 1988 and an album 'Wild Vlees' on Zooid in 1990.
Scoundrels were a nice punkband from The Netherlands as well. With Patrick who now runs Studio 195 were a lot of HC bands (Reproach, Dead Stop) did their recordings. The Scoundrels did one tape and 2 albums. They also appear on the 'Babylon: Bleibt Fahren' comp. LP and 'Alle 55 Kort' comp. tape.
Loud Warning were a noisy HC band out of The Netherlands. Appeared on the 'On Our Way To Fools Paradise' comp. as well.
Side B ends with another song of C.P.D.

Benelux Fight Back

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Subversion - Pignation 7"

Not the Belgian one but a band from Australia from the early 90's. Pretty decent hardcore delivered here. 4 songs with a political edge. I could do without the "cookie monster" vocals in the 3rd track. Luckily it's not throughout the whole song but I'm not a fan of this style of growling. Record was released in 1994 on No Deal Records.
Subversion appeared on a few comps. (like the Circle Storm 7" on No Deal) and also did a split CD with Spazz. There's also a split 7" with Mindcrack on Snapshot Records. (Years ago I won this split together with the Minute Minder 7" but the records never arrived and the seller never replied. Think it was a rip-off).
The songs on this 7" were re-recorded for the Spazz split.
No Deal Records was a small label out of Camperdown that put the early 90's Sydney punk scene on the map. Only 5 releases which are getting very hard to get these days. The label was run by Sean who would later start Short Fuse Records. Actually the 5th release of No Deal was also the 1st release on Short Fuse as it was delayed for a long time due to the bands break-up and the label's demise.

No Deal Records discography:
NDR 001 Blitz Babies - Times Ticking 7"

NDR 002 V/A Circle Storm 7"
NDR 003 Subversion - Pignation 7"

NDR 004 Downtime - s/t 7"

NDR 005 Minute Minder -s/t 7"

1. Fucking Progress
2. Extinction
3. World Of The Putrefied Elected
4. Endless Bullshit


Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Rapers - s/t 7"

Pretty rare 7" of this Utrecht punkband. My friend Vrokker had this on CDR and I made mp3's of it.
For those who already heard the record, the quality is quite awful. You can hardly hear the music through the vinyl noise. I cranked up the volume so you can hear the songs. Unfortunately the rip sounds a bit 'metallic'.
The scans were taken from Punk Rock Picture Sleeves.
The 7" was released in 1981 on Rock Against. The Rapers also appear on the 'Zeven-Vijftig' comp. album on the same label.
Distortion To Deafness posted some demo tracks as well.

1. Pogo
2. Sweeties
3. Vonhoff Is Rot
4. Hang The Pope
5. Fuckin' Music
6. Police Is Rotten
7. Alcoholic
8. Boredom Rules
9. Antichrist
10. Monarchy
11. Jack The Ripper

The Rapers

Saturday, June 18, 2011

V/A Ook Dit Is Belgisch 2 Tape

Already posted the first one, here's the second volume and I guess last one. Another snapshot of the late 80's HC/punk scene in Belgium. Quite a variety on different styles here.
Side A starts with M.A.D., with tracks taken from the demo tape I posted a while ago. Sounds quite muddy as the tape is a bit worn.
Next one is Funeral Dress when they were still a small band. They're quite known these days but I'll admit I'm not a big fan. Here they offer the 2 tracks from their debut 7" and an extra one. They even ended up on the Killed By Death 6 album. What a big mistake as the 7" was released in 1987!
Next are Mental Disturbance, crossover/HC band from Brussels.
Legal Suffering follows with 3 tracks of their demo tape (which I unfortunately don't have). As they were from Bruges, I knew these guys very well. These are songs from the 1st line-up. Legal Suffering would resurrect with only the drummer as original member and Mario "Marbels", ex-drummer for No Debt on guitar. The original vocalist sadly crashed with his motorcycle in the late 80's. Mario committed suicide in 2003.
Next one is Anti Dote, a speedmetal band from Bruges.
Chronic Death was a weird noisecore band. Later changed their name to Coda.
Side B starts with Cold Turkey. Don't have any info on them.
Vortex is next, wellknown veteran punkband.
Know absolutely nothing of Vladimir Et Les Aerosols. From Brussels?
My own band Chronic Disease follows with 4 short live tracks, early style.
Exhaustless Revolt was a political HC band from around Antwerp.
Capital Scum closes the tape with 3 tracks, of which the last one is called 'Michael Klakson' for some reason.

90 mins. tape split in 2 files.

Side A

Side B

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Shaved Pigs - Breakfast Is Served LP

Sorry for the long wait but I had some PC issues.
Haven't seen the debut album of NY's The Shaved Pigs on any blog yet. It's been requested on Down Underground a while ago where you can find their 2nd album 'Cheers'.
The Shaved Pigs remind me of some goofy version of the Dead Kennedy's. Some lyrics are a bit more serious though.
The Shaved Pigs' 1st release was a 3-track 7" in 1986. Quite rare. It has the song 'Dying In The Year 2000' which was re-recorded for this album. Don't know the other 2 tracks so maybe these can be found here as well.
After 'Cheers' follows the last release, the 'Big Brass Knuck' 7" on Vital Music in 1992.
'Breakfast Is Served' was also released in Holland on Shadowline (in a normal sleeve). My copy is the US version on Porcine in a gatefold sleeve.
'Slam' is their own version of The Isley Brothers song 'Shout'. Produced by Kramer (Shimmy Disc Records).

1. Bureaucrat
2. Die For Profits
3. She's Pop
4. Two-Car Garage
5. Schizophrenic
6. Dying In The Year 2000
7. Wild Sex Killed Jenny
8. What For
9. Too Fat To Flirt
10. Kid On A Leash
11. Slam
12. Breakfast
13. I Fucking Quit

Breakfast Is Served

Sunday, May 22, 2011

V/A 24 Love Songs Tape

1st comp. tape released by Smurf Punk Tapes out of Belgium. This tape was compiled by Mokka, one of the core members of the Smurfpunx Collective. This tape was released in 1985 and includes diverse HC punk bands from Europe.
I also have the 2nd comp. tape on Smurf Punk Tapes which I need to rip in the near future. Read about a 3rd one called 'Thrashing With Your Parents' but have never seen or heard of this one before.
Bands included are: Maniacs (BRD), SOD (Sweden), Political Asylum (Scotland, UK), Aktive Notwehr (BRD), Enola Gay (Denmark), Savage Circle (Italy), Bedrövlerz (Sweden), Disgust (Netherlands), Post Mortem (UK), Man's Hate (UK) and Dirty Scums (Belgium).
I guess the title of the tape is a pisstake on all those shitty comp. albums released in the 80's with so-called romantic love songs.

 24 Love Songs

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reprobates - 2007 Demo

Reprobates were a short-lived HC band from Toronto, Canada. They recorded the excellent 'Stress' 7" for No Way Records in 2008 and then disappeared. They also delivered one song for the Stress Domain comp. 7" 'Sick Of Fun'.
Probably some members are doing other bands now but who can follow it all?
Here's the 2007 demo. 5 tracks of which 'Abandoned City' and 'Rat Maze' were re-recorded for the EP.

1. Abandoned City
2. Brainwashed
3. Falling Apart
4. Self Destruct
5. Rat Maze


Sunday, May 1, 2011

M.A.D. - Bestial Force Demo '88

Here's an obscure cult band, playing some grindcore/deathcore. They were from the French part of Belgium, actually from Charleroi, one of the most depressing towns in Belgium.
Sean of Damaging Noise posted this one as well a few days ago. Seems that this demo was planned to be released as a split LP with Agathocles but it never came out. Didn't know that.
The initials stand for Mutilations And Death. The band was managed by The Phantom, an older guy who came to some of the Smurfpunx gigs in Aalst in the late 80's. From what I know, he was an obsessed collector of all kinds of underground extreme music. Most notable about him was that he has one arm.
Sean didn't have a sleeve so this one is included as well in the file. Also the backside with the lyrics which are pretty silly. But you need to know that French-speaking people aren't well versed in English.

Mutilations And Death

Monday, April 25, 2011

V/A Disgusting Noise Tape

Comp. tape with Belgian bands released in 1988. This one was compiled by Dirk Vanhees, a guy from Beringen. Was in touch with him for a while, together with his good friend Chris Vanhoudt. Don't know what happened to them later but I found a Myspace page of Dirk and he's into other stuff now.
All the bands deliver 4 tracks each; some sent in live recordings. I didn't seperate those. I scanned the whole sleeve so you can check the titles there.
Bands on Side A of the tape are Heibel (with live tracks from their 2nd album), Disgorge (tracks from their 1st demo), Ear Damage (again live but awful quality), Dawn Of Liberty (live) and Capital Scum (mix of live and studio tracks).
Sde B has Hate Crew (live), Chaotic Contrast (rehearsal recordings), Chronic Disease (live), Tyfoon (live: this is a metal band which was a bit dubious as I'm told. Won't judge but starting the song 'Gaschamber' with "This is a song about Adolf Hitler" doesn't help much) and Mental Disturbance (demo tracks).
This tape came with a booklet but that one is stashed somewhere and it would take too much time to search for it.
This is a 90 mins. tape so I split the file in 2 links.

Side A

Side B

Sunday, April 10, 2011

United Super Villains / The Krammies - Split 7"

Very first vinyl recording for the great United Super Villains, or better known as U.S.V. Both bands on this 7" were from La Crosse, Wisconsin.
U.S.V. did a 7" on Havoc and the 'Chokeslammed Back To Life' LP on Deranged. Both aren't that difficult to get. The recordings aren't that powerful as on their their later releases but worth checking out anyway.
Don't know anything about The Krammies. They're not a bad listen but nothing special.
This 7" was released in 1997 on Punk House.

1. Get Real Drugs
2. Everlasting Godstomper
3. 4 Lines Of Fury
4. School
The Krammies

5. Manifest Larceny
6. Anti-Hate Anthem
7. One Track Bind


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chronic Disease - Who Will Pay The Price Of Our Disregard? Demo

I promised madmohawk (a good friend of mine) to post the 1st official Chronic Disease demo.
Well what to tell about them? Chronic Disease was the 1st HC band I used to be in. I did the vocals.
We started late '86 with a different line-up. It was Vrokker on bass, Sling on guitar, Wimpie on drums and me on vocals. We rehearsed in Wimpie's parent's garage. I remember the drums being a small jazz drumkit with no cymbals so we used sawblades instead! With this line-up we only did 3 gigs. The 1st one was at someone's father's garage working place with local speedmetal band Anti Dote and I think The Mushrooms played as well. The 2nd was at Sint-Laureins (Sentenaarke) were we managed to hunt the audience out of the room to go to the bar to listen to Metallica. You know this was in full metal cross-over period. 3rd and last was in Oostende opening for Capital Scum, a revised No Debt, Ear Damage and Bad Influence. Absolutely no response and also some skinheads looking for trouble didn't add for a joyful experience. Then Wimpie was forced to leave the band by his parents due to bad school results. We had another gig in front in Bredene with bands like Mad Noise, Crap Society & Disgorge. As we were playing quite fast stuff at the time, we asked the drummer of Disgorge to step in for this one as he was the fastest drummer we knew back then. actually he played way too fast for us!
Then Sling moved to play drums and we asked Meyer of local rockband Toespieze (of which Sling also played drums) to play with us. So we were settled with this line-up until the end of the band in 1992. We also started to make songs instead of noise. A tape with 2 live gigs (Oostende & Bredene) and some rehearsal recordings were made by us, mainly for our friends.
We went to do quite some gigs, even a few in Holland but never toured. Bands we played with: Hiatus, Vortex, Verdun, Membranes, ENT, Doom, Concrete Sox, Econochrist, Legal Suffering, Chronic Death, Mind Exit, Chaos UK, De Kift, Nausea, Rose Rose, Mental Disturbance, Spermbirds, Agathocles, Bambix, At Last (now After All), Scraps, Oi Polloi, ...
'Who Will Pay The Price Of Our Disregard?' isn't actually our 1st demo recordings.We recorded some songs in the Mol area, in some garage, but the tape got lost. Vrokker found a very lo-fi recording of this session on tape. Hell, I can't even remember the titles of some of those songs anymore.
This demo was recorded in Bruges with the help of Vanne on 4-track and was later re-released with a live recording (Bissegem) by Bruno (later of Genet Records) as a benefit for ALF-prisoners.
The tape came with an A4 xeroxed booklet with lyrics and artwork/collages. All our artwork was done by Sling. Can't find the booklet for the moment though...
We recorded a 7" for Innerforce (released in 1990) and also a mini-album, originally planned to be released on Genet Records but the DAT got lost. The song for the Profane Existence comp. came from that session as well.
Vrokker also played in the Wasted Bunnies, Pertotal, The Barjackers, Crapulius Ceasar and now Seized By Man.
Meyer didn't really have any band but as a schooled guitarplayer went to study jazzguitar. He joined Seized By Man recently to play guitar.
Sling played in Rise Above, Pertotal and now in Soulwax.
I played drums for Capital Offence, Private Jesus Detector, and guitar for 4 Minute Warning, Holefiller, Katastrophobia and now Ravaged.
Were we a political band? Yes we were but later on we tried to avoid the cheap sloganeering and simple views of most political bands.
Were we a positive band? In the early days, yes. This was the time of bands like Heresy and organizers like Smurfpunx who brought a really positive vibe into the punk scene. Later on it watered down, and with growing up, we had/have a more darker view on things. In the late 80's-early 90's, HC was more of a straight edge thing, while we felt we had more in common with bands like ENT or Nausea.
Were we a XXX band? No. Some members were straight, some for a short time. Later on we got more into drinking and smoking dope, except for Sling who stayed straight through the band's existence.

Band picture kindly donated by Dieter.

1. More Important
2. Selfdenial
3. Blood For Leeches
4. Nothing But Injustice
5. Armed With Truth
6. Nightmare Business
7. The Abuse Of Intelligence
8. Sacrilege
9. Dare To Face
10. Disturbed Nature
11. Easy Prey
12. Progress To Nowhere
13. Animal Massacre
14. Shocked?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

V/A Mentally Broken Vol. 1 Tape

Compilation tape released in France sometime in the late 80's. Don't know if there were other volumes released.
Quite some variety here.
Psycho Sin opens side A with 6 tracks of noisecore. Pretty infamous band from New Jersey.
Corrupted Morals follows with 3 tracks. One of the better late 80's USHC bands (from CA).
Next is Finnish punkband Sabotaasi. Sabotaasi released 3 7"s (of which 2 are 1-sided).
Re-Ignition came from Port Moody, BC, Canada. They deliver 2 metallic HC tracks.
Wretched have 1 track, the title track of their 2nd album.
More noisecore from Deathnoise of France. 3 tracks.
Side A ends with the great Infezione from Italy.
Side B starts with one of the better bands here and what a surprise! It's The Heretics from Wales. This band had members who would later form the Cowboy Killers.
More metallic HC from Sodomy Law (Delafield, WI) and Adversity (Delta, BC, Canada). The latter did an album on UK label Manic Ears.
2nd French band is Eat Yourself. Quite raw and primitive HC.
Next are Crucial Youth. No introduction necessary I guess. 4 tracks of hilarious and over-the-top SxE HC.
Last band is Extreme Noise Terror who deliver 3 tracks.
Who could think that one release could include both Crucial Youth and ENT?
Oh yeah, the tape has 37 tracks, not 38 as mentioned on the sleeve. No track is missing here.

Please remember that March the 15th it will be Phil ENT's funeral. I've seen him playing with ENT in the late 80's, and also with Optimum Wound Profile in the mid-90's. Didn't follow ENT anymore after Phonophobia to be honest. Really sad (and a bit creepy) to see people around my age die. My condolances to his friends and family.

Mentally Broken Vol. 1

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Civil Duty - Shit N Piss 7"

OK, here's another one on the Violent Reaction label. The 4th one actually. Expect more of the same hardcore punk with a punky edge, this time from Civil Duty. 7" was released in 2001.
Note: tracks 4 & 5 ripped as one track.

1. Fuck The GOP
2. Dave's Dirty
3. Nothing New
4. The Day I Die
5. What's The Point
6. Dead, White, And Blew

Civil Duty

Sunday, February 13, 2011

BTD - Live 03-05-86 Roxy Dendermonde

Here's another contribution by Brob as a complementary post to this gig on Smurfpunx.
One of the early Smurfpunx gigs together with Ack Ack, the comp. tapes label of Kurt Boelens.
Mokka of Smurfpunx released 2 comp. tapes, '24 Love Songs' and 'Around The World In 90 Minutes'. Don't know how many tapes Ack Ack released but you can find one here.
For more on Dutch band BTD and this gig, please visit the Smurfpunx page.
BTD also appear on a 4-band comp. album 'On Our Way to Fools Paradise'.
No tracklist. Almost 19 minutes of fast HC with fun elements.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rough Justice - Pink Elephants In Yellow Trees Tape

Got this one from my old time friend Brob, who was a member of the Smurfpunx Collective as a complementary post to his submission on the Smurfpunx blog.
Rough Justice were from Aalst, the place were a lot of Smurfpunx gigs were organized.
Rough Justice played that typical thrashmetal/HC crossover style that was popular in the late 80's. I must admit that I've never been a big fan of the genre but Rough Justice plays this kind of stuff very well.
I remember an all-dayer in Mol, where my old band Chronic Disease had to play with a shitload of now-forgotten crossover bands. Our band and the all-girls melodic punkband Bambix were a bit out of place on that day.
Never seen Rough Justice, but the singer is the brother of someone I know very well (didn't know that!). And for the Dutch-speaking Belgians (don't like to use the word Flemish these days): drummer Joost now plays in De Laatste Showband.

Rough Justice

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Intense Youth! - Demo

Pittsburgh hardcore band. This demo tape was recorded in 2002. Got it for free when I ordered one of the The Awakening 7"s released on Behold The Youthquake.
Intense Youth! also released the 'Self Destruct' 7" and a split 7" with Caustic Christ.
Geoff and Andy were later in Fuckedupmess and Andy is also a member of the great Brain Handle.
Scans of the small lyric booklet included.

1. Starting Point
2. Host Vs. Parasite
3. Paper Revolution
4. Intense Youth!
5. The One Thing I Will Never Lose...
6. Field Measurements Of The Thickest Skull
7. These Words Will Be Your Prison

Intense Youth!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

V/A Intensive Care Unit LP

Comp. album of Gunma HC bands. Best known is Dooms Day. This comp. was released on For The Deaf, a local label probably run by Dooms Day as the 1st release is a flexi of the band. The other release on For The Deaf is the 'Corruption' comp. LP.
All the bands played together on the Fight It Out gig series, sometimes with guests like Cheeky, So What or Innocents.
Won't say that these are the cream of the crop Japanese HC bands but it's an interesting document of the Gunma scene. Bands include Violent Mohawks, Grace, Gillmore, Dischord, Block Buster and Dooms Day. No extra points for original band names here. I do like Block Buster's title 'Money Makes The Stupid Cops' though.
I think this one was released in 1989/90.

Intensive Care Unit