Saturday, January 31, 2009

Neighbourhood Watch - Death At The Hands Of Time 7"

Not to be confused with Neighborhood Watch from Venice (whose rare 12" has recently been re-released) or the early 90's band on Vital Communications.
This is the Canadian band. 5 tracks of hardcore punk. Released in the UK on Real World Records. Don't know when but I guess 1987.

Real World Records was a small label from Durham with the next releases:
001 Heavy Discipline - Liberation Of Economics 7"
002 Neighbourhood Watch - Death At The Hands Of Time 7"
003 The Disturbed - This Is Credibility 7"
004 Untamed - Next Please 7"
005 Bad Attitude - Inner Motives 7"

1. Vicious Circle
2. Mr. Christian
3. Video Sexxx
4. Ice Box Queen
5. Acid Baby

Neighbourhood Watch

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spastic Rats - Rodentia 7"

Nice 7" of Spastic Rats from Annapolis, MD. The 'Rodentia' 7" was released in 1985. Great hardcore with a Hüsker Dü-like sense of melody.
This was the 1st release on Vermin Scum. This label lasted until the early 2000's and released mostly emocore like stuff from bands like Hated and Moss Icon. This one sounds very different from the usual stuff released on this label.

1. Point Of No Return
2. Homelife
3. Snap Judgement
4. Stand Alone
5. Just A Man
6. Living Dead

Spastic Rats

Friday, January 23, 2009

Viktimz Of Society - Wicked Rock Music Is Killing Our Children LP

Viktimz Of Society was a Chicago HC punk band. Already started in the early 80's. This LP was released in 1986. It seems that the band already broke up during the recordings.
There is a CD reissue from 2003 that also has the original demo and a demo of Rrraw-X, an instrumental punk band from the late 80's with vocalist Joe. Can't find it for sale so it must be deleted.
Joe went on to sing for The Vindictives.

1. Nuclear Drool
2. Evil Martians From Hell
3. Talk Is Cheap
4. When You're Dead
5. Fetucide
6. Sex Life
7. Shallow Minds
8. Miss America Sucks
9. Somebody Lied

Viktimz Of Society

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Vellocet - Here Is The Warning 7"

Vellocet were from Berlin and this is their 1st release from 1985. They did 2 albums after this one 'Captive Of Reality' and 'Welcome To Dimension Four'. Never heard these but I guess they went more metal on these.
Vellocet also appear with 2 tracks on the 'Incredible Power Of Darkness' comp. LP on Inferno's Rise & Fall label.
Vellocet had 2 ex-members of Vorkriegsjugend, bassplayer Heschel and drummer Jürgen Heiland.
A decent continuation of Vorkriegsjugend although the guitarplayer likes to play solos.
12th release on the collectable Pogar label.

1. Armageddon
2. Nightmare
3. Burning Bones
4. Running To Eternity


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dead Virgins - Four 7"

Here's another one I don't know anything about. Dead Virgins hailed from NY and released this EP in 1983 on their own Rat Woman Records.
I always thought to expect some rough hardcore with the bandname and titles but this is 100% punk. A bit generic but not bad at all.

1. Rape Capitol Hill (Instructions)
2. No Cause For Concern
3. World War Three
4. Emotional Strain

Dead Virgins

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Scam - Everything Ends In A Rot 7"

Here's the 1986 EP of The Scam, a band from Salem, New Hampshire. Great hardcore with a dark, metallic sound.
The Scam also contributed to the 'V/A Welcome To Ax/ction Island' 7" and 'V/A Revenge Of The Kamikaze Stegosaurus From Outer Space' LP, both on Ax/ction Records.
This 7" was also released on Ax/ction although my copy carries another cat.# (SCAM 1).
The Scam recorded an LP in 1988 that was never released, but I could get my hands on it when Strange Reaction still was an MP3 blog (one of the 1st by the way). So if you need it, let me know.
Think I've read that there's a discography CD in the works but I'm not sure.

1. Off Track
2. No Reason To Live
3. All By My Self
4. When The Day Of Your Death Comes
5. The Way Things Are

The Scam

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Infected - American Disaster 7"

The sole release of Madison, WI HC punkband The Infected. 7 songs of good old style HC.
This one was released in 1997 on Beer City Records. Some of the records on Beer City are still easy to find and quite cheap. This one is a bit harder to track down.
I always consider Beer City as the Mystic Records of the 90's, without the dodgy attitude off course. The label released about 100 7"s in about 3 years time, helping to expose lesser known bands. All of them with black & white artwork. Beer City got so many demos in that they had to make comp. CD's (the 'Underground Invasion' series). Nowadays they only release CD's (mostly reissues) unfortunately and I lost track of what they're doing now. Still manufacturing skateboards I guess.

Beer City website

1. House Of Richardson
2. Tear Out The Page
3. American Disaster
4. Enemy I
5. Wars On Us
6. Everyone Infected
7. A Man And His Knife

The Infected

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Euthanasia - Ämpäri Päässä Pyöränkumia Pumppaa Tape

As requested by Zombie. Here's the cassette album of Finnish HC band Euthanasia. Already posted their 7" a while ago.
Don't know when this one was released but I guess 1989, looking at the sleeve. Songs were recorded in 1988.
There are some flaws with the tape. Maybe it's my copy but the seller I got it from told me that the original tape has these as well.
I recorded each side as one track as it was hard to seperate the songs. File has the sleeve with tracklist.
I love the Finnish language but typing it out is such a pain in the butt. Here we go:

1. Ämpäripäinen Kostaja
2. Videonsaantipakko
3. Polta Adidakses'
4. Lahja
5. Liity Joukkoon
6. Petturi Kattoni Alla
7. Pää Räjähtää
8. Valaistus
9. Materialisti
10. Kenraali Gaylord
11. Peniksennappaaja Perunakellarissa
12. Jeesuksen Vararikko
13. Pimeyden Valtias
14. Naapurini On Kyylä
15. Robinson Crusoe
16. Perhe On Saha
17. Lappiin Lappiin


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Generation Excrement - s/t 7"

It's getting difficult to post some older 80's stuff with all the punk blogs around but a friend of mine still has a few. In the meantime, I'll post some HC stuff from the 90's.
Generation Excrement were from Chicago and this is their only release. quite rare these days. It was released on Will E. Survive, a small label from Northlake, IL. that released 9 7"'s and one repress of the Insult II Injury 7".
This EP is the label's 8th release, from 1997. For a full list check Discogs.
It's quite good although they could use a singer with more aggressive vocals. I wonder if the bandname is a pisstake on Gen X.

1. I'll Be Back... You'll Be Fucked!
2. I Need A Gun
3. Wasted Envy
4. All Of Us
5. Reach Out
6. 11 Years

Generation Excrement