Friday, December 26, 2008

V/A Do You Remember Rock'n'Roll? LP

Regional compilation released on IM Records, the label of The Faction and it's offshoots.
One of those offshoot bands appear here as The Living End. Melodic punk sometimes using a piano. Has Adam "Bomb" Segal in the band.
The Faction appear here with 2 live tracks.
No Warning sounds as a crossover band, typical for the time.
Front Line also did a mini-album on IM Records.
Stikky deliver 2 very early tracks. Not as special as their later output.
Nitemare is speed metal.
Orange Curtain sounds quite dark and Jet Crash Miracle is more of an alternative rock band.
Steve Caballero of The Faction delivers a solo track.
Nothing earth shattering on this comp. I must admit. More of a document of what was happening in San Jose and the South Bay in 1986.

1. The Living End - Ghost Riders
2. No Warning - The Curse
3. Orange Curtain - Sybil
4. Stikky - Cow Tipping
5. The Faction - Beyond The Mirror
6. The Faction - Spineless Majority
7. Front Line - Here To Stay
8. Jet Crash Miracle - Legal Age
9. Stikky - I'm In Charge Of A Parking Garage
10. Nitemare - Land Of The Dead
11. Steve Caballero - I'm A Stranger
12. The Living End - No Innocent
13. Orange Curtain - Past Due

Do You Remember Rock'n'Roll?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gasatsu Crime Fighter - Rude Beat 7"

Released on the cult label ADK, run by Tam of The Stalin and G-Zet.
Gasatsu have more of a streetpunk sound than hardcore but thanks to the heavy and raw production of Tam, this sounds quite great.
Gasatsu also appeared on the Neo Punk Disordery-ADK Omnibus Vol. 2 comp. 7" with 3 other bands : Gabbell, Glycerin and Molugu.
They did a 2nd 7" a few years later on Neo Family Records but it sounds clean and poppy and isn't that interesting.

1. System
2. Kanji Title
3. Emotional
4. Let's Linch
5. Freedom
6. Puka Puka
7. Kanji Title
8. Heavy Way
9. Rude Beat


Saturday, December 20, 2008

White Flag / F - Peace Split LP

Released in Germany on Starving Missile Records in 1986.
The White Flag side contains mostly songs off their 'Wild Kingdom' LP except for the last 2 tracks which are live recordings and are cover songs of Red Cross songs. The 6th song is a cover of The Beatles.
Most songs on the F side can't be found elsewhere except for 'Attack' which appeared on one of the Flipside comp. albums. Last song is a cover of The Stooges. Their 4th song is written by Pat Fear and Jello B. Afro of White Flag.
Funny to see some letters of Tim Yohannan of MRR asking friendly to pay for the add that F placed in MRR for their 'You're An EP' 12". Guess they never payed for it.

White Flag
1. Flipside
2. Middle Class Hell
3. Festive Shapes Rides Again
4. You've Got A Problem
5. At The Mountains Of Madness
6. There's A Place
7. Pieces Of Chris Trent
8. Burnout
9. Pseudo Intellectual

1. Rotting Away
2. Attack
3. Shoot It Down
4. To Protect And Serve
5. The War Is Over (Let's Have No More)
6. No Fun


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mornington Crescent - Demo 1982

Well here's a rare treat for you all.
Mornington Crescent came from Amsterdam and are wellknown for their classic but very rare 'Greetings From Amsterdam' 7".
Here's the demotape that precedes the 7". The line-up was a different one: another singer and even a female vocalist. Rumour goes that the 1st singer had to leave because he sounded too gruff. Pretty weird if you know that the singer on the 7" has even more gruff vocals.
The tape comes with a lyrics booklet but the weird thing is that the lyrics printed don't match with the songs on the tape.
The tape opens with the instrumental 'Wals'. Then you get some decent fast punk stuff. 'The Bomb' ends with the obligatory explosion. 'I (It's Me)' is only 3 seconds long and 'Filth' is the slow dirge here.

1. Wals
2. Government's Planning
3. Healthfood
4. I'm So Happy
5. Deze Niet
6. The Bomb
7. Break
8. Anti-Pasti
9. I (It's Me)
10. Filth
11. Handen Wassen

Mornington Crescent

Friday, December 12, 2008

I Refuse It! - M 12"

I've seen that someone requested this record on Down Underground.
I Refuse It! was one of those Italian bands that pushed the borders of punk. They added sax, harmonica and sometimes keyboards to their sound.
The 1st release is the split tape with CCM that was later released (minus some songs) as a split LP on C.O.R. Records in the UK. Next release is a 3-track 7" on Totò Alle Prese Coi Dischi, a sublabel of Attack Punk Records.
The 'M' 12" is the band's 3rd release. Recorded in 1984/1985 but released in 1986 on Belfagor Records (CCM, Lanciafamme, Chain Reaction, Putrid Fever & Declino).
After this one came the 'Mind The Gap' 12" in 1989 but released one year earlier as a split LP with UK band Ultima Thule (with the drummer of Stazione Suicida) which you can find here.
There's a discography CD 'Cronache Del Videotopo' released in 2005 on Wide Records but I don't know if it's easy to get these days.

I tried my best to clean up the record but you'll still hear some noise, especially in the beginning of each side. The record looks clean but there's lots of crackling on my copy.

Eclectic and offbeat hard-driving punk. The Italian Butthole Surfers? Definitely outside stuff without losing the power.
-Tim Yohannon (from Maximum Rock'n'Roll #34, March 1986)

01. M
02. Agguato
03. Frecce Avvelenate Sul Comitati Disastri
04. Ricatti!
05. Questo E L'Inferno... Questa E L'Eleusi


Monday, December 8, 2008

Permanent Damage - s/t 7" / End Of Innocence LP

Here are the 2 records released by Melbourne band Permanent Damage. They first appeared on the 'Eat Your Head' comp. posted before.
The 7" was released in 1985 on Reactor Records.
For the album, an extra guitarplayer was added to the band. The album has more of a metal sound to it . 'End Of Innocence' was released in 1987 on Reactor Records as well.
Guitarplayer Matt originally played in Disorderly Conduct, a hardcore band from Detroit, USA. Drummer Jenk is the brother of Spike, singer of Depression. He was replaced for the album.

Permanent Damage 7"
1. I'm Not Spoiled
2. Wasted Dreams
3. Big Fat Liar

End Of Innocence LP
1. Warcry
2. The Brute
3. Live For Life
4. You Don't Have A Say
5. Life's A Bitch
6. Sniff Your Defeat
7. Unity
8. Lust
9. Showdown
10. Victim Of Misery
11. Kill for Lies
12. Stress
13. End Of Innocence
14. Why
15. Bad News
16. Time

Permanent Damage

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

U.T.I - s/t 7"

Late 80's hardcore band from CA. Don't know anything about this band. I think they appeared on some comp. tapes as well. I guess the initials stand for Under The Influence but I'm not sure.
2 hardcore rippers and 2 mid-tempo rocking tunes.
This 7" was released in 1987 by the band.

1. Fleas
2. Twisted Views
3. Burn The Hills
4. Time To Go To Jail