Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nerves - 13 Styles Strike 7"

2nd release of UK HC punx Nerves. First release was a split 7" with the great Substandard. Substandard's singer is now in Constant State Of Terror. I've even seen Substandard with a complete different line-up on a festival in Nottingham called Rock'n Reggae. But that's a very long time ago. Try to get the discography album.
Don't have much info on Nerves. They play quite fast HC with a strong punk influence. It's not thrash though.
This 7" was the 1st release on Nottingham label Delerict. 2nd one is the 'Back In Rags' 7" of The Slum Gang. Pretty hard to find these days. The Slum Gang had Lloyd on vocals who also sang for Default and also for Concrete Sox on their last euro tour. He's not on any Concrete Sox recordings. I remember the Sox staying at our place before starting their tour. We were passing on spliffs but Lloyd didn't want that 'hippie shit', ha ha. Also got Pug on drums who was in The Losers later on. Met him on my visit in Notts and I remember him to be a very funny guy.
Ok , back to the Nerves. 6 short blasts of punky HC and the 7" is over before you know it.

1. Over & Out
2. Fr-end
3. Dried Up & Dried Out
4. Drink Your Last Drink
5. To The End
6. Sucked In


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Clusterfux / Up Yours! - On Capitol Hill With Punks And Swill Split LP

Split album on Queen City Punx from 1997 with 2 Denver, Colorado bands, Up Yours! and Clusterfux.
Up Yours! were an uptempo neo-streetpunk band and probably the only band in this style I really like. No posturing like The Casualties and others. Up Yours! 1st output was a split 7" with political punk band Flux Of Disorder on Hazy Morning. After this split album the band did a 7" 'False Flags' and then changed their name to Scapegoat. They only appeared under this monniker on the Colorado comp. album 'A Force To Be Wreckin' With'.
Clusterfux mix punk and metal to create their own style of male/female vocals crusty hardcore. This split album was their 1st vinyl appearance. 2 years later followed the self-titled 12", also on Queen City Punx. The band existed for a very long time and only recently split. The later line-up didn't have the female vocalist anymore and I never heard that stuff. 'Thrash Mongrel' was their 3rd release, a CD-only album on Rodent Popsicle. A series of split 7"s follows in the next years with System Shit, The Last Priority and Apocalyptic Christ. Their last album is called 'Problem/Reaction/Solution' another CD-only release.
11 tracks for Up Yours! and 10 for Clusterfux. I'll post the 1st Clusterfux 12" in time as both releases are limited pressings and hard-to-find.

On Capitol Hill With Punks And Swill