Saturday, July 31, 2010

Outrageous - s/t LP

1st album of Amsterdam punk band Outrageous. Outrageous was set up by Eric Peters who used to sing for The Nitwitz. The other members went on as BGK.
Peter went on to sing for Amazing Blazing Windmills (grunge) and The Zoo (commercial pop) but is now in glamrock band Bastardz Of Glitter.
After this album released in 1984, followed the '14 Flaming Farts' album (1985). Both were self-released.
In 1987 Outrageous released their last album 'Night Life Crawl', a 12" mini-album, in France on All Or Nothing.

01. $ For Oil
02. Say Cheese
03. Beziers
04. The Game
05. Fucking Me Up
06. The Morning Buzz
07. My Turn
08. Madman
09. Phone Call
10. Take Your Chance
11. British Bikes
12. Bundi
13. Bog Artist
14. La La La


Friday, July 23, 2010

Gash - s/t 7"

Thanks to the people at 7inchcrust for this rare 7".
This is the 1st release of Gash when they became a trio. Singer Anna left the band and guitarplayer Liz took over the vocals. Like Depression, they also left Reactor Records for Cleopatra. This is also the 2nd phase of this band going a bit more metal. Still like this 7" more than the 'Positive Change' album.
I found out that 'The Lesson' and 'World Turmoil' were released in Germany on a split 7" with Depression. The other 2 tracks can also be heard on the 'Apathy... Never!' comp. album released on Over The Top.
This 7" was released in 1986.
Read the whole Gash history on KFTH.

1. The Lesson
2. World In Turmoil
3. Wasted Lives
4. All That Shit


Saturday, July 17, 2010

10-96/Stand Off - Illusion Of Freedom Split 7"

Someone mentioned this split 7" that I didn't know about a while ago and I could finally score a copy.
6 tracks of 10-96 which can be found on their album as well. Stand Off deliver 5 tracks not released elsewhere.
This 7" was released sometime mid-90's on Stand Off Records and Trouser Cough Records. Trouser Cough also released a 7" of Boris The Sprinkler.

1. 10-96 - Pigs Law
2. 10-96 - Why
3. 10-96 - Wankers
4. 10-96 - Punk Rock
5. 10-96 - Money
6. 10-96 - Rag
7. Stand Off - Suburban Life
8. Stand Off - Aimless
9. Stand Off - Forgotten Casualty
10. Stand Off - Push Comes To Shove
11. Stand Off - Generica

Illusion Of Freedom

Saturday, July 10, 2010

V/A 77 Records Présente... LP

2nd volume and last release on 77 Records. This is more of an international affair although mostly French bands.
Butcher is the UK band that released 2 singles of decent UK82 punk. From Germany there's Maniacs who offer a midtempo song. Government Issue from DC offer an already released track from the Joy Ride album. Intensive Care is the other UK band.

77 Records discography:
KK 001 V/A 77 KK LP
KK 002 Snix - Coeur De Lion LP
KK 003 Warrior Kids - Les Enfants De L'Espoir LP
KK 004 Raff - Six Balles Pour Un Colt! LP
KK 005 Youth Brigade - Collection LP
KK 006 V/A 77 Records Présente... LP

1. Brainwash - Sulak
2. Butcher - What A Way To Go
3. Offensive - Brigitte X
4. Maniacs - Dust Of A Decade
5. Raff - Mr Durand
6. Tolbiac's Toads - Pas Concernés
7. Government Issue - Understand
8. Shadocks - Racaille Rock
9. Intensive Care - Plastic Rebel
10. Al Kapott - Vacances Cannibales

77 Records Présente

Sunday, July 4, 2010

V/A 77 KK LP

1st release on French label 77 KK. This compilation has one side of French bands, the other has US bands.
I must admit that I'm not a big fan of the typical skunk sound of the French bands. The French scene was full of violence at the time from what I've heard.
The comp. starts with Snix from Lille, one of the most dodgy bands from France. Skinhead band with a violent following. They also released an album on Rock-O-Rama so that says a lot. Not going to accuse them as a WP band but they were very patriotic and probably didn't have a problem with the more extreme side of the skinhead movement. Also did an LP on 77 KK as well.
Warrior Kids brings us a more ska-influenced punk track. Also did an album for 77 KK.
Some of the US bands' tracks were already released but Red Tide, Mission Impossible and Ghost Walks deliver exclusive ones.
Ghost Walks is a follow-up band of Stains (from Portland, not the SST band).

1. Snix - Pas Le Droit à L'Erreur
2. Trotskids - Dernier Repas
3. Tolbiac's Toads - Il Suffirait D'Un Jour
4. Nevrose - L'Amour Aveugle
5. Al Kapott - Bretagne 44
6. Warrior Kids - Ville Morte
7. Collabos - Tagadagadag
8. 76% Uncertain - Coffee Achievers
9. D.O.A. - I'm Right You're Wrong
10. Red Tide - Where Sea Meets Sky
11. White Cross - More Lies
12. Mission Impossible - Life Already Drawn
13. Youth Brigade - Sink With California
14. Ghost Walks - Fallen Angel

77 KK