Thursday, October 30, 2008

Euthanasia - Ölöriefot Putkosessa, Kemoryölöt Kabinessa 7"

I've seen alot of Finnish HC/punk stuff posted on blogs but haven't seen this one yet. 1st vinyl release of Euthanasia although they already appeared on the '10 Vuotta Myöhemmin' comp. 7" on Hiljaiset Levyt in 1987. Also 2 songs can be found on the 'Dokumentti Todellisuudesta' comp. LP on SHJ Records in 1989. This 7" was probably released in 1988 on SHJ Records as well.
I also have a dubbed copy of the 'Ämpäri Päässä Pyöränkumia Pumppaa' cassette album but some tracks have flaws. The seller I got it from told me that the original recordings turned out that way, but I'm not sure.
In 1990 MCR Company from Japan released a split 7" flexi with Macrofarge. But the 3 tracks on the flexi appear on this 7" as well (maybe different recordings?).
Nice late 80's HC punk with a slight metallic edge.

1. Martat Pois Bingoista
2. Ulosottomies
3. Mies 2000
4. O.V.J.H.R. (Otin Viskin Ja Helvetti Repes)
5. Liity Joukkoon
6. Rakkautta Huokuu Maa
7. Astutan Koiraa
8. Ergosong
9. Videonsaantipakko
10. Robinson Crusoen Huono-Onnisempi Haaksirikko
11. Työtön Suuri Punkkari


Monday, October 27, 2008

The Rest - s/t LP

And here's another nice one on Destiny Records. The sole album of The Rest. They also appeared on a few comps. on Destiny as well.
This album was released in 1986 and contains a cover of the Avengers called 'We Are The One'. 'Your Eyes' is a sad lovesong (not very usual for a punkband). 'Every Sperm' is taken from Monty Python.
The song 'Midnight Wanker' is one I can relate to. Once I had to go through a park in the evening to get home. This park is wellknown as a gay meeting place. I wanted to take the shortcut instead of walking around it. Suddenly I saw some person running besides me with his pants in his arms. Further I had to pass a large building with pillars , so I knew that the freak would stand behind one of those pillars. And yes I was right. He was jerking off like a maniac! I sometimes wonder what goes on in some people's head.

note: tracks 1 & 2 and 14, 15 & 16 ripped as one track.

1. Intro
2. What You Get
3. Your Eyes
4. The Rest
5. It's Fashion
6. Twilight
7. Totgeboren
8. Au Backe
9. Disillusion
10. Wake Up
11. Army
12. OK
13. Midnight Wanker
14. Every Sperm
15. Rausziehn
16. We Are The One
17. Admission

The Rest (new link)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

V/A Who Cares LP

Excellent compilation of mostly Long Beach bands I guess. Pretty hard to find these days. The most wellknown names are Shattered Faith and the Cheifs. Political Crap has Duane Peters on vocals, later wellknown with his band U.S. Bombs. AKA are my least favourite of the bunch; a bit too poppy for my taste.
This album was released on the small label American Standard in 1981. Other releases I know on this label are the Primal Danse 12" (more postpunk sounding) and the 'Criminals' LP of Joneses.

1. AKA - Tomorrow's Theme
2. Cheifs - No Justice
3. Cheifs - Riot Squad
4. Shattered Faith - Discontent
5. Suspects - Baby Maybe
6. Suspects - I Had Fun
7. Civil Disobedience - Confused
8. Political Crap - Rejected
9. Civil Disobedience - Too Drunk Last Night
10. Suspects - Hollywood Nightmare
11. AKA - Liza Jane
12. Cheifs - Scrapped
13. Shattered Faith - Trilogy
14. Civil Disobedience - Campaign Promises
15. Suspects - Make Me
16. Shattered Faith - I Love America
17. Political Crap - On Your Own
18. Political Crap - Slow Death

Who Cares

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Underground Soldier - Fun Before Profit! LP

Only release of this female-fronted DC band. Underground Soldier recorded at Inner Ear Studios but I don't think they had alot in common with the DC hardcore scene. They more influenced by UK punk.
'Bonanza' was written by David Rose and 'Raid R. Luv' is a cover of the wellknown song of Golden Earring.
Released on Speed Of Sound in 1985.
Speed Of Sound was a small label with 4 releases:
SOS 001 Flag Of Democracy - Love Songs 7"
SOS 002 Kremlin Korpse - Moscow's Revenge 7"
SOS 003 Underground Soldier - Fun Before Profit! LP
SOS 004 Knucklehead - I LP

1. Stop To Think
2. White Out
3. EST
4. Bonanza Cow-Down
5. Fantasy Dream
6. Raid R. Luv
7. Wasp
8. Sunday Slaughter
9. Riot In Safeway
10. Headaches

note: tracks 4 & 5 ripped as 1 track.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Zshare under maintenance

As you already found out, zshare is having some issues since Thursday. I hope it will be fixed very soon so I can post something fresh here.

I found out that Welfare Records released a Psycho 2xLP/CD of their early recordings. This album contains the very rare 8 Song 12", the 'Son Of 8 Song' 7", 'Hosebags From Hell' LP, comp tracks and split 7" tracks and 11 tracks from 3 Unreleased Demos.
You can also pre-order the complete discography CD of PTL Klub as well.
Welfare Records can be found here.

I've read somewhere that Punks Before Profits is working on re-releasing the Insults 'Thrasher Go Home' 7" as well as an album of Born Without A Face. That band released 2 great 7"s as well as 2 demos I know of. First heard them on the 'There's A Method To Our Madness' comp. LP.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Landlords - Hey, It's A Teenage House Party! LP

Sole album of the Landlords released in 1984 on their own Catch Trout label. They did another 7" a few years later called 'Our Favorite Songs' but from what I read it contains 4 cover songs.
The artwork on the sleeve reminds alot to that noise band Happy Flowers. That's because 2 members of Landlords started Happy Flowers. If you're interested in hearing some Happy Flowers stuff, check their 1st 2 7"s here.
'School For The Deaf' and 'Let's Go' are very short songs ripped as one track.
I scanned the lyric sheet and included it with the file.

1. Exogamy
2. Every Day's A Holiday
3. Girls
4. Bathroom Bigot
5. Parent's Weekend
6. No Good Woman
7. Kids
8. My Monotony
9. Termination
10. Nuns In Black Leather
11. Let's Be Negative
12. More Guts Tonight
13. 99th Floor
14. School For The Deaf
15. Let's Go!
16. Washington Post
17. I Hate School
18. Amputee
19. Mutant Hangout
20. The Pain Isn't Over
21. Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God

Landlords (new link)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

S.C.A. - Strong Concentration Of Anger MLP

Dutch band with ex-Outlawz singer Fokkie. Outlawz appeared on both 'Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zit' comp. albums on Vögelspin Records, the label run by BGK.
S.C.A. first appeared on the 'Beware Of The Wolf In Sheeps Clothing' comp. LP. but in those 2 years in between their sound evolved quite alot and reminds me to that typical European mid-80's sound.
This was released in 1987 on their own No Censorship Records.

1. The President Of The U.S.A.
2. Human Beings
3. The Day The Democracy Died
4. Take A Break
5. Let's Start A Civil War
6. Incest
7. This Scene Is Dying
8. Frustrated


Monday, October 6, 2008

V/A Wie Lange Noch LP

Requested by Savage Lorna of Hardcore Braindeath blog.
1st one of the 2nd batch of records I got from a friend. This is the 1st release on German label Double A. Mostly German bands on this one with Circle Of Sig Tiu,Wut and Tin Can Army as the best known. Some records of them can be found on Down Underground.
A.N.E.E.B. were also featured on Bullshit Detector Vol. 3 on CRASS Records.
Enola Gay is also the German band, not the Danish one. They were fronted by an English singer. They also released a 7" and a full length.
The non-German bands are Verdun from France and Pandemonium of Holland. IMO the latter band delivers the best song here. Don't think it can be found on their other releases as well.
The backside of the sleeve is one big rant against the apathy and fashion of all things punk. Double A Records chose to be more on the positive, active side of punk instead of all the "fuck, get drunk and destroy" side.
The A.N.A.L. tracks are switched on the sleeve.

1. Circle Of Sig Tiu - Fahnenflucht
2. A.N.A.L. - Ich Häng Mich Auf
3. Eklatant - Support Your Local Council
4. A.N.E.E.B. - Fak
5. Wut - Demokratie
6. Enola Gay - Absorbed Death
7. Tin Can Army - Kannibalen
8. Enola Gay - Unheared Cries
9. A.N.A.L. - Wehrdienst
10. Wut - Das Höchste Lebewesen
11. Eklatant - Slaves Of Power
12. Tin Can Army - Fear Is Slavery
13. Verdun - Berlin
14. Pandemonium - No Place For Me
15. A.N.E.E.B. - Identität

Wie Lange Noch

Thursday, October 2, 2008

L.D.S. - On The Cross 7"/Nightmare LP

Mid-80's hardcore punk band with songs mostly with a horror theme. L.D.S. hailed from Salt Lake City, Utah. Always wondered how life must be for punx among all those religious freaks. Well there were a few known punk bands from Utah like Spittin' Teeth (on The Siren comp.LP), Massacre Guys, Maimed For Life (who have a nice 7" as well).
'On The Cross' was released in 1985 and the front sleeve was made by Maurizio Dodi, member of Italian band Raw Power.
The 'Nightmare' LP was released in 1986. There's an untitled piece at the end of the B-side which I entitled as 'Outro'. My copy is 2ndhand and has no lyricsheet (if it ever came with one).
As stated before, most lyrics are about blood 'n horror but 'Breeders' is a nice stab at those anti-contraception/anti-masturbation freaks who breed like rats although they can't afford all those kids. Reminds me of that creepy woman from Alaska. Her ethics are a crime against humanity IMO. Just like the pope who is against the use of condoms and is indirectly responsible for the thousands of AIDS-related deaths in Africa.
About the band, don't know what happened to them as it seems they weren't around for long. Maybe they became 'good christians' after all?
Oh and anyone knows what the initials stand for?

On The Cross 7"
1. On The Cross
2. Virgin Prey
3. Butcher Sam
4. Breeders
5. Think

Nightmare LP
1. Death Camp
2. Get In The Car
3. Necromaniac
4. Bondage
5. Inferno
6. Graveyard
7. Gorehound
8. Stick Me
9. Nightmare
10. Time
11. Freedoms Of Death
12. Outro