Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rebels And Infidels - Corporate Picnic LP

HC punk band from Alameda, CA. Formed in 1979 as Scream and released a 7" in 1982 under this name but changed their name as well as the sleeves for this one, so there exist 2 versions of it. you can check that one here.
'Corporate Picnic' was released in 1984 on the cult Fowl label (Fuck-Ups, Verbal Abuse, Black Humor,...). good mix of HC and mid-tempo punk.

1. War Games
2. Red Flag
3. Pay The Price
4. Modern Man
5. You're Fired
6. American Citizen
7. Rebels And Infidels
8. Last Rites
9. Vision Of Darkness
10. More Beer
11. State Of The Union
12. Mother's Child
13. Outa My Head
14. Too Fast - Too Slow

Corporate Picnic


kennyhel77 said...

Thanks for posting this! This album is VERY hard to find! Man the only wish that I have is that their recording would have been better, because there are some great songs!!

James Jesus said...

Thanks for this!! F*ck me you come up with the goods around here... Totally agree with Kenny's comment. Fowl Records was way cool... as is this blog. Cheers from London...

Anonymous said...

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines! This is awesome. Great sleeve too.

Anonymous said...

Re-upload please, It's down :-/

Curious Guy said...

New link for Rebels And Infidels. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Please reupload

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!