Saturday, February 14, 2009

Venom P. Stinger - Meet My Friend Venom LP

Sorry for the lack of posts last week but I caught the flu so I didn't feel like doing alot lately.
But here's a nice treat for you all. It's quite off the beaten HC/punk track.
'Meet My Friend Venom' is the 1st album of Melbourne band Venom P. Stinger. It was released in 1986 on No Master's Voice and is quite hard to find these days.
Singer Dugald MacKenzie and guitarplayer Mick Turner were also in the legendary Sick Things who released the classic 'Committed To Suicide' 7".
Venom P. Stinger did some other releases later like the 'Walking About' 7" and 'What's Yours Is Mine' LP on Aberrant, the 'Waiting Room' CDEP on Au-Go-Go Records, The 'Live In Davis' LP on Anopheles, the 'Thick-Skin' 7" on Death Valley Records and the 'Tearbucketer' CD on Siltbreeze.
Both Dugald and Mick were also active in Fungus Brains, a band inspired by the Birthday Party.
Mick Turner and drummer Jim White also started instrumental trio The Dirty Three.
Singer Dugald passed away in 2004.
Venom P. Stinger is a great mix of punk with noiserock. Check 2 videoclips on Detailed Twang.

1. P.C.P Crazy
2. Jaws
3. Hold Me Closer
4. And Suddenly
5. Going Nowhere
6. Flourish Wish
7. Untitled
8. Precious Little Time
9. Jaws II
10. Venom P. Stinger

Venom P. Stinger


Graham said...

Ha! This one is a real favourite. I already have it, but thanks for digging it up for everyone else.

the sweet spot diviner said...

yeah this is a seriously great lp had it since it's release but TO anyone thinking of downloading my advice is simple DO IT NOW !

headcaver said...

I ran the label "No Masters Voice" back in the 80's. I was already a big fan of SICK THINGS, and upon returning to Australia (after being in Europe for a year) I saw VENOM P STINGER at the Prince of wales hotel here in St.Kilda. As soon as they walked off stage I asked them to record an album. This is the result of all that.
Dugald was a good mate and I miss him. The hard life did catch up with him.

Curious Guy said...

New link for Venom P. Stinger. Enjoy!