Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Radio Soulwax: Hardcore Or Die

The De Waele brothers are better known as 2manyDJ's and wellknown for their mash-ups. On their recently launched radio station they do a 1 hour HC/punk mash-up. It's really cool to listen to as well as to look at. They took the sleeves of the records and made some great animation with them. They got a lot of help of Steve, their drummer who played in some HC bands in the late 80's, early 90's (Chronic Disease, Rise Above). Funny to see those tape sleeves with the tracklisting of a HC radioshow from Lille on Radio Campus.

Now I think some purists will look at this as a blasphemy to their beloved punk music. But punk is all about blasphemy and a 'fuck you' attitude and personally I've always hated that reactionary and conformist view of what punk should be. The mash-up stays close to the energy of what HC punk is.

Radio Soulwax is broadcasted in GMT time. Check the schedule and also the time zone where you live in. In Belgium the show starts at 16.00 and 01.00.
Hope you can sit through the whole hour (longer would be hard to digest I guess).
From Discharge to DYS, Dayglo Abortions, CRASS, Negative FX, Doom, Fear, Bad Brains, Siege, Subhumans, Conflict, Fear Of God, Black Flag, and many more.



Radio Soulwax

Saturday, July 23, 2011

V/A Benelux Fight Back Tape

Comp. tape released in Belgium with Dutch and Belgian bands. No Luxemburg band included here. This small country was a wasteland when it comes to punk stuff. No release date, address included. Maybe it came with a booklet?
Tape opens with Lärm. No introduction needed. One of Europe's most wellknown bands, and one of the most extreme in the world as well.
Next is Pure Hate. Did a great 7".
No Numbers of Tielt is the 3rd one. Tracks taken from their one and only demo tape.
We go back over the border, to Eindhoven for Afflict.
Side A ends with .C.P.D. of Hamme. C.P.D. stood for Complete Political Disorder or Corrupt Police Dept. and maybe a few others. I think this band had a lot of potential. Never released anything, not even a demo tape. It's very hard to find some decent recordings of them. Great political HC/punk.
Side B opens with another band from Tielt, Repulsives. This band had Brob on bass, now responsible for the Smurfpunx site. He was also the author of Tilt! fanzine. Repulsives did record songs for an aborted split album.
Next band is the Dutch Kikkerspuug. Appear on the 'On Our Way To Fools Paradise' comp., released a tape 'Galgemaal' in 1988 and an album 'Wild Vlees' on Zooid in 1990.
Scoundrels were a nice punkband from The Netherlands as well. With Patrick who now runs Studio 195 were a lot of HC bands (Reproach, Dead Stop) did their recordings. The Scoundrels did one tape and 2 albums. They also appear on the 'Babylon: Bleibt Fahren' comp. LP and 'Alle 55 Kort' comp. tape.
Loud Warning were a noisy HC band out of The Netherlands. Appeared on the 'On Our Way To Fools Paradise' comp. as well.
Side B ends with another song of C.P.D.

Benelux Fight Back

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Subversion - Pignation 7"

Not the Belgian one but a band from Australia from the early 90's. Pretty decent hardcore delivered here. 4 songs with a political edge. I could do without the "cookie monster" vocals in the 3rd track. Luckily it's not throughout the whole song but I'm not a fan of this style of growling. Record was released in 1994 on No Deal Records.
Subversion appeared on a few comps. (like the Circle Storm 7" on No Deal) and also did a split CD with Spazz. There's also a split 7" with Mindcrack on Snapshot Records. (Years ago I won this split together with the Minute Minder 7" but the records never arrived and the seller never replied. Think it was a rip-off).
The songs on this 7" were re-recorded for the Spazz split.
No Deal Records was a small label out of Camperdown that put the early 90's Sydney punk scene on the map. Only 5 releases which are getting very hard to get these days. The label was run by Sean who would later start Short Fuse Records. Actually the 5th release of No Deal was also the 1st release on Short Fuse as it was delayed for a long time due to the bands break-up and the label's demise.

No Deal Records discography:
NDR 001 Blitz Babies - Times Ticking 7"

NDR 002 V/A Circle Storm 7"
NDR 003 Subversion - Pignation 7"

NDR 004 Downtime - s/t 7"

NDR 005 Minute Minder -s/t 7"

1. Fucking Progress
2. Extinction
3. World Of The Putrefied Elected
4. Endless Bullshit


Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Rapers - s/t 7"

Pretty rare 7" of this Utrecht punkband. My friend Vrokker had this on CDR and I made mp3's of it.
For those who already heard the record, the quality is quite awful. You can hardly hear the music through the vinyl noise. I cranked up the volume so you can hear the songs. Unfortunately the rip sounds a bit 'metallic'.
The scans were taken from Punk Rock Picture Sleeves.
The 7" was released in 1981 on Rock Against. The Rapers also appear on the 'Zeven-Vijftig' comp. album on the same label.
Distortion To Deafness posted some demo tracks as well.

1. Pogo
2. Sweeties
3. Vonhoff Is Rot
4. Hang The Pope
5. Fuckin' Music
6. Police Is Rotten
7. Alcoholic
8. Boredom Rules
9. Antichrist
10. Monarchy
11. Jack The Ripper

The Rapers