Sunday, November 18, 2012

Asinine Solution - Asinine Cassette #1

Got some requests to rip and post the Asinine Solution tape. Asinine Solution were from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. They released 3 EP's between 1996 and 1998. The 1st one 'Your Wisconsin Friends' is almost impossible to find; only 200 copies pressed. The other 2 are more wellknown. 'My Dad's A Goat' was issued on Beer City Records, the 3rd one 'Cause Effect' on their own Asinine Records label.
This tape combines some basement recordings of which some of the songs appear re-recorded on the Beer City 7". The other stuff is a live recording with old singer Lee Costa and has a few songs off their 'Your Wisconsin Friends' 7". Think the tape was released in 1997, in between the 1st 2 EP's.
Expect some raw recordings here with each song crudily ending by the stop button of the recorder.
There were a lot of great HC bands from Wisconsin in the 90's. Also check 10-96, URBN DK, Default, Stand Off, Bitchslap, The Scuzz, ...

2/22/97 Basement
1. Hyperactivity
2. Politician
3. Hippies On Crack
4. P.S.F.
5. I Hate Your Games
6. Indecision
7. Flagburning In Medford
8. Viewpoint
9. Election
10. For My Country
Live in Wausau, WI
11. Lynch Mob
12. No Topic
13. Peter Pumpkineater
14. Games
15. Porn Again
16. Just Like That
17. Kirk's Car
18. Hyperactive Colon
19. Jack Off
20. A.S. (The Song)
21. Indecision

Asinine Solution

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Attic 22 - Live Adinkerke 1986

Punkband from the "Westhoek', I think from Veurne. Don't know a lot of them but one member was later in Disgorge.
Attic 22 also recorded a demo. Mad Mohawk is in contact with some of the ex-members but no result for the moment. Hopefully it will show up in the future.
Never caught them live back in the day but here's a recording that ex-member Steve sent to Mad Mohawk. Bitrate is 128 but it's a good live recording so the quality is OK. Steve can't remember the title of the 12th song.

1. Stamping Ground
2. Augst 6th
3. With You
4. Lubricious Priest
5. Fuck You All
6. Wat Ze Kunnen
7. Join The Army
8. Sugar Baby
9. Oi
10. Ronnie & Maggie
11. Beautiful People
12. ?
13. Wild Thing
14. No Man's Land

Attic 22