Sunday, April 26, 2009

Doomsday Massacre - Wake Up Or Melt Down 7"

Here's some classic hardcore punk from Texas. The 'Wake Up Or Melt Down' 7" of Doomsday Massacre was released in 1983 on C.I.A. Records, the label run by Really Red.
First heard them on a weekly HC punk program in the late 80's on some French radiostation in Lille.

1. R-U-Ready
2. Attack
3. Pissed
4. Annihilation
5. Last Day

Doomsday Massacre

Kwik Way - s/t LP

Don't know anything about this band. They were from Berkeley, CA and this mini-album is the only release I know of. Released in 1986 on their own Golden Star Records label.
'Whatever' is an instrumental track. 'Bald' is a funny song and a stab at hardcore's unwritten rules about haircuts. 'Nations Capital' attacks straight edge preaching. There's some freak-out stuff at the end of side B which isn't mentioned on the record. It ends with a reprise of 'Don't Stop'.

Note: tracks 2 & 3 ripped as one.

1. Go Die
2. Geezers
3. Nations Capital
4. Bald
5. Whatever
6. Don't Stop (Till U Get Enuf)
7. Urban Wildlife
8. Pacifica On Saturday
9. Drink And Drive
10. Plane Trooth
11. Untitled

Link removed. There's a discography CD released in 2008 (I didn't know).
I did a quick check for availability and found it for sale on CD Baby.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crucified Truth - Communication 7"

Pretty unknown australian hardcore punk band with one release. The 'Communication' 7" was released in 1986 on Sundown that also released the Public Execution 7". Only 400-500 copies pressed depending on the source.
Crucified Truth also appear on 'The Not So Lucky Country' comp. on Reactor.
Strange but they're not mentioned on the Australian Punk site. Did find an entry here.

1. Death Machines
2. Communication
3. Control
4. Lies

Crucified Truth

A message from Jeff Earing of Insanity Defense

Hi - this is Jeff Earing from Insanity Defense and Satan's Cheerleaders. We're very honored and flattered that our fans and friends have continued to enjoy our music after all these years. After the bands broke up in 1985, we all moved on and regretfully stopped following the punk/hardcore scene. We always valued our fans and continue to be proud of our involvement in such a vital and innovative network of musicians, artists, and activists. Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way. That being said, it has come to our attention that people have been trying for some time to reconnect with us and find copies of our recordings. It seems that, for the most part, fans have resorted to file sharing in order to hear our music. We have never been about profiteering off of our recordings and merchandise - in fact we embraced the do-it-yourself approach, which we always felt was in the true spirit of punk rock music. File sharing has certainly kept us alive in the hearts (and ears!) of our old fans, and has also exposed us to a new generation of punks. For that we are truly grateful. However, the bands have decided to offer another venue for connecting with us and obtaining our work. We will soon launch a website that will offer access to all things ID and SC, including downloads and remixed and remastered versions of our CD's. We will also be releasing a new Insanity Defense EP, as well as a previously unreleased Satan's Cheerleaders record. There will also be videos, T-shirts, and other items that we hope fans will enjoy. There are also retro record labels that have expressed interest in releasing our material. Please be patient, it's been a while! We will let you know soon when everything is in place. We would very much appreciate and help and suggestions our fans can offer. But above all, spread the word - we're back! Thank you and be well -on behalf of all the members of the bands.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Red Beret - First Impression LP

Got some requests for this one.
First heard Long Beach punkers Red Beret on the Mystic comp. 'You Can't Argue With Suckcess'. All these tracks also appear on their sole album. In fact those songs are the best ones. I was a little disappointed when I heard this album for the first time. The other songs are way slower, some OK others not that good. Better skip 'I'm A Believer' 'cos it's dreadful, but I never liked that song anyway.
Red Beret also appears on the 'When Men Were Men...' comp. LP posted a while ago.
'First Impression' was released on Bemisbrain/Enigma in 1984.

1. N.Y.B.
2. One Day
3. Can't Take It
4. Silent Scream
5. Suicide
6. Saturnine
7. I'm A Believer
8. The Spirit Of Perverseness
9. No Time For Losers
10. Pull The Plug
11. Unhappy Boston
12. Shoot'em In The Head

Red Beret

Saturday, April 11, 2009

N.V. Le Anderen / Riot - The Sound Of The Streets LP

Here's another classic release from Holland. Released on Vögelspin Records in 1982. Both bands are more on the streetpunk side but they play quite fast and dirty.
N.V. Le Anderen was a skinhead band from Wormer. They also did another 12" and changed their name to NV Boys a few years later. Grand Theft Audio did a discography CD of them a few years ago.
Riot on the other side has never been reissued. Great fast punk although I can live without the tracks 'Bolero' and 'When The Punx Are Marching In'.

N.V. Le Anderen
1. Troublemakers Skinheads
2. Work Till 65
3. Religion
4. Imitation
5. Wormer
6. Death Ship
7. Between The Easts
8. Kerntroep
9. Don't Believe Them
10. Rockabilly

1. Children
2. No More War
3. War
4. Thatcher
5. Radioactivetie
6. Last Execution
7. N.R.1
8. Riot Punx
9. Bolero
10. What Did You Learn
11. When The Punx Are Marching In

The Sound Of The Streets

Friday, April 3, 2009

Front Line - Outside Your Window EP

Requested by Kennyhel77 of the Days Of Our Youth blog.
Here's the Front Line 12" released on IM Records in 1986. Produced by Adam "Bomb" Segal of The Faction.
This one is the CA skatepunk band. There was another Front Line from the midwest in the early 80's that changed their name to God's Will.
Let's hope that Kennyhel can give us more info on this band.
Cover model is Chrissy Boggs if one really wants to know.

note: 1st 2 tracks ripped as one track as it was impossible to seperate them.

1. Here To Stay
2. Fight Back
3. New Generation
4. Your Time
5. All I Want
6. I Remember

Front Line

Venom P. Stinger Re-upped

Some friends of me told me that it took hours before they could get the Venom P. Stinger album posted a while ago.
I uploaded the file again so try again.
Don't be afraid to comment when such problems occur. I Can't check every link for problems. Thanks.

Direct link to the Venom P. Stinger post.