Saturday, May 30, 2009

Human Sufferage - No Place Like Home 12"

First record of Human Sufferage of Columbus, Ohio. Their 2nd album is 'Thank You Mother Dear' which I plan to post later. Both records were released on New Age, a local Columbus label that also released records of True Believers, Screaming Urge, Vertical Slit, Great Plains, ...
'No Place Like Home' was released in 1983 and comes with a comics newspaper. Here's what Tim Yohannon of MRR wrote on the record:
These guys have a great crunching garage punk and thrash sound here, and they come down hard lyrically on middle class mores and problems ranging from the effects of Reaganomics to psychiatric conditioning. The production is hot, and the record comes with all sorts of weird inserts.

1. Nowhere Fast
2. 100% Middle Class
3. Results Are Still The Same
4. No Place Like Home
5. Dress Code
6. Vocal Nonsense
7. Iamwhatiam

Human Sufferage

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Puncture Wound - s/t 7"

Puncture Wound was a Cleveland, Ohio HC band active in the late 90's. Not that I know alot about them but if you like Inmates, H-100s, 9 Shocks Terror or Gordon Solie Motherfuckers, then you'll probably like this one.
This 7" was released in 1999 on Bloodclot Records (fifth release) as well as on Human Stench (1st release), a now defunct label out of Pittsfield, MA. that reissued the comps. 'Last White Christmas' and 'I Thrash Therefore I Am' on CD (originally tapes on BCT).
Found a page on some Cleveland labels and related bands, if you're interested in that scene.
Most releases are limited and some sell out fast. Anyone who wants to get rid of his/her 1st Inmates 7"?

1. Break A Leg
2. Roommate
3. Pickle Dick/Call The Police
4. Coventry
5. Cap'n Ahab's Ghost
6. Exersize The Right To Be A Stupid Idiot
7. Pound Nails Til' Never Die

Puncture Wound

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bodies In Panic - This Ain't Rock N' Roll LP

Early release on Buy Our Records so you know this band is from New Jersey. Full title of the album is 'This Ain't Rock N' Roll (Then What The Hell Is It?)'.
They also appear on the 'New Jersey's Got It?' and 'Big City-One Big Crowd' comp. albums posted here before.
N.I.B. is a song originally by Black Sabbath.

1. Bodies In Panic
2. Salesman
3. Ism
4. Bored With Action
5. Necrophilia
6. Uncle Sam Needs You
7. This Ain't Rock 'N' Roll
8. Democracy Or Die
9. Ode To The Bouncer
10. N.I.B.
11. Demolition Mission
12. Lester
13. Ariel Sharon Loves Violence

Bodies In Panic

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Premature Baby's - Lie Cheat And Steal 7"

Premature Baby's (sic) were from Muskegon, MI. This 7" was released in 1987 on Michigan label Depression Records known for their releases of Plasma Alliance and Boom & The Legion Of Doom.
Some of their releases are quite sloppy but Premature Baby's play fast and tight HC punk.

A partial Depression Records discography:
42949 Plasma Alliance - We Can't Wait 7"
DR 1 Toxic Attitude - Stupid Teenage Music 7"
DR 2 ?
DR 3 Boom & The Legion Of Doom - Hate To Love, Love To Hate 7"
DR 4 ?
DR 5 Premature Baby's - Lie Cheat And Steal 7"
DR 6 Ugly But Proud - Knuckles From Nowhere 7"
DR 7 ?
DR 8 Boom & The Legion Of Doom - Detroit LP
DR 9 ?
DR 10 ?
DR 11 ?
DR 12 ?
DR 13 ?
DR 14 Twitch - Jedi 7"
DR 15 Pecker Tracks - Kamode Kamotion 7"
Here some releases I can't find the label # of:
Boom & The Legion Of Doom - Skate Thrash Grind 7"
Broken Trust - Straight Edge America 7"
Slaughterhouse - Perfect Example 7"

All help with filling in the gaps is much appreciated!

1. Cats In The Bag
2. Quest For Money
3. Encaged
4. You're Not The Boss
5. Lost Cause
6. What's The Difference?
7. Who Died For You?
8. Insanity's Destiny
9. Riot Squad

Premature Baby's

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Confederate - Surrender Or Just Fight LP

As requested: here's the Confederate LP. already read some discussion on this one on Good Bad Music.
Produced by Rikk Agnew. Thin production and somewhat generic HC punk but an enjoyable listen.
'Pity Me' is only a few seconds long. 'My Generation' is a cover of that famous rock band (who?).
And one can also discuss the band name and cover art.
The vocalist later showed up in Doggy Style.
'Surrender Or Just Fight' released in 1983 on Revenge Records.

1. My World
2. Stop And Go
3. Written Laws
5. Life In Vegas
6. Surrender Or Just Fight
7. My Way
8. Brixton Wall
9. Take The Pressure
10. Pity Me
11. Upsetting The Matter
12. My Generation
13. We Keep Up Front
14. American Farmboy
15. Starting To Hate
16. War Is Not Real
17. Clambake