Monday, July 27, 2009

V/A Welcome To Ax/ction Island 7" EP

Got some requests for this one so here it is (yep, the Love Canal LP will follow soon).
"Welcome To Ax/ction Island' was released in 1986 on Ax/ction Records run by the people of Psycho.
Side A starts with Boston band and Psycho offshoot Cancerous Growth. Released one 7" EP, 2 LP's and one live 7", all on Ax/ction. Albums (with extra tracks) came out in Germany as well.
Stupids is the only non-US band here. One of the 1st UK bands with a USHC sound.
GG Allin needs no introduction. You love him or hate him. Weird choice.
Psycho started as a HC band but later changed to grindcore. There's a discography out with all the early (non-grind) stuff.
Spastic Rats did one 7" "Rodentia" posted here before.
PTL Klub is one of the most underrated Boston HC bands and one of my faves.
The Scam also released a 7" on Ax/ction, posted here before. Just got a comment from Eric that a discography CD is planned as well as a vinyl edition of the unreleased "Sic World" LP. Funny to see that this album was planned as ACT 12 on the label info sheet included with this release.

1. Cancerous Growth - Delusionary Tactics
2. Stupids - We Suck
3. GG Allin - I Wanna Suck Your Cunt
4. Psycho - Animal
5. Spastic Rats - Incite To violence
6. PTL Klub - Constitutional Monarchy
7. The Scam - Wasted Time

Ax/ction Island

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mystery Band

Here's a record that puzzles me already for a long time. Have it on tape since the late 80's.
According to the info I have, the band should be Anal Babies and the 7" is called "Let's Party" but I haven't found any info on this one. Already checked sites like Flex, Kill From The Heart and various have/want lists but this one never shows up. So the info is probably wrong, or the record is extremely rare. A friend of mine didn't recognize it as well and he has a trained ear concerning HC stuff.
The 7" contains 8 tracks. Unfortunately, I have no tracklisting.
It's definitely a US (or Canadian?) band from around 1986-87.

Hope someone can solve the mystery.

UPDATE: Thanks to Dr. Phibes we know that it's indeed Anal Babies from Sacramento, CA.

Quality is pretty shitty, but I managed to upgrade the sound a bit while ripping.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Perdition - The Intoxicated EP

Thanks to Dougal for this contribution.
Very first vinyl release of this wellknown punkband from Australia. I also have their LP but I think it has been posted on other blogs.
This record was initially released as a 7" but later reissued as a 12" to improve the sound quality.
'The Intoxicated' came out in 1984 on Reactor Records.

1. Nothing For You
2. Deserve To Die
3. Life Of Pain
4. Blood Runs Red
5. The Last Hour


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dissension - We The Fooled LP

2nd album of Dissension. The 'Why Work For Death' is a classic these days. Not many people have heard this one. More crossover style and less interesting than the 1st one but it isn't bad either. You decide.
This copy is self-released although there exists a picture-disc version on Metal Storm/Azra.
'We The Fooled' was released in 1988.

1. False Promises
2. Searching
3. Let's Think
4. The End
5. Destitute Detour
6. A New Beginning
7. Hopeless
8. Subject
9. Dreams
10. My Own World
11. Blinded By Power

New link as track 2 was damaged.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

V/A Sutura Eterna LP

Compilation album released in Italy in 1986. It was released by Senzapatria, an anti-authoritarian and anti-militarist organisation from Sondrio.

4 bands participate:
Midgard (Milano) play 2 tracks of crossover; more metal than hardcore.
Link Lärm (Padova) play 4 tracks of HC punk. They also released an 11-track demo.
Disperazione (Como) is the most wellknown here. This is from their later period so expect more metal in their sound.
Antisbarco (Chioggia) ends the comp. with 3 tracks of HC punk.

Geat sleeve artwork by Stiv Valli. I made the exception to scan the back sleeve as well.

1. Midgard - L'Ultimo Fuoco
2. Midgard - Sangue Versato
3. Link Lärm - Politicanti
4. Link Lärm - Militare
5. Link Lärm - Odio La Gente
6. Link Lärm - Voglio Fare Il Senatore
7. Disperazione - Non E' Ancora
8. Disperazione - Anticipo Di Morte
9. Antisbarco - Troppi Messaggi
10. Antisbarco - Controllo Totale
11. Antisbarco - Tempo Di Menzogna

Sutura Eterna