Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nighters - Drop Down Dead 7"

Another generous gift from Donut Duck!
Was really curious about this EP of Italian band Nighters. Already knew it was more in the mid tempo punk vein but it's a nice listen. This record doesn't show up very often for sale and it's not so known. It was released in 1984 on New Rose Records (not the French label). You can find some reviews of this 7" on KFTH.
I'm not sure, but I've read that Nighters had (an) ex-member(s) of Bloody Riot, a band that did a self-released 7" in 1983 and an LP on Mecano.

1. Live It Anyway
2. Drop Down Dead
3. Nightrise/Take A Look
4. Lost Control

Nighters (thanks Jolicoeur!)


jolicoeur said...

Thank you, I don't know this record and I like this. Merci.

roberto said...

Hi, I'm Nighters' former singer and I write from Rome, Italy. This is for collectors: I've got some copies of that EP off, anyone is interested?

jolicoeur said...

Yes I'm interested. Which price?
Thank you

Roberto said...

I don't know... I'm not into record-selling, how much do you think? If you need only 1 copy, you can offer me how you think it's the right price, you know? I'm not selling it to make any money, and if you're a collector I'm happy you receive a copy at the right price, considering postal expenses, of course!
Ciao! Bye!

jolicoeur said...

I don't know too..
Yes I want only one copy and 15 euros I think it's a right price for this record. 15 euros + shipping. If you're okay, you can write at this mail

Thank you et salut.

Neck said...


I do a punk label in the US called Sydney Town Records. I would be interested in re-issuing the Drop Down Dead single. I am in the process of re-issuing the KLAXON single on LP with extra songs. Please contact me if this sounds like something you would be interested in. Cheers, Carl

Snow Delay At The Frankfurt School said...

Could you re-up this?


Curious Guy said...

File gone. Pay No More Than blog has it as well. Link is dead but maybe you can ask him to re-up? He has a copy, I don't.

jolicoeur said...

A new link

Snow Delay At The Frankfurt School said...

Thanks for the tip man. I really apprieciate you taking the time to help as well as uploading all those other files.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the new link Jolicoeur. Lost a lot of music from my ext. HD. Just disappeared for no reason.
Tyler you're welcome.

Matt B. said...

Hello, can you please replied this 7"? Thanks in advance!!!

Curious Guy said...

New link Matt. Enjoy! Has been reissued recently.