Sunday, June 9, 2013

Keep Laughing - Poseur Destroyer Tour 2004 Tape

Cool Y2K thrash from this unknown band Keep Laughing. Apparently released for a tour they did in 2004.
Have absolutely no info on Keep Laughing. Don't think they were around that long.
This tape was the 1st release on Condensed Flesh Records. 2nd and last one is the Youth Liberation Front 7" from 2005. This band seems to have (a) member(s) that now play in the great Hoax.

1. Patriotism Is Shit
2. Refuse To Fight
3. Land Mines
4. We Are The Ones
5. Border Pigs
6. Now Or Never
7. Second Chance
8. Trigger Finger
9. Meat Market Culture
10. The Christian Wrong
11. Killing Kids
12. Keep Laughing

Keep Laughing