Saturday, August 30, 2008

Chronic Disorder - s/t 7"/ 1st LP

And another gift from Donut Duck. Not ripped by himself but found somewhere else.
Here's the 1st 7" and 1st album of Connecticut band Chronic Disorder. The 7" was released in 1983, limited to 300 copies. Only knew a few songs from it that appear on the 3-way split album 'Hardcore From The Early Days' with The Target Cells and White Pigs.
Their 1st album is sometimes called 'Spit-Man And The Masters Of The Universe/Big Smelly Fish'. 300 pressed with silkscreened covers by the band itself. But there's also a pressing on Dirt Records as well. Released in 1985.
I only knew their 'Fred' 7" and the 'Blithering Idiots' LP. They also did an album for Posh Boy 'The Drums Of War'.
Chronic Disorder are still active but moved to Seattle.

Here's the Chronic Disorder website.

s/t 7"
1. Blood And Honor
2. Starting Over
3. Spit Rants
4. The Final Line
5. A Job A Car A Wife
6. (Untitled)

s/t LP
1. The Final Line
2. Not Funny (Fascist Cliques)
3. Fire
4. Amnesia
5. My God
6. Waiting
7. A Sort Of Serenade
8. I See Red
9. Blood & Honor
10. The Gods Are Laughing At Us
11. Nostalgia
12. Cold War
13. America
14. Away
15. Starting Over
16. Leave Us Alone

Chronic Disorder

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nuclear Crayons - Bad Pieces Seen... LP

Check the full title on the cover scan as it's way too long to type in the title.
Another generous gift from Donut Duck. I know this post will make some people happy, especially Jove Moix.
Before this album, Nuclear Crayons released the 'Nameless' 7" and was described as 'disturbing' in MRR. This is weird stuff, not your usual punk thing.
I first heard them on the 'Mixed Nuts Don't Crack' comp. LP. This one was also issued on Outside Records, the Nuclear Crayons label. Check that album on French blog Pay No More Than.
For a full history (although it's still work in progress) check their website here.
For the Outside Records discography, check here.

The album was released in 1984, 500 copies.

1. Noise Maker
2. Anarchy Posers
3. Take Away The Faith
4. See Me Jump
5. Go Mo
6. Overpopulation
7. No Car
8. Blinded Youth
9. Part Of Me
10. What's Wrong With Us?
11. Street Noise
12. Ritual Chance

Nuclear Crayons (includes the 'Nameless' EP)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

RPA - s/t 7"

Thanks alot to Donut Duck for this one. More from him in the coming days!
I was really surprised when listening to this. This is decent early HC punk. The initials stand for Raging Peasant Army. The band was from Seattle. This 7" released in 1982. A pity there's only 2 songs on this one.

1. Shoot The Pope
2. Bonecrusher


Thursday, August 21, 2008

V/A Amuck LP

As requested by Donut Duck.
'Amuck' was the 1st compilation that Phoenix, Arizona label Placebo did. Maybe not as consistent as 'This Is Phoenix Not The Circle Jerks' but has some interesting moments. I'll have to warn you that it's not all punk here, especially on the 2nd side. Placebo wasn't a strict punk label as they released some experimental stuff as well like the 'Dry Lungs' series.
Ex-Velvet Underground Maureen Tucker played drums for Paris 1942.

1. Dali's Daughter - Cold War
2. Jody Foster's Army - Bouncer
3. Meat Puppets - Unpleasant
4. Paris 1942 - She Cracked
5. Killer Pussy - Pepperoni Ice Cream
6. Sun City Girls - Bobby Sands Boogie
7. Victory Acres - Bottles Neck
8. Happy People - Happy People
9. Soylent Greene - Soylent Greene
10. Precious Secrets - I Wanna Know
11. Teds - After The War (Meat To Eat)
12. International Language - Long Journey To Nowhere
13. Knebnagauje - Annex
14. Tone Set - Out! Out! Out!
15. Poet's Corner - History Of The World And The Beat Ch. 22
16. Mask - Windows
17. Destruction - Time


Monday, August 18, 2008


As requested by a visitor of Down Underground. One of my friend's collection.
Here's the 2nd comp. documenting the Berlin punk scene from the early 80's. This record was made possible through the money made from a festival they did at the KZ 36 squat. Bands like TNT from Switzerland, Vopos from Holland, Zounds and Slime played that day.
29 tracks from 9 diverse bands. Released in 1981.
1st volume can be found here.

1. Beton Combo - Dick Bonz
2. Beton Combo - Gropiusstadt
3. Beton Combo - Beton Kids
4. Stromsperre - Overtüre - Alltag
5. Stromsperre - Hauptthematik - W.H.A.S.S.
6. Stromsperre - Leitmotiv - Frustriert
7. Stromsperre -Rezitativ Und Arie - Spaß Muß Sein
8. Stromsperre - Da Capo - Kob
9. Rucki Zucki Stimmungskapelle - Rucki Zucki
10. Rucki Zucki Stimmungskapelle - Niederschlag Im Sonderangebot
11. Rucki Zucki Stimmungskapelle - Wunsch
12. Rucki Zucki Stimmungskapelle - Hejo
13. Kaiserschnitt - Ruhe Anstand Frieden
14. Kaiserschnitt - So Long Ago
15. Actosin Pervers - UFO
16. Actosin Pervers - Metalltod
17. Actosin Pervers - Zukunftstraum
18. Vitamin A - Moderne Zeiten
19. Vitamin A - Alltag
20. Vitamin A - Anarchie In Disneyland
21. Vitamin A - K 36
22. Gegenwind - Fortschritt
23. Gegenwind - Regy
24. Gegenwind - Söldner
25. Ix-Toc-I - Alternativ
26. Ix-Toc-I - Nichts Gesehen
27. Ix-Toc-I - Ach Du Schreck
28. Reflex - Anarchie
29. Reflex - Kirche

KZ 36 II

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Deface - s/t 7" / Government Denies Knowledge 7"

One of the better bands from the 90's. Deface isn't so wellknown but members are veterans of the USHC scene. Kevin Reed and Eric McIntire were also in the first line-up of Attitude Adjustment. Eric played bass on the 'Deadly Serious' demo. Kevin was replaced by Andy Andersen and Eric was asked to leave the band afterwards. So they didn't appear on their most wellknown release 'American Paranoia'. After Attitude Adjustment fell apart, they reformed with Kevin and Eric which released albums like 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' and 'Out Of Hand'. You could say that Deface was the follow-up band as Sean Sutton who plays guitar in Deface, also played in the last line-up of Attitude Adjustment.
Eric and Kevin also play in the great Deathtoll. They have a 7" on Kangaroo Records and a split album with Blown To Bits on Despotic Records.

Attitude Adjustment reformed again. Check their Myspace page here.
Deathtoll on MySpace here.
Deface on MySpace as well here.

s/t 7" (Deep Six Records-1996)
1. Human See Human Do
2. Click
3. A Mile Away
4. Behind Locked Doors

Government Denies Knowledge 7" (Beer City Records-1996)
1. Me As...
2. Religious Cancer
3. Government Denies Knowledge
4. Poached


Monday, August 11, 2008

Imminent Attack - Element Of Surprise MLP

This band from the US was formed in the early 80's. Members were from Mt. Hoteb and Madison, WI.
Imminent Attack did 2 tapes before this album. Some songs appeared on the 'America's Dairyland' comp. tape. After the album, the band went for a more metal direction.
Guitarplayer Mike Hunsberger is still active as a musician and played in Westworld and Alien Faktor. He works solo now as Vampire Tap.
There's an interesting page on Imminent Attack here with full list of recordings and pictures from the old days.
'Element Of Surprise' was self-released in 1984.

1. Perpetual World
2. Element Of Surprise
3. My Skin
4. Basement
5. Destruction
6. Last Stand
7. What Do I See?
8. Starve
9. Smash The Bore
10. Hunter
11. Do You Know

Imminent Attack

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Utter Stench - Cry For Help LP

If you downloaded the 'Not So Lucky Country' comp., then you already heard of Utter Stench. The song 'Slappy's' appears here as well.
The band was formed in 1985 and this album was their only release. It was issued on Cleopatra Records in 1987. This label was also the home of Gash, Depression and Extremes.
Some members were fanatic skaters, so you could say that Utter Stench is a hardcore skatepunk band.
The band split up soon after the album was released. 2 members formed Terrorize, the singer became a member of Killing Time which changed their name to Mantissa.
Original member Borgy seems to be a wellknown skateboard manufacturer. I should say 'was', as he passed away in 1997, just before there were plans for reforming Utter Stench.

The whole band history can be found on Kill From The Heart.

1. Fear
2. Ozone Layer
3. Friend Or Foe
4. Suicidal Race
5. Where Is He ?
6. The Gadafi Waltz
7. Happy Song
8. Slappy's
9. Triumph Or What
10. Cry For Help

Utter Stench

Monday, August 4, 2008

V/A World War III? LP

Here's a request by Donut Duck of The Blasting Concept blog.
'World War III?' is one of the many bootlegs that Rot Records issued in the mid-80's. The label isn't mentioned on the sleeve but it is definitely put out by Dunk. He was the original singer for Riot Squad and all early releases on the label are of Riot Squad. Other bands were Animal Farm, Paranoia, Clockwork Soldiers, The Enemy and Resistance 77.
Rot also released a bunch of comps. of which some were made of demotracks of which the bands never gave their permission and never received royalties as well. One of the most dodgy labels there ever was.
Here's a list of bootlegs which don't mention the label name:
- Let's Get Pissed, It's Christmas
- Let's Get Pissed, It's Christmas Again
- Religious As Hell
- What Are You Doing With That Hole In Your Head?
- Punk Lives Let's Slam
- Punk Lives Let's Slam 2

Dunk took tracks from existing records to put on 'World War III?':
Threats: from the 'Politicians And Ministers' 12"
Crude SS: from the 'Who'll Survive' 7"
Tin Can Army: from the split album with Maniacs
Raw Power: from the BCT tape
Wulpse Varkens, Vortex & Zyklome A: from the 'Alle 24 Goed' comp. LP
Rövsvett: from the 'Jesus Var En Tomte' 7"
Rattus: from the 'Uskonto On Vaara' 12"
Jonee Jonee: from the 'Blar Azzurro' 7"

Would like to mention that the sound quality is standard bootleg compared to the original records.

Threats- Can't Stop
Crude SS - Sick Pleasure
Tin Can Army - Cop
Raw Power - Fuck Authority
Wulpse Varkens - Nr 14
Vortex - it's What They Say
Rövsvett - P.O.B.
Rattus - Sotahullut
Jonee Jonee - Bolox Camera
Tin Can Army - Jesus
Wulpse Varkens - Kweenogni
Rövsvett - Jehovas
Threats - Underground Army
Jonee Jonee - Rich People
Crude SS - Deny It
Zyklome A - Noise & Distortion
Vortex - Boudha
Raw Power - Burn The Factory