Saturday, October 10, 2009

Attack & Decay - Squirrel Sonatas In The Key Of C 7"

One of the many Detroit HC bands that never released any vinyl during their existence (also bands like Heresy, Gore,...).
This is the 'Lunchbox' demo recorded in 1987. 8 tracks of USHC. Reissued sometime in the 90's on Canadian label Spam Dagger Records. It's a band-approved release, no bootleg.

1. Drunk And Disorderly
2. Lunchbox Philosophy
3. Admit Your Shit
4. In My Game
5. Back To Bed
6. No Thanks
7. Communion Of Righteousness
8. Global Unrest

Attack & Decay


ArchisBald said...

Hey CJ,
JuggHead here, Hey I know where some of the "wants" you have listed are. Is your list current, cause I have the Brave New World recordings as well as the Grim, and some of the others...I also have the other 918-V demo that was more 'produced'...if your interested, let me know?
By the Way: May I add how cool it is your still pluggin away at the blog...I've been preoccupied with stuff-who isn't right? Anyway Thank you!

Curious Guy said...

Hey Jughead, long time no read :)
Would like to hear that other 918-V demo as well as the 1st Grim 7".
I have all the records of the band Brave New World (The 7" and last LP are posted on my other blog). Would like to have a decent rip of the Asexuals 7". Have one but it skips too many times to enjoy the tunes.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

I'll get right on it, always happy to share what I have>;)>JH

Anonymous said...

thanks for this great blog!!!

cheers from argentina !!

Daz said...

Hey, could you please re-up this one. Thanks!