Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ripcord & Heresy Live Netwerk, Aalst 1988

Reading 'Trapped In A Scene' by Ian Glasper and visiting the Smurfpunx site from time to time brings back good memories. One of the best gigs I ever attended was in 1988, set up by the Smurfpunx in Netwerk at the city of Aalst. 4 bands played: Anguish from Belgium, Cry Of Terror from Holland and Ripcord & Heresy from the UK.
Can't remember much of Anguish but they were very political. Some members would form Indecency after Anguish split.
Cry Of Terror were a metallic HC band. They released a 7" and 2 albums on Old World Records and contributed to various comps.
And then came Ripcord and Heresy! I was (and still am) very much into them and both played a great set which you can listen to here.
There were like 500 people at the gig and the atmosphere was great. No troubles at all. If I could use the word positive hardcore then it should have been like that all the time.
The European HC scene would soon collapse after bands like Heresy split. Well you still had the straight edge scene and also came along the crusties. The HC scene didn't interest me at all and I started listening to anarcho stuff again as well as all the early Swedish and Finnish bands thanks to bands like Doom and ENT who brought back punk into HC.
The Smurfpunx lost their space to do gigs and folded soon afterwards.
But in Ieper, a new place was created to do gigs called the Vort'n Vis were bands like MDC, Scraps, Nations On Fire, Nausea, No Security, Sedition, Disaffect and even Disorder played.
It also created a schism between the XXX brigade and the drunken crustie punx.

And the guy who yells 'Fur Is Murder' the last time in the song 'Furder' is yours truly (well 22 years ago!).
Tracklists are provided in the files. The last bit of Heresy sounds a bit muddy as the recording was split over 2 tapes.

Also check out the next bands with members of both bands: Violent Arrest, Geriatric Unit and Warprayer.



Sunday, May 9, 2010

V/A People Of The Pit LP

Not so well known comp. but a very interesting one. Don't think there were a lot of copies pressed of 'People Of The Pit'.
This comp. was released on the Italian label Goddam Church in 1986. Has lots of cool bands from the beginning of the 2nd half of the 80's. Most tracks taken from 7"s or demo tapes.
All bands play their own brand of HC, except Corruption who sound quite metal.
Goddam Church released albums of Stige and Furious Barking and also another comp. in 1990 'Attitudine Mentale Positive'. Also co-released the Crime Gang Bang 7".

1. Corrupted Morals - Mad Reign
2. Corrupted Morals - Big Man
3. Pure Hate - Terrorist
4. Pure Hate - Don't Hurt Me
5. Puke - Stig-britt
6. Puke - Klockan Gär, Klämtar Och Slår
7. Stige - Senza Alternative
8. Stige - Una Vita
9. Corruption - Beef To The Core
10. Corruption - Human Fireworks
11. Puke - ?
12. False Liberty - Ignorance
13. False Liberty - Count Me Out
14. No Fraud - Suicidal Maniac
15. No Fraud - Nothing Left Inside
16. Raped Teenagers - Moder jord
17. Raped Teenagers - Din Van
18. Raped Teenagers - Fred Och Frihet
19. Raped Teenagers - Träskallar
20. Barn Av Regnbuen - Et Liv
21. Barn Av Regnbuen - Edb Og Data
22. Barn Av Regnbuen - Ikkje Fan!
23. Subterranean Kids - No Puedo Perdonarte
24. Subterranean Kids - Hasta El Final

People Of The Pit

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Civil Defense - Gun Control 12"

Punkband from Saint Paul, Minneapolis. First they were called Propaganda and contributed the the Kitten comp. tape, released by Hüsker Dü. They changed the name after adding an extra guitarplayer in 1982 and they played gigs with Willful Neglect, Hüsker Dü, and other local bands from that time.
MRR review:
What we have here is a bunch of medium-speed punk tunes with a melodic orientation. Songs like "Gun Control" and "Capital Punishment" (which has simplistic "law and order" lyrics) are straightforward numbers with good, strong hooks, but certain other songs are less memorable and lacking in energy. An uneven debut, but Civil Defense have potential.

'Gun Control' was released in 1983 on National Security Records.

1. Gun Control
2. Personal Phone Call
3. Capital Punishment
4. Artificial World
5. Human Race
6. New Religion
7. Changed