Sunday, September 29, 2013

V/A Asian Punk Lives #2 Tape

Here's a cool comp. tape released on Japanese label Sprout Records. As far as I know 2 volumes exist. Don't have the 1st one. Maybe more of these were released?
Asian Punk Lives #2 comes with a booklet with band info, lyrics and interesting addresses of  tape labels and zines from Malaysia, Indonesia, ...
Bands on the tape from Japan: Absent, Out Of Touch (live recordings), Refuse and Social Crime.
From Phillipines: Aggressive Dog Attack (live recordings).
From Indonesia: Balcony, Deadly Ground, Inner Warfare and Turtles Jr.
From Malaysia: Silent Majority and Shocked.
This tape was released in 1998 and a nice view on the growing HC/punk scenes in the Pacific Rim.

Asian Punk Lives #2

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Constructores Del Odio - Coerción Tape

And we stay on the same continent as the previous posts but go further north.
Constructores Del Odio hailed from Mexico and released this tape in 1996 on Cryptas Records.
Great and furious political HC/punk. The tape comes with a booklet with the lyrics.
'Estado De Control' is their own take on the Discharge song. 'Que Placer Encuentran En Matar' is a blatant rip-off of the Final Conflict song 'Crucifixion' but with different lyrics. Not really a clever move IMO (or at least give the original band a credit).
In 2012 there was a split CD released with Agathocles. Probably older recordings 'cos I don't think the band is still active these days.
17 songs in 30 minutes. Enjoy!

Constructores Del Odio

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Basquadé Inchalá ‎– Reivindicación Tape

Don't know a lot of bands from Uruguay but here's one of them. Don't know anything about Basquadé Inchalá but they play political HC/punk. Long lyrics that deal with homophobia, animal/human liberation, Palestina and imperialism in Latin-America.
Same songs repeated on both sides.
Released on Cryptas Records in Mexico. No release date but I think late 90's.

1. Intro (Ex Ministro Del Interior) 
2. Levántate Herman@ 
3. Fobia A La Homofobia 
4. Sin Dañar Y Sin Dañarnos
5. Palestina 
6. La Recuperación

Basquadé Inchalá