Sunday, December 15, 2013

Amen / Red Light Split Tape

Split tape with 2 crusty HC/punk bands from Lóblin. Amen is the most wellknown as some members went on to Antichrist. Red Light is not so known although they released a 7"as well (which I never heard). Amen did a 7" on the same label as this tape, Lagart Factory Lóblin. This label, initially a tape label,was run by members of Amen (later Antichrist) and also released vinyl and CD's.
This tape was released in 1994.

Amen / Red Light

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dezynfekcja - Zwyrodniały Ranking Wartości Tape

Another obscure punk band from Poland. Dezynfekcja were from Bogatynia, a city close to the border of Czech and Germany. Their one and only tape was released in 1996 on Polish label
Czerwony Diabełek, which is still around. I remember ordering this tape and a few others from this label in the late 90's.
Can't find any info on the band but they play crusty, political HC/punk and have 2 vocalists. Don't think they were  around that long.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Action Freedom - Walka Trwa! Tape

Next Polish band is more in the anarchopunk vein. 'Walka Trwa!' is the 1st tape of Action Freedom, released in 1999 on tape label TKA. Their 2nd release was a split tape with Amen (their 7") on Nikt Nic Nie Wie in 2002.
11 tracks of powerful, political punk with a sax. Reminds me a bit of Wlochaty or Stracony.
TKA was one of the many Polish tape labels around releasing mainly crust stuff like Bisect, Alkochol Front, Anti-Holocaust, ..., as well as discographies / tape versions of vinyl albums of foreign bands like Disclose, Hiatus, Extinction Of Mankind, Those Who Survived The Plague, ...

Action Freedom

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Earth Movement - s/t Tape

15th release on tape label Qrva Sistema from Słupsk, Poland.
Earth Movement were from Suwałki and played HC/punk with a strong ecological message.
This tape was Earth Movement's 1st release but don't know when it got released. They also did a 7" in 1998 on Dwie Strony Medalu but I prefer the songs on the tape.
There's also a reggae-ish tune. Reggae was/is quite popular among the Polish punks.

Earth Movement

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Monoteizm-Co-Existence - Patrz I Odczuj! Tape

As promised, here's the 2nd and last tape of Polish crustpunks Monoteizm-Co-Existence. Released on Czech label Malarie Records probably around 1998.
The band went through some line-up changes as the bassplayer and one of the vocalists left.
1st 2 songs already appeared on the previous tape. This tape has a better sound than 'Oblicze Prawdy'.

Patrz I Odczuj!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Monoteizm-Co-Existence - Oblicze Prawdy Tape

More crust stuff out of Poland from the mid-90's. Monoteizm-Co-Existence from Kolno aren't that wellknown. Guess they never played out of Poland. They managed to release 2 cassette albums of which 'Oblicze Prawdy' is the 1st one. This one was released on Demonstracja Tapes in 1995. Seems they were good friends with Sanctus Iuda. If you like Sanctus Iuda, you'll definitely should give Monoteizm-Co-Existence a try. 2nd tape will follow soon.

Monoteizm-Co-Existence - Oblicze Prawdy

Friday, November 1, 2013

Disgusting Lies - Byt Określa Świadomość Tape

More crustpunk out of Poland. Disgusting Lies started mid-90's in the city of Białystok. The 'Byt Określa Świadomość' cassette was the band's 1st release on Demonstracja Tapes, in 1995. Some tracks were re-recorded for the Rich Man/Poor Man 7" released in 1996 on Malarie Records.
Their 1st proper album 'Pewegno Dnia...' got released in 1999 on Malarie Records (cassette version on Nikt Nic Nie Wie). 4 tracks of that album appear on a split 7" with Fact on MCR Company.
From then I stopped following Disgusting Lies, but in the next years they released a 10" album and split album with Campus Sterminii on Italian label Agipunk.
Discogs states the band to be grindcore but they are definitely not. More your typical 90's D-beat crusty stuff. For those who are into Homomilitia, Sanctus Iuda, Infekcjia, Silna Wola, ....

Disgusting Lies

Sunday, October 27, 2013

How Long? - s/t Tape

In the mid-90's I bought some tapes from Poland, most of those are crusty stuff. Crustpunk and radical politics were blooming over there after the Berlin wall fell and the Soviet Union desintegrated. Most popular bands were Homo Militia and Sanctus Iuda.
Here's a tape of How Long?, a band that had members from Poland as well as from Czech.
The only vinyl release they did is a split 7" with Swedes Unarmed.
The band got together a few years back so it seems and released split albums with Roxor and Kulma. Think they're a full Czech band now.
Side A has studio recordings from 1996. The last 4 tracks on that side are the same as the split 7".
Side B has rehearsal recordings from 1997. Sound is not that great and tracklisting is a bit confusing. Found an untitled song somewhere at the end.
Cover songs of Discharge, Shitlickers and Konwent A.
I must admit that I don't listen to this kind of stuff for years. Got really bored with crust as I find most bands quite boring.
Think the tape was released in 1998, on Polish label Czerwony Diabełek.

How Long?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

V/A Fuck Fashion Town Tape

2nd release on F.F.T., a label run by the people of Argue Damnation. 'Fuck Fashion Town' contains 5 bands, all with a different sound.
Argue Damnation opens side A with 3 tracks of fast HC with a strong political message. They are the most wellknown on the tape with a lot of releases.
Next is Iboibosarugutsuwa. 2 tracks of which the 1st one is an instrumental. Pretty obscure stuff.
Side A ends with another obscure band called Hell Shannon. 3 tracks of cool, rocking HC/punk.
Side B starts with 4 tracks of noisy stuff by Filaria. The band was already finished. They existed from 1991 to 1993. Probably the only recording of this band. Unfortunately not the best sound.
2nd and last band is John Holmez. Only 2 titles mentioned but there are 3 songs. They play new school metalcore, a style I really can't get into. Too bad this stuff infected the Japanese HC scene as well.

The F.F.T. Label also released the Frigöra 7" and 'Aspects Of War' 10" of Disclose.

Fuck Fashion Town

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Kip's Crazy Collection Of Welsh Bands

If you would wonder who Kip is, well it's about Kip Xool, drummer of the following punk/HC bands: The Heretics, Cowboy Killers, Four Letter Word, In The Shit, No Such Thing, Da Capo and Bad Sam.
He sent a tape to my good friend Mad Mohawk, which I could rip and post here.
All the tracks found here were never released (some were re-recorded for official releases) or very hard to find.
The Heretics was Kip's first band. Now we can hear their full 1986 demo "It's Better To Die On Your Feet...".
Next is Cowboy Killers, one of Kip's bands I witnessed live in the early 90's. These recordings are an unreleased demo from 1988.
Next is Four Letter Word's 1995 demo. Must admit I never heard them before although they were a big name in the 90's. Maybe I mixed them with all the shitty poppunk that ravaged the 90's. One song is cut as it ends on side A and continues on side B.
In The Shit I've also witnessed in the late 90's as they played in a squat where I lived. Really liked them. This is their 1999 demo. I think all songs were re-recorded for vinyl releases.
No Such Thing I never heard of before. Also not my favourite band on the tape. Demo from 2000; 3 songs.
Next is Da Capo with songs recorded between 2002 and 2005. Don't think they ever released something.
Last band is Bad Sam with 4 songs recorded in 2010. Another band I know nothing about.

The Heretics

Cowboy Killers

Four Letter Word

In The Shit

No Such Thing

Da Capo

Bad Sam

Sunday, September 29, 2013

V/A Asian Punk Lives #2 Tape

Here's a cool comp. tape released on Japanese label Sprout Records. As far as I know 2 volumes exist. Don't have the 1st one. Maybe more of these were released?
Asian Punk Lives #2 comes with a booklet with band info, lyrics and interesting addresses of  tape labels and zines from Malaysia, Indonesia, ...
Bands on the tape from Japan: Absent, Out Of Touch (live recordings), Refuse and Social Crime.
From Phillipines: Aggressive Dog Attack (live recordings).
From Indonesia: Balcony, Deadly Ground, Inner Warfare and Turtles Jr.
From Malaysia: Silent Majority and Shocked.
This tape was released in 1998 and a nice view on the growing HC/punk scenes in the Pacific Rim.

Asian Punk Lives #2

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Constructores Del Odio - Coerción Tape

And we stay on the same continent as the previous posts but go further north.
Constructores Del Odio hailed from Mexico and released this tape in 1996 on Cryptas Records.
Great and furious political HC/punk. The tape comes with a booklet with the lyrics.
'Estado De Control' is their own take on the Discharge song. 'Que Placer Encuentran En Matar' is a blatant rip-off of the Final Conflict song 'Crucifixion' but with different lyrics. Not really a clever move IMO (or at least give the original band a credit).
In 2012 there was a split CD released with Agathocles. Probably older recordings 'cos I don't think the band is still active these days.
17 songs in 30 minutes. Enjoy!

Constructores Del Odio

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Basquadé Inchalá ‎– Reivindicación Tape

Don't know a lot of bands from Uruguay but here's one of them. Don't know anything about Basquadé Inchalá but they play political HC/punk. Long lyrics that deal with homophobia, animal/human liberation, Palestina and imperialism in Latin-America.
Same songs repeated on both sides.
Released on Cryptas Records in Mexico. No release date but I think late 90's.

1. Intro (Ex Ministro Del Interior) 
2. Levántate Herman@ 
3. Fobia A La Homofobia 
4. Sin Dañar Y Sin Dañarnos
5. Palestina 
6. La Recuperación

Basquadé Inchalá

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Difekto - Detrimento Tape

Rough, crusty HC/punk on this tape of Difekto. Not mentioned from where they are on the sleeve but the net says Brasil. Think the tape was released in the mid-90's.
'Detrimento' was released in the US on Minneapolis label Sin Fronteras. They began releasing unknown South-American bands like Execradores, Pirexia, Abuso Sonoro, ... Later releases are local/US bands like Misery, Consume, Calloused, Path Of Destruction, ...
Difekto also do a Chaos UK cover. Not mentioned which song and I can't recognize the song as well. It's not from their early period.

1. Panico Da Guerra
2. Midia Da Coca
3. Kaos Nuclear
4. Dor E Revolta
5. Palavras
6. Destroy The Nazi
7. Polizia
8. Todos Mortos
9. Violencia (Extrema Agonia)
10. Midia Da Coca
11. Que Futuro
12. Porco Do Capital
13. Chaos UK (Cover)
14. Panico Da Guerra
15. Todos Mortos


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fallas - Música Para La Resistencia Tape

1st release of Mexican political HC/punk band Fallas. For subsequent releases they lenghtened their name to Fallas Del Sistema.
11 tracks covering the usual topics like fascism, women's rights, animal rights, ... They also supported the Zapatisto movement.
The tape comes with a booklet which I stashed somewhere and can't find for the moment.
'Música Para La Resistencia' was released in 1999 on Mexican punk label Estajanovismo Records and has excellent sound quality.
Don't know if Fallas Del Sistema is still around. Their latest release was a 7" in 2007 (Despotic Records, ...). They also released 2 more 7"s (Estajanovismo Records), a split 7" with Last Chance (Sin Fronteras) and a split 10" with Apatia No (Alerta Antifascista, Noseke Records, ...).

1. Mercenarios De La Muerte 
2. Vamos Hacia La Vida 
3. Multinacionales De Hambre Y Miseria 
4. Prochoice
5. Poema
6. Tortura Taurina 
7. Música Para La Resistencia
8. Contra El Fascismo
9. Alto A La Violencia
10. Anárquico Es El Penamiento
11. Resistir Y Existir


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Violent Mosquitos - Leads To Disaster Tape

Violent Mosquitos were from Aalst and were around from 1986 till the early 90's.
I've seen the band multiple times as they were from the same city where Smurfpunx did their gigs at Netwerk. When a band cancelled, they were asked to play.
The 'Leads To Disaster' demo is probably from their formative years as it doesn't sound as tight as their live gigs. The songs sound unfinished and sometimes they play out of sync.
Violent Mosquitos released a 7" called 'World's Already Dead' in 1988. Never heard it I must admit.
Bassplayer Frank and guitarplayer JC formed the Pitbull Boys after Violent Mosquitos ended.
Some songs are fun songs which is no surprise being from Aalst, THE carnival city of Belgium.
Track 9 is a thrash version of the CCR song.

1. Brr Brr Brr
2. Moshquito Attack
3. Rights For The Black
4. Fuckin' Brain
5. You Dig Your Own Grave
6. Christinks
7. Die You Bastard
8. No Way Out
9. Bad Moon Rising
10. Nicaragua
11. Refuse
12. Vivisection
13. Dock LacoMillChip
14. Skate Or Die
15. Disco Billy Attitude Sucks
16. Leads To Disaster
17. Parricides
18. Billy Milano Attitude Sucks
19. Rastafari

Violent Mosquitos

Sunday, July 14, 2013

MBP / Ampachen - Split Tape

MBP and Ampachen were both from Groningen and shared one member Onno.
MBP play fast HC but don't expect thrash. It seems that they started more in the Flipper vein. Great stuff. A total of 21 tracks, recorded at a rehearsal and live.
Ampachen existed for 2 months before recording their tracks. They aren't as fast as MBP and their sound borders on indie sometimes. Not too impressed by them. 13 tracks which is quite impressive for a band that was only 2 months old.
Don't expect muddy recordings here. Quality is pretty good.
Tape was released in 1986.
For more info on both bands, visit the Bacteria site pages:

MBP / Ampachen

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Dirty Dogs - Demos

The Dirty Dogs were from Malaysia and together with The Bollocks and Opposition Party one of the more wellknown. Probably still obscure for most of you.
This tape was released in Bulgaria on AON Productions and compiles the 1st two demo tapes that The Dirty Dogs recorded.
The Dirty Dogs were active in the mid- till late 90's. I always read that they have a crusty D-beat sound but you can't hear that on the demos. Maybe they changed their sound later on? On the demos they sound quite punk with a bit of HC in it. It's no groundbreaking stuff but I think it's always cool to dig up obscure and 'exotic' punk.
First 5 tracks are the 'In Death Row' demo recorded in 1994. The other 4 tracks are the 'The Dirty Dog' demo recorded in 1995.

1. I'm Politician
2. You Born Bastard
3. Take It Easy
4. Behavior
5. Rich But Poor
6. The Dirty Dogs
7. City Breath
8. War
9. Sleave Buster

The Dirty Dogs

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Keep Laughing - Poseur Destroyer Tour 2004 Tape

Cool Y2K thrash from this unknown band Keep Laughing. Apparently released for a tour they did in 2004.
Have absolutely no info on Keep Laughing. Don't think they were around that long.
This tape was the 1st release on Condensed Flesh Records. 2nd and last one is the Youth Liberation Front 7" from 2005. This band seems to have (a) member(s) that now play in the great Hoax.

1. Patriotism Is Shit
2. Refuse To Fight
3. Land Mines
4. We Are The Ones
5. Border Pigs
6. Now Or Never
7. Second Chance
8. Trigger Finger
9. Meat Market Culture
10. The Christian Wrong
11. Killing Kids
12. Keep Laughing

Keep Laughing

Sunday, May 26, 2013

About re-ups

From time to time I get questions to re-up files. As stated before, I have no access to my external hard drive from my very old PC. The good news is that the HD still works as a friend checked it on his laptop. But there are files damaged so that scares me a bit.
I can probably get a 5-years old laptop for free very soon so I can re-up files again. Just need money to buy a new laptop myself.
So please have patience when asking for new links.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Virus X - s/t MLP

6-track mini-album of unknown punkband Virus X. They were from Buffalo, New York but recorded the album in Toronto, Canada.
Absolutely no info on them so would be great if someone knows more about Virus X.
This album was released in 1985 on Uniray Records.
Below I found some live footage from 1986, although they only play covers so it seems. Contains an email address for the band.

1. Johnny Likes Pain
2. Go To College
3. Saturday Night At The Morgue
4. Way too Fast
5. Wedding Night
6. That's Too Bad

Virus X

Sunday, April 21, 2013

City Indians - Root Of Freedom Tape

2nd demo tape of Derby anarchopunk band City Indians.
City Indians played a lot with Conflict back in the day.
Their 1st demo 'Spoilsport' was released in 1986. 'Root Of Freedom' was released in 1987 and has an extra live side which contains a few older songs like 'Spoilsport' and 'Apartheid'. This demo shows a more melodic side of the band.
City Indians would go to release a quite poppy 7" in 1988 called 'Nicholas Parsons Is Feathery Galosh'.
Andy Sewell drummed for this band (not on the 7") and would join Concrete Sox later on. One of the coolest people I met back in the day, and me and some friends visited him in Derby a few times. Don't know what he's doing these days but he ran the Victoria Inn for some years.

1. Freedom Lies Inside
2. Bury The Debt
3. Radioactive Wasteland
4. Taxes/Ballad Of The Dead
5. Wanky Doodle Dandy
6. Think About It
7. Is Anyone Listening
8. Such A Shame
9. Breadhead
10. Freedom Lies Inside
11. Spoilsport
12. Radioactive Wasteland
13. The Greed And The Grey
14. Apartheid
15. Such A Shame
16. Is Anyone Listening
17. Could Do Better
18. Bury The Debt
19. Breadhead

City Indians

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Creep Insanity - Destroying The Insane Demo

Creep Insanity were from Eeklo, Belgium. They were around in the late 80's and played crossover, a style that was popular back then. They were HC punx playing metal. There are some interview snippets in between the songs and they state that they didn't like the common macho attitude of the heavy metal dudes.
Creep Insanity were a 3-piece: Rabbit on drums who did a lot for the HC scene back then, Bassie who played bass and was rarely seen sober :) and Peter on guitar and vocals (who is an amazing guitarplayer btw.). Later on Kris of Hate Crew joined on vocals.
After they split up, Bassie played in the short-lived Braindead, with Stinky (No Numbers, Repulsives) on drums.
Ripped this demo from a cheap, shitty, German cassette brand called Standard. There are a few sound drops unfortunately. Don't have a sleeve as well but found an old sticker so I scanned that one. Don't know when they recorded it as well. Boosted the sound a little bit.

Check Smurfpunx for pictures of the band.

1. Destroying The Insane
2. The Arise
3. Brew Your Own
4. Pirates Of Evil
5. Stop The Madness
6. Sinner
7. Insane
8. Instrumental Song
9. Candy Girl
10. Dozer
11. Another Religion
12. Digging Your Own Grave

Creep Insanity

Saturday, March 30, 2013

V/A Unite + Win Tape

4th tape released by B-Product posted here. Like 'Gegen Nazis', this is an international compilation.
Some tracks were taken from records, others from demos and also some live recordings.
From Poland we have Dezerter (2 tracks from their classic 1st 7") and Armia (from Jak Punk To Punk comp. LP).
From France there's Scraps with 2 tracks from the 'Apartheid' 7".
From Holland: The Regiment (cool HC punk), Anal Terror (HC punk), Cry Of Terror (metallic HC, live), R.O. Conspiracy (2 tracks from the demo posted here before) and Bambix (all-female melodic punk).
From Scotland we have Oi Polloi. 2 live tracks and one studio track.
From Belgium we have Disgorge with 2 tracks from their 2nd demo, and Get Stuffed. This was a rock'n'roll punk band from Tielt.
From Sweden there's Heavy Hell and Van Sac (with 2 tracks from the demo posted sometime ago).
From Japan we have 2 tracks of Idiot Idolaters (released 2 7"s on Chicken Shit Records (Disarray, Insect Powder) ) and a live track of the Fuck Geez (band of Yumikes who runs MCR Company). Seems that all these were lifted from the Consumer Blackmail comp. tape.
Asbestos Rockpyle is the only US band.
And from Switzerland we have Dark Age with 3 tracks from their 7".
Last track on each side is cut off unfortunately.

Unite + Win - Side A

Unite + Win - Side B

Sunday, March 10, 2013

V/A Brain Of Stone

Here's another comp. tape on BCT released in 1984, 90 minutes and international.
First 3 bands on the tape all come from Denmark. Razor Blades are the most wellknown. They did a 7" and a split 7" with Flere Døde Pansere. This split 7" was re-released in 2009 and a comp. of  their demo, 7" and comp. tracks was also released on one LP.
Disrespect is the 2nd Danish band and I can't find any info.
3rd is Flere Døde Pansere mentioned above. Great HC with female lead vocals.
Next are Italians Not Moving with an untitled track. A cult garage rock band with a lot of releases on labels like Electric Eye and Spittle.
The rest of side A are all US bands.
Next band needs no introduction. Early tracks from The Accüsed.
Next is one song of Schlong. No info but from the same area as The Accüsed.
Wallflowers from CA is next. one track. Already appeared on another BCT tape called 'Eat Me'.
Toxin III from Louisiana is wellknown for the KBD classic 7" released in 1982 on Vinyl Solution. Mix of tracks from the 1983 demo and live. More hardcore than the 7".
Another Louisana band is Snufflix. No info.
Next is an untitled track of Love Canal. Posted their album here before.
Diet of Worms from Oklahoma are next. Tracks taken from their demo that got re-released on a 7" in the 90's on German label Old World Records.
Nebraska band Power Of The Spoken Word deliver 3 tracks. Released a cult album 'Language Of A Dying Breed' in 1985.
Last on side A is Wild Hairs from New Jersey with tracks taken from their album on Mutha.
Side B start with another track of Wild Hairs. Then it's up to Canadians The Bill Of Rights with a track from their 1st 7".
Mental Crisis was a posi-band from Missouri and only released a demotape. Would like to hear it.
Killing Children from Indiana is next. They did a 7" on Gravelvoice.
Happy Flowers were 2 members of The Landlords (album posted here before) doing noisy demento stuff.
Another obscure band is Youthinasia from Illinois. No info.
Youth Korps from Connecticut are pretty known. They didn't last long but recorded a demo that was released on a 7" in the 90's on Dutch label Crucial Response. Short and fast songs.
Boston band Cancerous Growth are next. Shared members with Psycho and released some records on their own Ax/ction label.
Back to Europe with &*!!% from Germany. Can't find any info on them.
Another German band is Äni(x)vax. They were from Münster. Appeared on quite a lot of comps. back then. No records of their own.
Kanalkotzer! is another unknown German band. Tracks probably taken from the 'Peter Alexander' demo.
Last band is the wellknown  Vicious Circle from Melbourne Australia.

Side A 

Side B

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

V/A Hideous Freaks Search For Happiness

One of the many comp. tapes released by Chris of BCT. 'Hideous Freaks Search For Happiness' was released in 1984 and contains US-only bands. Track listing is a bit messy on this one. also had to equalize the sound level to some of the recordings.
Happy World from Denver, CO deliver one song of their 'Sad Gesture' demo.
Ministry Of Truth  were from Le Mesa, CA. One song from their demo. Also released an album 'Signifcant Others' in 1985.
Seattle band Drills continue with 2 songs off their 'Skull Death' demo.
One song of Angry White Boys. No further info.
Next are Entropy. 4 songs and the titles are mixed up somehow.
1 song of another unknown band called Catharsis.
Hates are a pretty wellknown punkband from Houson, TX. Already around from the late 70's.
Next are Grand Rapids, MI band Born Without A Face. According to Kill From The Heart there's an extra track. I probably tagged 'Only Human' as an untitled Hates song. There's a 2LP comp. out in a wooden box. Costs a small fortune but Blogged And Quartered uploaded a complete discography some time ago. Don't know if the link still works.
Toejam were from San Antonio, TX. One untitled track probably taken from their demo. Some members were also in Prenatal Lust.
Another unknown band called Random Killing with a Killing Joke cover. Not the Canadian band with the same name.
Useless Pieces Of Shit from Tucson, AZ finishes side A with 5 untitled tracks. More info on the Disillusion Music site and all their recordings can be found on their bandcamp page.
Side B starts with Arcata Boys Choir (misspelled as Arcatia Boys Choir) from Arcata, CA. Tracks from their 'Drug Free Youth' demo.
Next are better known Boston band Psycho. 4 tracks from their early (non-grind) phase.
Teenage Depression were from New Providence, NJ and released a cool 7" 'Skank Or Die' in 1984. Some tracks from that 7" appear on this tape.
U.S. Distress have been featured here before. Tracks from their '14 Songs, Oh Boy! demo.
Now the tracklisting gets very messy so sorry if there are mistakes. I think there's an extra track of U.S. Distress not mentioned.
Next are Sacred Denial from Chatham, NJ. Only 2 untitled songs mentioned but I think there are more. Sacred Denial released 5 albums.
Self Inflicted Wounds were from Sikeston, MO. One untitled song probably taken off their 'Keep Out Of Reach' demo.
The White Pigs from Hartford, CT deliver one untitled track. 1st 7" is powerful HC, later records are more metal.
Last band is State Of Confusion from Boise, Idaho. No title but probably taken from their 'Confusion Or Control' demo. S.O.C. released 2 cool albums that can be found here and here.

Hideous Freaks Search For Happiness

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Van Sac - Greatest Hitz Tape

Van Sac were a band of Sweden I know nothing about. In 2004 US label Distort released a 7" with 4 tracks from a demo recorded in 1986. These tracks can be found here as well.
The 'Greatest Hitz' tape was released in 1987 so I don't know if the songs are the same versions (no time to look for the 7"). But there are 4 extra songs on this one.
No mention on Van Sac on Kill From The Heart as well, so this band must be pretty obscure.
The last track 'This Is War' ends with minutes of dark ambient-like noise.
Note the very primitive computer lettering on the sleeve.

1. Cutec
2. Overdose
3. No Need
4. Commander
5. Behind
6. Device
7. Warsong
8. This Is War

Van Sac