Saturday, October 24, 2009

Unwanted - Shattered Silence LP

Let's stay in Canada for a while. Here's the sole album of Manitoba band Unwanted. They also appear on the BYO comp. 'Something To Believe In'.
'Shattered Silence' was also released on BYO (Better Youth Organisation) in the US in 1984. Seems to be a split release with Canada label Headbutt as the logo appears on the sleeve. Headbutt released also the Stretchmarks 7" and Some Weird Sin LP.

01. Gotta Get Out
02. Colorblind
03. Thrills
04. Who's To Judge
05. Shattered Silence
06. Die A Slave
07. Party Degs
08. Venom
09. Dead End
10. Unwanted Chain
11. One Life To Live



James Jesus said...

Thanks! Another one I didn't have the day. Like many others, I only knew 'em from the SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN comp. Pretty damn hot record on a debut listen. From a time when bands actually sounded different from one another. Cheers!!

Honquijote said...

Thanks for sharing this !

Harold said...

Amazing blog!!! Thank you!! Do you have the Public Service comp?

Anonymous said...

I gotta hear this again cuz the last time I heard I wasn't impressed. I remember it sounded metal.

Anonymous said...

The perfect crossover sound. Nice sleeve too. Thanks, Curious Guy.

Harold said...

has anyone seen the public service comp anywhere? cheers!

Anonymous said...

"On the edge of a knife!!!" Kick-ass stuff.

Al said...

thanks! by the way, if you'll allow a bit of self indulgence, I named one of my old bands, Shattered Silence, after the title of this album

Anonymous said...

Well, I gave this a listen and it's what I remembered which was uninspired metal that ruined the hardcore scene during the mid-eighties.