Thursday, July 31, 2008

Skate Death - You Break It-You Buy It LP

Already told you that I got some interesting records of a friend. Well here is the 2nd one (Porno Patrol was the 1st).
Skate Death was a HC/punk band from Alaska. There isn't much to be found on the punk scene in Alaska but one label called Bullhead Records managed to release 2 records in the mid-80's. The Skate Death album, released in 1985, is the 1st one. The 2nd one is the Psychedelic Skeletons/Clyng-Onz split LP which I have and plan to post later.
Skate Death play 20 tracks in about 30 minutes. Lyric sheet isn't included but I think most lyrics aren't that serious. This record isn't so easy to find these days but it's a great listen.

1. Food Is Good
2. Everything You Know
3. Research And Destroy
4. Psalm
5. Cecils Revenge
6. Disorder
7. My Parents Are Disappointed
8. Spare Change
9. Rosary
10. Distemper
11. Media Eye
12. There Was A Man
13. Life Is Such A Boring Job
14. I Think I'm Elvis
15. Ugly Meal
16. Who Will Be The First
17. Better Not Snake Me
18. Now The Day Is Over
19. Thrap
20. Skate Death

Skate Death

Monday, July 28, 2008

V/A The Big Apple - Rotten To The Core LP

Excellent NY compilation released in 1982 on the ISM label S.I.N. Records. Subtitled 'High Energy Rock From N.Y.C.'.
ISM released their classic 'A Diet For The Worms' LP in 1983 and can be found on Good Bad Music here.
The other wellknown band is The Mob who released 2 7"s and the 'We Came To Crush' LP.
The other bands didn't release anything else and I can't find much info on them as well. I especially like the female fronted Killer Instinct. Unfortunately they only have 2 songs on here.

1. ISM - John Hinckley Jr
2. Squirm - Fuck You Brooke Shields
3. Butch Lust And The Hypocrites - Smashed Rats
4. The Mob - Common Criminal
5. Killer Instinct - Killer Instinct
6. The Headlickers - House Of Detention
7. Squirm - Dead Girls Don't Say No
8. Butch Lust And The Hypocrites - You're Nothing But Make Up
9. ISM - Proud To Be Guilty
10. Squirm - Love Someone
11. ISM - Moon The Moonies
12. The Headlickers - Hey Mom
13. The Mob - 101
14. Squirm - Shangai A-Go-Go
15. Killer Instinct - Torture You First
16. Butch Lust And The Hypocrites - Nervousness And Danger
17. The Headlickers -
18. ISM - Nixon Now More Than Ever
19. Squirm - Go Die
20. Butch Lust And The Hypocrites - Degenerate World

The Big Apple Rotten To The Core

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Porno Patrol - Jump Back 7"

As requested by Mark Underground.
Sole record of Berlin band Porno Patrol released on Destiny Records in 1984. The title track should be known as it appeared on the must-have 'PEACE/WAR' comp. album.
Porno Patrol also appeared on the 'Muttis Muntere Melodei', 'What Doesn't Hurt Us Makes Us Stronger' and 'Keine Experimente Vol. 2' compilations.
Singer David Pollack was also in Sick Pleasure before and is the owner of Destiny Records. After the band split up, some members started with No Allegiance who released 2 mini-albums on Destiny as well.

1. Jump Back
2. Forget It
3. Gotta Run
4. Insane Asylum

Porno Patrol

Monday, July 21, 2008

Rejectors/The Accused - Split LP

I've got some records of a friend of mine which I can rip and post here. And as a promise, I post this great split album first.
I'm a bit surprised that I haven't seen this one on any blog.
This album collects 2 of the best Seattle hardcore bands. The Rejectors also released the great 'Thoughts Of War' 7".
The Accused here is the same as the one who recorded the 'Martha Splatterhead' album, but this is the very early line-up and they sound very different. Even Blaine Cook (ex-Fartz) isn't on these recordings. I think the only original member is guitarplayer Tom.
I included the lyrics sheet for both bands in the file as well.
Released by the bands themselves in 1983.

1. Struggle
2. Anti-Patriot
3. Gang Bang
4. Through My Mind's Eye
5. No Justice
6. My World
7. Conservative Minority
8. The Masque Of A
9. Work Machine
10. Proud Few
11. False Prosperity
12. Change
13. The End

The Accused
1. Tomorrow Belongs To Me
2. Child These Days
3. Bring The Riots To The USA
4. No Reason
5. Political Nightmare
6. Gain Green
7. I'm A Mistake
8. Wake The Fuck Up!
9. But What About Later
10. Live Our Own Lives
11. Life's A Waste
12. Like You
13. Reagan's War Puppets
14. The Right

Note: Political Nightmare & Gain Green ripped as one track.Rejectors / The Accused

Thursday, July 17, 2008

V/A Eat Your Head 2x12"

Here's another Australian compilation. 'Eat Your Head' was released in 1984 on No Master's Voice/Greville Records and collects underground bands from the Melbourne punk scene. This one is quite rare (I guess about 500 copies exist) but it was reissued on CD in 1997. This is the vinyl rip.
The 1st record begins with Civil Dissident. You could already hear them on a few comps. I already posted.
Next is Vicious Circle with 2 tracks from their 3-track demo. These are the very first recordings of the band who released quite some records in their existence.
Next is the anarchopunk of Murder Murder Suicide. They produced a demo, and a 12" which I posted here on my other blog.
Side 2 starts with another anarchoband called End Result. The band already split up before this release.
Scum plays the UK82 style.
Royal Flush also split up before the release. The band consisted of very young kids. They formed in 1980, played their 1st gig in 1982 when all members were still under-13 years old. Tracks recorded live.
Record 2 starts with one of the best known Melbourne punk bands I Spit On Your Gravy.
Next are Charred Remains. Reading the gig review, the band seemed to deliver a great live show. Already disbanded before this release as well.
Bodies are next. Not alot of info. Tracks recorded in 1984.
Permanent Damage also delivers their very first recordings. Guitarplayer Matt used to be in a band called Disorderly Conduct and 2 other members came from a turkish band.
Last band is Madflowers. They are a bit the weird band on here.

The record came in a fold-out sleeve with pix, flyers, lyrics and some info on the bands involved.

1. Civil Dissident - A Nazi Choice
2. Civil Dissident - Vacant Race
3. Vicious Circle - Blood Race
4. Vicious Circle - Police Brutality
5. Murder Murder Suicide - Life's A Breeze
6. Murder Murder Suicide - Rockstar
7. End Result - I Won't
8. End Result - No Brains On Tap
9. Scum - Give The Kid A Gun
10. Scum - The John Barleycorn
11. Royal Flush - Christian Bullshit
12. Royal Flush - Coppers 'Round The Corner
13. I Spit On Your Gravy - Violent Fluff
14. I Spit On Your Gravy - Done To Death
15. Charred Remains - Rid Melbourne
16. Charred Remains - Space Exploration
17. Bodies - Live In This World
18. Bodies - Mr. President
19. Permanent Damage - Day After
20. Permanent Damage - Don't Have A Say
21. Madflowers - Escape Through A Needle
22. Madflowers - Crewmen's Remains

Eat Your Head (new link)

Monday, July 14, 2008

V/A When Men Were Men And Sheep Were Scared LP

Requested by Bernard at Nuclear Farmed Fuck Frogs.
Released on Bemisbrain Records in 1985, this compilation contains mostly bands from Long Beach, CA. Nip Drivers were from Torrance and Target Of Demand from Bellflower.
Rhino 39 released one of the best late 70's punk 7"s. on Dangerhouse. Also did an album in 1984. Never heard this one but it seems to go more in the Minutemen direction.
The Vandals need no introduction.
Red Beret also appeared on the Mystic comp. "You Can't Argue With Suckcess" and did and album which is quite disappointing.
The Crewd also released a 1-sided album "Gather Around" on Bemisbrain in 1983.
Side 2 starts with the Falling Idols (see previous post).
Secret Hate did a 12" on New Alliance in 1983 but there's a discography CD on Grand Theft Audio as well. (Seems I'm wrong on the reissue!)
Nip Drivers did 2 albums in the 80's which were compiled on one CD released by Taang!.
Target Of Demand was a XXX band and did a 12" "Man's Ruin" in 1984. One of the best unknown HC bands with untypical lyrics for a posi-band.

Cover art by Mad Marc Rude (RIP).

1. Rhino 39 - Hurry Up And Waite
2. Rhino 39 - Sleep Walking
3. The Vandals - The Dachau Cobana
4. The Vandals - Frog Stomp
5. Red Beret - Look Behind
6. Red Beret - Roller Coaster Ride
7. The Crewd - Audubon Baby
8. The Crewd - Lady Of The Night
9. Falling Idols - Defeat The Purpose
10. Falling Idols - Cut It Out
11. Secret Hate - Bomb Chic
12. Secret Hate - Death In The Desert
13. Nip Drivers - Rio
14. Nip Drivers - E.Y.O.B.
15. Target Of Demand - Air Head
16. Target Of Demand - Target Of Demand

When Men Were Men And Sheep Were Scared

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Falling Idols - s/t EP

A 1-sided album of Long Beach, CA band Falling Idols. The songs were recorded in 1982 but the record was released 2 years later in a limited edition of 500 copies.
On vocals we have Dave Quackenbush who later joined the Vandals. Bassplayer Randy Bradbury was/is in Tender Fury and Pennywise, and on drums was Gregg "Mudd" Lowther of Pivot Foots. Gregg runs Long Beach Records these days.
Falling Idols also have 2 tracks on the Bemisbrain comp. "When Men Were Men And Sheep Were Scared". This one follows very soon.
Back of the sleeve handpainted by bandmembers and friends so every copy is a different one.

Falling Idols website

Falling Idols on MySpace

1. HWH
2. Water
3. Hell No
4. Dream Come True
5. I Disfigured

Falling Idols

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Two Fingered Approach - s/t 7"

Thanks to Cranio for this one.
Had this one on tape for quite a while. Quite unknown anarchopunk from Cheshire, UK. This was issued in 1982 and limited to 500 copies. It was released by the singer of The Bored (they had a cut on one of the "Bullshit Detector" comps. on CRASS Records), who's a DJ these days.

1. World War Album
2. Society Hooked
3. Family Traditions

Two Fingered Approach (new link)

Monday, July 7, 2008

V/A The Not So Lucky Country DoLP

Released in 1988 on Australia's best known punk label Reactor Records. Contains some well known names and a few lesser known ones. Some bands were already split up before this release.
A wide variety of styles, mostly punk, hardcore, some crossover thrash and one experimental track by Slub.
I will post some more stuff of some of the bands appearing here in the future.

For those interested in the history of Australian punk or wants more info on the bands, should go to the Regression site. Click on the "M.P.D." and "S.P.D." buttons for full list of bands.

Bands/titles are:
Side A
Arm The Insane - Fight Or Die
Where's The Pope - Jesus Gets Rich
Nobody's Victim - Create Your Own Rules
End Result - National Service
Fear And Loathing - 44VD
Internal Haemorrhage - After The War
Gash - Socialite
Permanent Damage - Kids Play With Guns
Cosmic Psychos - Custom Credit
Side B
Massappeal - Elitist Shit
Condemned Attitude - Homeless Crew
Renegade - Riot Squad Gladiator
Aardvark's Afterbirth - Army Of Hitlers
Septic Saw Blades - Wars
Fester Brothers - Gag
Death Sentence - Fear
Slub (with John Murphy of SPK) - H.L.D.
Depression - War And Freedom
Side C
Civil Dissident - Memories Of Menzies
The Hard-Ons - Show Us Wot Ya Got
Alligator Parade - Wild Chicken Farm
Filthy Scumbags - Lager Drinkers From Hell
Utter Stench - Slappy's
Bad Ronald - The Tree Song
Death Sentence - Adrenalin
Venom P. Stinger - Venom P. Stinger
Side D
Vicious Circle - The Jokers Palace
Hard Corpuscles - Ronald Is
Extremes - America
Mental Hellth - Always The Same
No Control - C.I.A.
Be Kind To Beavers - Stop The City
Crucified Truth - Make A Stand
Psychotic Maniacs - Meat
Permanent Damage - Where I Stand

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

V/A Life Is A Joke LP

First of a series of 3 international compilation albums released on German label Weird System.
9 bands from as many countries delivering 2 tracks each. Released in 1984. This is the best in the series with alot of diversity delivered.
From the U.S. comes Fang. If you like their early albums you'll dig the tracks here as well.
Savage Circle isn't the NY band but from Italy.
From Brazil we have Inocentes.
Hysteria comes from the UK and mixes punk with a slight goth touch. They did a 12" later that can be found here.
Civil Dissident from Australia is one of the best hardcore punk bands from the 80's ever. Did release a 7" back in the day but Prank released a full length of them as well a few years ago. It's not so hard to get.
From South Africa comes Riot Squad S.A. 1st song is from their 7". 2nd one recorded as Reaction Unit.
The German band here is Razzia.
From Finland we have Terveet Kädet. No introduction necessary.
From Spain we have Shit S.A. The 2 tracks here are the only ones I ever heard. Don't know if they recorded a demo or so.

Life Is A Joke