Saturday, August 20, 2011

V/A Bye Bye Ronny! Tape

Here's a tape released to celebrate the end of the Reagan administration. It was also a benefit for the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign.
Mostly UK bands here with one from Germany (Inhuman Conditions) and France (Original Disease). A lot of wellknown names from the late 80's UK scene and a lot of different sounding ones as well. There's even 2 tracks of metal band Paradise Lost included.
Solstice is not the doom metal band, but a postpunk/gothy sounding band which I never heard of before. Also Hedgehogs is a complete mystery to me.
Sound quality differs as some recordings are live.
I've split the file in 2 parts as it is too large to upload as one file.

1. Intro
2. Deviated Instinct - Stormcrow
3. Decadence Within - Back Biter
4. Terrorain - Defiance
5. Anorexia - Police Farce
6. Original Disease - Others
7. Concrete Sox - Product
8. Internal Autonomy - State Of Mind
9. Instigators - The Blood Is On Your Hands
10. Hedgehogs - Criminal Damage
11. Inhuman Conditions - Positive Or Dumb
12. Paradise Lost - Plans Of Desolation
13. Hellbastard - Live As Mortals
14. Insurrection - World Full Of Lies
15. Solstice - Dreaming
16. Matt & The Lads - La Bamba
17. Terrorain - Acid Death Child
18. Shrapnel - Autumn
19. Insurrection - People Are Starving
20. Decadence Within - Self Respect
21. Cowboy Killers - You're Dreaming
22. Anorexia - Obscurity
23. Hellbastard - Death Camp
24. Instigators - Eye To Eye
25. Concrete Sox - Euthanasia
26. Internal Autonomy - Patriotic Destruction
27. City Indians - To Buy Or Not To Buy
28. Paradise Lost - Nuclear Abomination
29. Original Disease - ?!?
30. Spawn Of Beelzebub - The Charge Of The Metal Queen Into Valhalla

Side A

Side B

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Liberats - Disgrace 7"

Another one on Violent Reaction Records. The 3rd one actually.
No info on The Liberats. They play that typical Violent Reaction style of HC/punk with a UK punk vibe. Some songs on this one sound a bit too generic for me.
Released in 2000.

1. We'll Seek Revenge
2. White Mike
3. Lost Soul
4. Our Way
5. As One