Saturday, October 31, 2009

V/A City Of Thorns LP

2nd installment in the Sound Of USA Cities series on Mystic. This one compiles bands from Portland.
Ä lot of unknown bands here except for Wehrmacht, Rancid Vat and SLA.
There's actually an extra song of Wehrmacht on the album but I don't know which one. I ripped it together with the "E" track.
Rancid Vat has a live recording of an Alice Cooper song. The band name is spelled wrong on the sleeve as Rancid Bat.
Some stuff OK, other stuff mediocre. Compiled in 1985 but I guess it was released 2 years later.

1. Cardinal Sin - Devestation
2. Death Midgets - Death Midgets
3. Death Midgets - Amputee
4. Anathema - Public Affection
5. Anathema - Pigs
6. Anathema - When It's Too Late
7. N.R.A. - Pit Monger
8. N.R.A. - Vendetta
9. Wehrmacht - Beermacht
10. Wehrmacht - E
11. Oily Bloody Men - Skull Duggery
12. Oily Bloody Men - Secret Town
13. Carnage Shop - Creepin' Flesh
14. Carnage Shop - Rainbow
15. SLA - Insane Is Right
16. Rancid Vat - Under My Wheels
17. Skate Drunx - Whimps
18. Skate Drunx - Morticians Boner
19. Tradition Dictates - Hypocrisy

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Unwanted - Shattered Silence LP

Let's stay in Canada for a while. Here's the sole album of Manitoba band Unwanted. They also appear on the BYO comp. 'Something To Believe In'.
'Shattered Silence' was also released on BYO (Better Youth Organisation) in the US in 1984. Seems to be a split release with Canada label Headbutt as the logo appears on the sleeve. Headbutt released also the Stretchmarks 7" and Some Weird Sin LP.

01. Gotta Get Out
02. Colorblind
03. Thrills
04. Who's To Judge
05. Shattered Silence
06. Die A Slave
07. Party Degs
08. Venom
09. Dead End
10. Unwanted Chain
11. One Life To Live


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Random Killing - Take Our Flag 7"

First and best release of this Toronto HC punk band. Released in 1986 on their own Aardvark label.
The 7" can also be found on the 'Re-Issued' CD from 1993, together with the 'This Whole World' 12" and some comp. tracks.
Random Killing also recorded a 2nd 7" called 'Kicked In The Nuts: A True Story!!' on Swiss label Resistance Productions. I do have that one if you're interested.

1. Take Our Flag
2. Terrorist Attack
3. It's Okay
4. Drunk Driving
5. Stealing Food

Random Killing

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Attack & Decay - Squirrel Sonatas In The Key Of C 7"

One of the many Detroit HC bands that never released any vinyl during their existence (also bands like Heresy, Gore,...).
This is the 'Lunchbox' demo recorded in 1987. 8 tracks of USHC. Reissued sometime in the 90's on Canadian label Spam Dagger Records. It's a band-approved release, no bootleg.

1. Drunk And Disorderly
2. Lunchbox Philosophy
3. Admit Your Shit
4. In My Game
5. Back To Bed
6. No Thanks
7. Communion Of Righteousness
8. Global Unrest

Attack & Decay

Saturday, October 3, 2009

V/A Hardcore Showcase LP

Time for some Japanese hardcore now.
The 'Hardcore Showcase' LP was released on Stomping Record in 1989 and has 9 bands from Sendai city. Most bands are pretty unknown but play raging hardcore here. For those more in the knowledge of Japanese HC will know that Lance Lot released a 7" flexi 'Eat The Dream' on Stomping Record as well.
Fat Slave and Banish Arms also appear on the 'Give Us The Time To Play' comp. double EP with other Sendai bands Half Life, Gang Thrust and Rich Mate Rally (ex-Reach A Mental Road, who did a split 7" with Hiatus on MCR).
Banish Arms also appears on the 2nd Japcore comp. LP released on Discipline/Vinyl Japan called 'Who's Chained Up To The Dogs Of Outrage!!'.

Here's the Stomping Record discography:
SR 001 The Vomits - Death On The Beach 7" flexi
SR 002 Tiffany's - 4 Original Hits 7" flexi
SR 003 Dead Person - s/t 7" flexi
SR 004 Lance Lot - Eat The Dream 7" flexi
SR 005 The Vomits - Reckless Cow! 7" flexi
SR 006 Under Beans - Roots Rock Suck 7"
SR 007 V/A Hardcore Showcase LP

1. Bat Bones - Shit Maker
2. Bat Bones - Out Of My Face!
3. Sex Crime - Shock
4. Sex Crime - Boys In The Box
5. The Wild Geese - King Of Rockin' Roll Monster
6. The Wild Geese - Coming In From The Rise
7. Leather Face - Disguise The Facts
8. Leather Face - Foolish Dreamer
9. Lance Lot - Nightmare
10. Lance Lot - Fight It Out
11. Red Neck - Grasp All, Lose All
12. Red Neck - Road Marks
13. Banish Arms - Lie Power For Murder
14. Banish Arms - Bat Luke You
15. The Snickers - Continue The Resistance!
16. Fat Slave - Helpless
17. Fat Slave - False