Saturday, December 11, 2010

Black Eyes Club - Demo

Here's a pretty obscure demo tape I could obtain this year. Black Eyes Club was a short-lived HC band of Ontario who were into skating as this tape is a benefit for the Hamilton Skateboard Assembly.
Black Eyes Club have a strong early Hüsker Dü influence. They even cover 'Lifeline' of them.
There were plans for a 7" on Schizophrenic Records but the band already fell apart. Too bad.
Don't know when the tape was recorded but must be the first half of this decade.

1. Pain And Suffering While Watching Solid Gold
2. Father, Son And The Holy Shit
3. $6.85 Is The Real Number Of The Beast
4. Strings Attached
5. Shove Your Fencepost Up Your Ass
6. System, System
7. Thank You Mr. McAllen
8. One Day At The Time
9. Black Eye
10. Lifeline

Black Eyes Club

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The End - Revenge 7"

5th release on IM Records, the label of The Faction. This 7" of The End, released in 1986 is actually a solo recording by Adam "Bomb" Segal after the split of The Faction. He produced it himself and even played all instruments.
After this 7" Adam would form a full band. They released the 'If You Still Believe' 12" (1986) and, as The Living End, 'The Picture That Came With The Frame' LP (1988) , both on IM Records as well. 2 tracks of The Living End appear on the IM comp. 'Do You Remember Rock'n'Roll?'.
Only 2 songs here: 'Revenge' and 'No Morals'. Those can be found (re-recorded?) on the 'If You Still Believe' 12" as well.
Couldn't remove all crackling vinyl noise.

The End

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blast (Belgium)

A friend of mine informed me on this unknown and very obscure proto-punk band from Belgium a while ago. They only released one 7" in 1974 with the songs 'Hope' and 'Damned Flame'. Don't know which track is uploaded on Youtube. Check it out!
More info on Blast on Belgian Metal History.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Standing Order - This Days End 7"

NJ hardcore band. No release date but I think late 90's, early 2000 as on the thanks list you can find bands like Dead Nation and The Degenerics. Released on Dropjaw Records that also did a 7" of Straight To Hell (not the DeadAlive/Gloom Records band).
4 tracks of not-too-fast HC.

1. Shining Force
2. The Time Is Now...
3. Red Light
4. Bone To Bone

Standing Order

Saturday, October 16, 2010

V/A Sick Kicks For Shock Rockers 7"

Nice little comp. on the short-lived Violent Reaction label. Think it was released in 2000. All bands play HC punk, some with a streetpunk edge. The Liberats and The Assailants did some releases on Violent Reaction as well. Clit 45 is the best known band here as they existed from 1996 to 2007. They released 3 albums (on ADD and BYO) and 4 EP's. Must admit that I only know the song on this 7" though. As far as I know the other bands didn't release anything else.

1. Liberats - Rot Away
2. 40 OZ Rescue - Blind
3. The Assailants - Lack Of Concern
4. Deterrence - Sixteen Years
5. Psychotic Reaction - Skateboarding Zombies
6. Clit 45 - Fight Back

Sick Kicks For Shock Rockers

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Suburban Death Machine - Demo

Short-lived HC/punk band from Pittsburgh, USA. Released a 7" and a 12" album in 2005 and then broke up. Both records are worth tracking down.
Here's the demo tape released before those. Has 9 tracks of which 'Surrounded' and 'Average American Psychopath' were re-recorded for the 7". All other tracks were never re-recorded.
First 3 tracks ripped as 1 track.
Suburban Death Machine on Myspace.

1. Suburban Death March
2. No Reason
3. Black Hole
4. Surrounded
5. As A Punk I Find This An Anti-Punk Record
6. Average American Psychopath
7. Suburban Dreams
8. No Hope
9. I Quit

Suburban Death Machine

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ballistics - s/t 7"

And here's the 3rd and last (?) release on Uncontrolled Records. Another TX band, called Ballistics. Don't know anything about them.
This 7" was released in 1998 and contains 4 tracks of medium-paced HC punk. Not as aggro as Spazm 151.

1. Abuse Of Power
2. Right To Know
3. Fuck Heroin
4. Black-listed


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Spazm 151 - Sworn To Fun Loyal To None 7"

Great Texas HC punk from the late 90's. All their stuff is worth tracking down. They did a 2nd 7" for Havoc, an album for Mind Control and a split album with React on 13th Floor.
Here's Spazm 151's 1st release, on Uncontrolled Records, a small local label that also released EP's of Ballistics and Federal Offense.
Not going to say that this 7" is their best but it's still excellent stuff. It's also the hardest release to find.

1. Get Out Of My Life/Frustration
2. Rent A Cop
3. Fuck Your Progress
4. Frozen World

Spazm 151

Saturday, August 7, 2010

V/A Ook Dit Is Belgisch MC

First in a series of 2 comp. tapes released by 2 guys I knew very well back in the day. They also put up shows and made some international comp. tapes as well.
Here you'll find all Belgian bands. Some are known, others are lost in complete obscurity. A lot of different styles as well. This tape was issued in 1988. It strikes me, being from Belgium, that some bands I've never seen live and know nothing about.

Mad Noise were from Ostend I think. Not very noisy but basic punkrock.
Struggle For Peace is a band I know nothing about.
Agathocles is the most wellknown band here. 3 early tracks recorded live.
The Dirty Scums is known as well. All live tracks as well (and ripped as one track).
Dawn Of Liberty were from Limburg and played political HC with a metal edge. The only non-UK band that can be found on the 'Vile Peace' comp. LP on Peaceville. Last song 'Divided' is not on the tape and 'Blokkade' is cut off unfortunately.
Bad Influence is the 3rd wellknown band. These tracks were taken from the very 1st demotape.
Who Cares? were also from the coastal area. Recorded live. One of the members later started crossover band M.O.P. who played a lot of gigs. This band came to an end when the drummer shot his ex-girlfriend. Sad but true.
Full Time Drinkers were from Ostend as well. Had Vos on lead vocals, one of the guys who compiled this tape. Lives in Thailand now I guess.
Telefoon Hijgers and Factory Noise are both unknown to me. Last track of Factory Noise is cut off as well.

It's a great snapshot of the Belgian scene in the late 80's. My friend (from whom I borrowed this tape) has the 2nd volume as well.
Agathocles, The Dirty Scums and Bad Influence still exist to this day (although mostly with a different line-up).
Uploaded to megaupload 'cos it's a pretty big file (90 mins. tape)

Side A

Side B

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Outrageous - s/t LP

1st album of Amsterdam punk band Outrageous. Outrageous was set up by Eric Peters who used to sing for The Nitwitz. The other members went on as BGK.
Peter went on to sing for Amazing Blazing Windmills (grunge) and The Zoo (commercial pop) but is now in glamrock band Bastardz Of Glitter.
After this album released in 1984, followed the '14 Flaming Farts' album (1985). Both were self-released.
In 1987 Outrageous released their last album 'Night Life Crawl', a 12" mini-album, in France on All Or Nothing.

01. $ For Oil
02. Say Cheese
03. Beziers
04. The Game
05. Fucking Me Up
06. The Morning Buzz
07. My Turn
08. Madman
09. Phone Call
10. Take Your Chance
11. British Bikes
12. Bundi
13. Bog Artist
14. La La La


Friday, July 23, 2010

Gash - s/t 7"

Thanks to the people at 7inchcrust for this rare 7".
This is the 1st release of Gash when they became a trio. Singer Anna left the band and guitarplayer Liz took over the vocals. Like Depression, they also left Reactor Records for Cleopatra. This is also the 2nd phase of this band going a bit more metal. Still like this 7" more than the 'Positive Change' album.
I found out that 'The Lesson' and 'World Turmoil' were released in Germany on a split 7" with Depression. The other 2 tracks can also be heard on the 'Apathy... Never!' comp. album released on Over The Top.
This 7" was released in 1986.
Read the whole Gash history on KFTH.

1. The Lesson
2. World In Turmoil
3. Wasted Lives
4. All That Shit


Saturday, July 17, 2010

10-96/Stand Off - Illusion Of Freedom Split 7"

Someone mentioned this split 7" that I didn't know about a while ago and I could finally score a copy.
6 tracks of 10-96 which can be found on their album as well. Stand Off deliver 5 tracks not released elsewhere.
This 7" was released sometime mid-90's on Stand Off Records and Trouser Cough Records. Trouser Cough also released a 7" of Boris The Sprinkler.

1. 10-96 - Pigs Law
2. 10-96 - Why
3. 10-96 - Wankers
4. 10-96 - Punk Rock
5. 10-96 - Money
6. 10-96 - Rag
7. Stand Off - Suburban Life
8. Stand Off - Aimless
9. Stand Off - Forgotten Casualty
10. Stand Off - Push Comes To Shove
11. Stand Off - Generica

Illusion Of Freedom

Saturday, July 10, 2010

V/A 77 Records Présente... LP

2nd volume and last release on 77 Records. This is more of an international affair although mostly French bands.
Butcher is the UK band that released 2 singles of decent UK82 punk. From Germany there's Maniacs who offer a midtempo song. Government Issue from DC offer an already released track from the Joy Ride album. Intensive Care is the other UK band.

77 Records discography:
KK 001 V/A 77 KK LP
KK 002 Snix - Coeur De Lion LP
KK 003 Warrior Kids - Les Enfants De L'Espoir LP
KK 004 Raff - Six Balles Pour Un Colt! LP
KK 005 Youth Brigade - Collection LP
KK 006 V/A 77 Records Présente... LP

1. Brainwash - Sulak
2. Butcher - What A Way To Go
3. Offensive - Brigitte X
4. Maniacs - Dust Of A Decade
5. Raff - Mr Durand
6. Tolbiac's Toads - Pas Concernés
7. Government Issue - Understand
8. Shadocks - Racaille Rock
9. Intensive Care - Plastic Rebel
10. Al Kapott - Vacances Cannibales

77 Records Présente

Sunday, July 4, 2010

V/A 77 KK LP

1st release on French label 77 KK. This compilation has one side of French bands, the other has US bands.
I must admit that I'm not a big fan of the typical skunk sound of the French bands. The French scene was full of violence at the time from what I've heard.
The comp. starts with Snix from Lille, one of the most dodgy bands from France. Skinhead band with a violent following. They also released an album on Rock-O-Rama so that says a lot. Not going to accuse them as a WP band but they were very patriotic and probably didn't have a problem with the more extreme side of the skinhead movement. Also did an LP on 77 KK as well.
Warrior Kids brings us a more ska-influenced punk track. Also did an album for 77 KK.
Some of the US bands' tracks were already released but Red Tide, Mission Impossible and Ghost Walks deliver exclusive ones.
Ghost Walks is a follow-up band of Stains (from Portland, not the SST band).

1. Snix - Pas Le Droit à L'Erreur
2. Trotskids - Dernier Repas
3. Tolbiac's Toads - Il Suffirait D'Un Jour
4. Nevrose - L'Amour Aveugle
5. Al Kapott - Bretagne 44
6. Warrior Kids - Ville Morte
7. Collabos - Tagadagadag
8. 76% Uncertain - Coffee Achievers
9. D.O.A. - I'm Right You're Wrong
10. Red Tide - Where Sea Meets Sky
11. White Cross - More Lies
12. Mission Impossible - Life Already Drawn
13. Youth Brigade - Sink With California
14. Ghost Walks - Fallen Angel

77 KK

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Disgorge - Big Trouble Bachten De Kupe MC

A few bands use Disgorge as bandname but this one is the Belgian one. Maybe some will know them from a split 7" with Agathocles released in the late 80's.
Disgorge started somewhere mid-80's in Veurne, close to the French border and the sea. The area is known as 'Bachten De Kupe' as it lays behind the Yser, a small river that played an important role in the 1st World War.
The later Disgorge sounded pretty grindy with a drummer that really didn't have a problem playing blast beats. He even played once with my old band when our drummer was forced to leave by his parents. Total improvisation and way too fast! But a cool guy nevertheless. They did a 2nd demo "New Wave Sucks" but here is the more hardcore-sounding 1st tape of them released in 1986. Some people think of Zyklome A when listening to this.
It seems that they got some problems with the local new wave folks who laughed at them so hence the title of the song and 2nd demo.
Don't know what happened to them later but I heard a rumour that one of them is a cop now.

1. School
2. Katholic Club
3. Gods Own Land
4. Expensive Army
5. Blood-Films
6. Fascist Attitudes
7. Niets En Niemand
8. Olympia
9. Martens VI
10. N.M.B.S.
11. Capitaine Flame
12. Disgorge (Live)
13. A-Team (Live)
14. Intro
15. Real Cops
16. Lessons Of Condition
17. Instrumentaal
18. A-Team
19. Destroy The Arena's
20. New-Wave Sucks
21. Kots
22. Go Away
23. Non Important Lives
24. RIOT

Sunday, June 6, 2010

V/A Montreal New York Connection '85 LP

9th release on NY label Big City. I think it was originally planned to be released by other people but they didn't have enough money so Big City helped out.
This is a live compilation with Montreal bands Countdown Zero, Vomit And The Zits and Gassenhauer. Scab and Ultra Violence are from NYC and Krakdown from Long Island.
The NY bands were recorded at CBGB's on June 3rd. The Montreal bands at Salle St-Louis De France on July 6th.
Bands that played but didn't make it to this comp. are No Policy, Genetic Control, Fair Warning and Cro-Mags.

I ripped the tracks by band.

1. Scab - Overture
2. Scab - Get Burned
3. Scab - Tools
4. Ultra Violence - No Help From Up Above
5. Ultra Violence - Misunderstood
6. Countdown Zero - Blastoff
7. Countdown Zero - Brainless
8. Gassenhauer - N.D.G.
9. Gassenhauer - Drunken Skinhead
10. Countdown Zero - (Intro) Degenerates
11. Countdown Zero - Out Of Control
12. Ultra Violence - I Wanna Kill
13. Ultra Violence - Soul Stealer
14. Scab - Games
15. Krakdown - Freedom
16. Vomit And The Zits - Rip Off

Montreal - New York

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ripcord & Heresy Live Netwerk, Aalst 1988

Reading 'Trapped In A Scene' by Ian Glasper and visiting the Smurfpunx site from time to time brings back good memories. One of the best gigs I ever attended was in 1988, set up by the Smurfpunx in Netwerk at the city of Aalst. 4 bands played: Anguish from Belgium, Cry Of Terror from Holland and Ripcord & Heresy from the UK.
Can't remember much of Anguish but they were very political. Some members would form Indecency after Anguish split.
Cry Of Terror were a metallic HC band. They released a 7" and 2 albums on Old World Records and contributed to various comps.
And then came Ripcord and Heresy! I was (and still am) very much into them and both played a great set which you can listen to here.
There were like 500 people at the gig and the atmosphere was great. No troubles at all. If I could use the word positive hardcore then it should have been like that all the time.
The European HC scene would soon collapse after bands like Heresy split. Well you still had the straight edge scene and also came along the crusties. The HC scene didn't interest me at all and I started listening to anarcho stuff again as well as all the early Swedish and Finnish bands thanks to bands like Doom and ENT who brought back punk into HC.
The Smurfpunx lost their space to do gigs and folded soon afterwards.
But in Ieper, a new place was created to do gigs called the Vort'n Vis were bands like MDC, Scraps, Nations On Fire, Nausea, No Security, Sedition, Disaffect and even Disorder played.
It also created a schism between the XXX brigade and the drunken crustie punx.

And the guy who yells 'Fur Is Murder' the last time in the song 'Furder' is yours truly (well 22 years ago!).
Tracklists are provided in the files. The last bit of Heresy sounds a bit muddy as the recording was split over 2 tapes.

Also check out the next bands with members of both bands: Violent Arrest, Geriatric Unit and Warprayer.



Sunday, May 9, 2010

V/A People Of The Pit LP

Not so well known comp. but a very interesting one. Don't think there were a lot of copies pressed of 'People Of The Pit'.
This comp. was released on the Italian label Goddam Church in 1986. Has lots of cool bands from the beginning of the 2nd half of the 80's. Most tracks taken from 7"s or demo tapes.
All bands play their own brand of HC, except Corruption who sound quite metal.
Goddam Church released albums of Stige and Furious Barking and also another comp. in 1990 'Attitudine Mentale Positive'. Also co-released the Crime Gang Bang 7".

1. Corrupted Morals - Mad Reign
2. Corrupted Morals - Big Man
3. Pure Hate - Terrorist
4. Pure Hate - Don't Hurt Me
5. Puke - Stig-britt
6. Puke - Klockan Gär, Klämtar Och Slår
7. Stige - Senza Alternative
8. Stige - Una Vita
9. Corruption - Beef To The Core
10. Corruption - Human Fireworks
11. Puke - ?
12. False Liberty - Ignorance
13. False Liberty - Count Me Out
14. No Fraud - Suicidal Maniac
15. No Fraud - Nothing Left Inside
16. Raped Teenagers - Moder jord
17. Raped Teenagers - Din Van
18. Raped Teenagers - Fred Och Frihet
19. Raped Teenagers - Träskallar
20. Barn Av Regnbuen - Et Liv
21. Barn Av Regnbuen - Edb Og Data
22. Barn Av Regnbuen - Ikkje Fan!
23. Subterranean Kids - No Puedo Perdonarte
24. Subterranean Kids - Hasta El Final

People Of The Pit

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Civil Defense - Gun Control 12"

Punkband from Saint Paul, Minneapolis. First they were called Propaganda and contributed the the Kitten comp. tape, released by Hüsker Dü. They changed the name after adding an extra guitarplayer in 1982 and they played gigs with Willful Neglect, Hüsker Dü, and other local bands from that time.
MRR review:
What we have here is a bunch of medium-speed punk tunes with a melodic orientation. Songs like "Gun Control" and "Capital Punishment" (which has simplistic "law and order" lyrics) are straightforward numbers with good, strong hooks, but certain other songs are less memorable and lacking in energy. An uneven debut, but Civil Defense have potential.

'Gun Control' was released in 1983 on National Security Records.

1. Gun Control
2. Personal Phone Call
3. Capital Punishment
4. Artificial World
5. Human Race
6. New Religion
7. Changed

Sunday, April 18, 2010

No Class - Broken Message 7"

Nice little rager from this quite unknown Japanese HC band, No Class. One and only release from 1988 on Tune Records.
Fold-out sleeve with pictures of the bandmembers, but no info from where they were from. Had to xerox the sleeve front first and then scan it as my scanner doesn't like the gloss on the sleeve.

1. Core
2. Broken Message
3. Dead X Alive
4. No More War
5. Teenage Dream
6. No Class

No Class

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Don't No - Incite The Riot LP

2nd and last vinyl release of this CA. posi-band Don't No. Their first was a 7" 'The Real World' on Mystic. Seems they also have a demo tape prior to these.
'Incite The Riot' was released on National Trust in 1986.
The 7" has been posted before on blogs but I've never seen the album so here you go.
Note: some tracks ripped as one track as it was impossible to seperate them.

1. War
2. Children
3. Volcano
4. Blind Ambition
5. Don't No
6. Life Is Cheap
7. No Edge
8. What Price Freedom
9. You Are Mixed Up
10. Emanon
11. Time
12. Solitary Man
13. Thrills
14. V.B.A.
15. Products Of Love
16. Dirt
17. Earache
18. H.B.P.D.F.S.U.

Don't No

Saturday, April 3, 2010

V/A A Message From Camp Sunshine MC

One of the countless comp. tapes released in the 80's. This one was released on Red Mist Tapes in 1985 in the UK.
Great international selection here: bands from Spain, UK, Sweden, Holland, Germany and Canada.
I've heard rumours of a reissue of the Chronic Submission demos. Does anyone know anything about this?
Last track is cut off unfortunately.

01. Anti/Dogmatikss - El Modelo De Español
02. Maniacs - Violence
03. Maniacs - Grenada Today (Tomorrow The World)
04. Chronic Submission - Chronic Submission
05. Rövsvett - Makt
06. Rövsvett - Heroin
07. Ceresit 81 - Pancho
08. Post Mortem - Asylum
09. Black Vampire - Nothing Else To Do
10. Black Vampire - Virgins Blood
11. Anti-Heroes - All We Want
12. Funeral Oration - Hell-age
13. Ad Nauseam - Who Are You
14. Ad Nauseam - Nausea
15. The Fiend - Weird Boy
16. Bluttat - The Grass
17. Anti-Heroes - Media Control
18. Chronic Submission - Modern Hell
19. Chronic Submission - Bad Trip
20. Black Vampire - Family Disaster
21. Post Mortem - In For The Kill
22. Post Mortem - TV
23. Rövsvett - Oskyldiga Människor
24. Funeral Oration - Kill Kill
25. Funeral Oration - Sacrificed
26. Maniacs - Victim Of The Night
27. Anti/Dogmatikss - Estado De Caos
28. Anti/Dogmatikss - Campos De Cruces
29. Ad Nauseam - Ain't Gonna Be No Peace
30. Ceresit 81 - Kraft Durch Bier
31. Ceresit 81 - Korn
32. The Fiend - IRA

Camp Sunshine

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Vampire Lezbos - Patch Of Blue LP

2nd album of this Spokane, Washington HC/punk band. Vampire Lezbos still exist today and released a CD '2012' last year, available through CDbaby. The band is planning to reissue the older stuff so I don't know how long this link will be up.
Vampire Lezbos are located in Auckland, New Zealand these days.
Check their MySpace page.

'Patch Of Blue' was released in 1990 and produced by Joey Shithead of D.O.A. Cover artwork by Mad Marc Rude.

Note: tracks 3 & 4 ripped as one track.

1. Terminal Smile
2. Stupid
3. Mike's Family
4. Disease
5. White Lie
6. Nothings Changed
7. A.L.F.
8. Red Sphinctor
9. My Choice, My Rights
10. Zip It
11. Sit Down
12. Patch Of Blue

Patch Of Blue

Sunday, March 21, 2010

V/A Not The Comfy Chair MC

Obscure comp. tape released by someone from Whyalla, South Australia. An international compilation although the focus is on Australian bands.
Alligator Parade from Victoria starts the tape. They were also featured on the 'Not So Lucky Country' comp.
Next are Germans Alptraum GMBH. They deliver 2 tracks of political thrash.
US thrashers Half Off follows with tracks from both demo tapes.
Government Thrashers deliver 3 tracks of noisy stuff, almost instrumental. They did a demo tape on this tape label as well. So probably the person who compiled this tape was a member of the band.
Bodies from Melbourne were already broke up. They appeared on the 'Eat Your Head' comp. and released 2 demos.
Last band is Public Execution from Brisbane. Wellknown in KBD circles for their 1982 7". These tracks probably taken from demos.
This tape was released on Music Not Money Tapes I guess 1986/87.

01. Alligator Parade - Corpse Is Dead
02. Alligator Parade - Build It Up
03. Alligator Parade- Demon Powers
04. Alligator Parade - New Spade
05. Alligator Parade - World Won't Change
06. Alligator Parade - Blitzkrieg Bop
07. Alligator Parade - Kamikaze Twist
08. Alptraum GMBH - Anarchie + Frieden + Liebe
09. Alptraum GMBH - Viele 1000
10. Half Off - Make Every Minute Count
11. Half Off - I Can See
12. Half Off - Our Plea For Unity
13. Half Off - No Pain, No Gain
14. Half Off - Band Wagon
15. Half Off - Thanks For Nothing
16. Government Thrashers - On The Brink
17. Government Thrashers - Suburban Rooster
18. Government Thrashers - One Strike - You're Out
19. Half Off - What Seems Right
20. Half Off - Top Or Bottom
21. Half Off - Resenting The Past
22. Half Off - Let Me Know
23. Bodies - Warm Up
24. Bodies - To Live In This World
25. Bodies - Don't Judge Me
26. Bodies - Mr. President
27. Bodies - Nagasaki Baby
28. Bodies - Desolate City
29. Public Execution - Schizophrenia
30. Public Execution - Left Wing Refuse
31. Public Execution - Say Goodbye To Tommy

Not The Comfy Chair

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The S.L.A. - Evil Empire LP

Got some more goodies of a friend to share with you all.
Here's the album of Portland punks The S.L.A (or SLA). Don't know much of this band but you could already hear them on the 'City Of Thorns' comp. on Mystic.
First 11 tracks were produced by Greg Sage (Wipers). Last 2 tracks are live recordings and not really interesting.
'Evil Empire' was released in 1985 on their own Eat Me Records label.
Here's a review from MRR:
A really intense album, both musically and thematically. The SLA have growling vocals à la FARTZ, and a very raw instrumental attack; the songs range from careening thrashers to more complex but less hard-hitting cuts. The lyrics are unabashedly radical, whether dealing with wage slavery, national chauvinism, or media sensationalism, but the choice of the band name leaves something to be desired since there is some evidence suggesting that the real Symbionese Liberation Army were police provocateurs rather than genuine and very stupid militants.
-Jeff Bale

01. No Place To Play
02. Fight Your Own War
03. National Pride
04. Threat Of Violence
05. Major Rage
06. Dark Corner
07. Genocide
08. Rows Of Guards
09. Wage Slaves
10. Kibbles And Bits
11. Headlines
12. No Satori
13. Contempt Of Court
14. War Is Coming
15. Insane Is Right
16. Wild Thing
17. ?


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Brave New World - Initiation MLP

This one is for the more adventurous among us. Not your typical punk/HC record here.
The singer reminds me of John Lydon from time to time as well as Jello Biafra. A lot of diversity on this record. They even use keyboards on 'Sitcom'.
'Initiation' was the band's 1st vinyl release in 1984. Seems there's a tape released before this one according to KFTH.
Brave New World released all their records on their own Homemade Records label but Fartblossom Enterprizes helped distributing.
After 'Initiation' came a 3 track 7" and the 'Noise From The Heart' LP on which they move further from their punk roots.
If you want, you can check the other 2 records of Brave New World on my other blog:
Brave New World 7"
Noise From The Heart LP

A scan of the booklet with lyrics is also included in the file.

1. Initiation
2. 3 Days After Liberation
3. The Worker
4. Like Van Gogh
5. Sitcom
6. I Care

Brave New World

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Poptonto - Time To Think LP

Not so wellknown album of Poptonto, HC punk band from Richmond, VA. This was the 3rd release on Disrupted Records, the label of Prevaricators. Released in 1986.
This is what the Flex site writes about 'Time To Think': the structure of the songs is very simple, but the music has a lot of power and drive, and the production is good, too. This reminds me of the simpler side of early LA hardcore, especially the cool chunky guitar sound. Good record, even though it was released a few years too late.
On '7 To The Sky' and 'Right To Life', the band got help from Slugfest. Don't know what this could mean. Seems that Slugfest was another band from the area. Last song 'Sponge' was sung by guitarist Scott Wagner. The weakest song: it almost lasts for 6 minutes.
The album is dedicated to David E. Wagner who died before the album was completed.

1. RVA
2. Blut Und Ehre
3. Destructive Construction
4. Dreams (Of A Better Life)
5. Two Way Street
6. 7 To The Sky
7. Time To Think
8. Right To Life
9. Mind Of My Own
10. Born Again Christian
11. No Heroes
12. Sponge


Sunday, February 21, 2010

US Of Shit/Funeral Shock - Split 7"

My most recent release posted here. This split 7" was released in 2003 on the very small Wolfman Records label and pretty hard to find.
Funeral Shock may be known to a few of you. They have members of Capitalist Casualties, Spazz, Deadbodieseverywhere and Wuzor and have a slew of releases on Controlled By Plague/Tankcrimes, Six Weeks and Cowabunga. All of them are worth checking out. Great 80's style hardcore punk in the vein of Bad Posture, Sick Pleasure. 'Burnin' Hell' is a punked up version of a song by blues legend John Lee Hooker.
Don't know anything about US Of Shit. Their only release I guess. 7 very short songs of lo-fi, raw old style HC punk. There are only 6 titles/lyrics on the sleeve. No title for their 5th track.

US Of Shit
1. I'd Rather Die
2. Rich Bitch
3. Fear
4. Fuck The Neighbors
5. Untitled
6. Suit N Tie
7. Oil Trade

Funeral Shock
8. Burnin' Hell
9. Dead


Sunday, February 14, 2010

U.S. Distress - Isn't Life Grand? LP

First and only album of Wisconsin band U.S. Distress released on their own Stress Records label in 1988.
U.S. Distress already existed from 1984 or so, releasing a 14-track demo full of raging hardcore punk. There seems to be another demo released in 1987 called 'Nowhere Fast'.
On this record, the band evolved to a more rocking sound. More midtempo songs although it contains a few shorter and faster tracks. Seems they got bored playing HC and went for a punk sound with guitar leads and all. Most will prefer the early sound I guess but this record is worth a listen.
'Ballroom Blitz' originally by Sweet.

1. Intro
2. Isn't Life Grand
3. Remember Yesterday
4. Enemy Me
5. Jess
6. Wreckless
7. Stuck
8. It's Too Late
9. Short-N-Sweet
10. War In The South
11. New World
12. Ballroom Blitz

U.S. Distress

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Trenchcoat Army - s/t 7"

Great 7" of this NYC band. Learned about them on one of the comp. 7"s on Kangaroo Records.
I copied from what's written on the Mad At The World Records flyer that comes with the 7":
six songs of raw and misanthropic hardcore punk from this NYC based outfit that contains the very same people that brought you the seminal NYHC zine Guillotine. Having finally got into the studio long enough without resorting to kill each to offer this EP of fast minimalist and noisy hardcore. Trenchcoat Army presents a view on hardcore music every bit as authentic as bands long gone, without resorting to the rhetoric established by the current thrash revival.
500 copies pressed and sold out from the label. Recorded and released in 2000.

1. Lost
2. Whose Life Is It Anyway
3. Bottom Feeders
4. Say You Love Satan
5. Retribution
6. Beginning Of Your End

Trenchcoat Army

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stand Off - Over All 7"

Didn't know about this band until recently they were mentioned in the comments' section.
Stand Off were one of those late 90's hardcore punk bands from Wisconsin. In fact they had 2 members of the more wellknown Default.
Stand Off did another 7" which is a split with 10-96.
The 'Over All' 7" had 2 pressings: the 1st one is a split label release between Distraught Records and Power Ground Records. My copy is the 2nd press on Power Ground records, limited to 300 copies.
3rd track is 'Negative Thoughts' as stated on the label; the back of the sleeve states 'Stand Off' as title.
This one has no cat.# and I'm still looking to complete the label's discography.

Power Ground Records:
PGR 1 ????
PGR 2 Droids - Ja Bede Bardzo Droby 7"
PGR 3 Boris The Sprinkler/Droids - Split 7"
PGR 4 Remission - Fetus The Code 7"
PGR 5 URBN DK - Human Indifference 7"
PGR 6 Maneurysm - Swallowed By Karma 7"
PGR 7 Default - Die With Honor 7"
PGR 8 Ojorojo/Inflicted - Split 7"
PGR 9 ????
PGR 10 ????
PGR 11 Inflicted/Segue - Split LP

1. Overall
2. Stabilize Me
3. Negative Thoughts
4. Time For Change
5. Blinded
6. See Right Through
7. I'm So Boring

Stand Off

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Bloody Coat Hangers - Bloody Entertainment 7"

Very 1st release on Will E. Survive in 1994. The Bloody Coat Hangers were from Chicago and this 7" is their only release. Nothing special IMO but worth hearing.

Note: 1st two tracks ripped as one track

1. 14 Dead Bodies
2. The Creation
3. Attitude
4. Minkia
5. Oil Of Olay

The Bloody Coat Hangers

Friday, January 15, 2010

V/A Necrophile Orgasm Tape

Here's a rare tape released in New Zealand sometime 1987/88 I guess.
New Zealand is known for it's early punk bands but for the rest the punk scene was quite isolated back in the 80's. Most bands kept playing the UK punk style and hardcore emerged quite late.
There were a handful of small punk labels like Sound Mind (run by the band Compos Mentis), Positive Youth Promotions (Armatrak, Five Year Mission) and Out Of Order. That label released a comp. 7" in 1987 with 5 HC bands which was the 1st stuff I ever heard from New Zealand. Out Of Order also released a Compos Mentis/Powerage split 7" and the very rare Nazgûl 12".
This comp. tape was released by Sonik Lobotomy Tapess. The sound quality is pretty lo-fi. This is a copy from a copy from a copy but I guess that the original tape doesn't sound much better. There's some noisy stuff on it as well.
Too lazy to type out the tracklist (I sent all info to KFTH and I scanned the full sleeve as well) but here's the band list:
Moral Fibre (4 tracks)
Casualty (3 tracks)
Genocide Factory (4 tracks)
Nazgûl (3 tracks)
Sticky Filth (4 tracks)
Wazzo Ghoti (3 tracks)
Necrophiliacs (1 track)
Exhibit A (2 tracks)
Survivors Of The Plague (3 tracks)
Satans Vomit (2 tracks)
Pain (1 track)
Cot Death (2 tracks)

Necrophile Orgasm

Saturday, January 9, 2010

V/A Superhits Volume 1 EP

For those who want some more Aspirin Feast, here's the comp. EP with 2 tracks of them. Other bands are Meat Minder, North American Bison and DUMT. Nice to listen to but Aspirin Feast blows them all away.
This 7" is a limited press of 500 copies and released on Jam Records in 1992. There's a 2nd volume as well but never heard it but is more punk oriented (oa. The Rickets).

1. Meat Minder - Doggy Bag
2. Aspirin Feast - Thinking Is A Crime
3. Aspirin Feast - Scrape And Cremate
4. North American Bison - Middle Class Family
5. DUMT - Twister

Superhits Volume 1

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Knucklehead - I LP

Last release on the Speed Of Sound label (see Underground Soldier).
Knucklehead was another HC band from Philly. Their songs are midtempo most of the time, with some metal riffs.Definitely an attempt to play crossover.
Thin production by Butch Vig who later on produced albums of Sonic Youth and Nirvana.

1. Egypt 1938
2. All Your Lies
3. P.O.W.
4. Pull The Chord
5. Now Is The Time
6. Decline
7. GVT. F.M.U.
8. Mirror Christs
9. You Dirty Kids
10. Johnny Cash
11. Devil's Island