Saturday, September 26, 2009

V/A We Can't Help It If We're From Florida 7" EP

Another one of my friend's collection. I know that this one has already been posted elsewhere but my friend told me that the rips he found are of atrocious quality. That's what you get from taking rips off soulseek.
The 'We Can't Help It If We're From Florida' comp. documents the Florida scene around 1983. It was released on Destroy Records, the label run by Roach Motel. Roach Motel did 2 classic 7"s.
Also Sector 4 did a 7" on Destroy Records in 1983.
Morbid Opera is an all-girl band I think. Also did a 7" on their own Sublapse label. This label also released the Gay Cowboys In Bondage 7".
Hated Youth is one of the better stuff here. Fast raging HC. Luckily Bob Suren of Sound Idea/Burrito Records (RIP) had contact with one of the ex-members and released a 7" and split LP of unreleased Hated Youth songs. All worth getting.
Not much known on Rat Cafeteria. No other recordings available.
Early Roach Motel has been put on CD.

1. Hated Youth - Hardcore Rules
2. Hated Youth - Ted Bundy
3. Hated Youth - Army Dad
4. Sector 4 - White House
5. Sector 4 - Plaid Spaceship
6. Morbid Opera - Eat The Rich
7. Morbid Opera - White Flag
8. Morbid Opera - Polyester Pig
9. Roach Motel - Heart Attack
10. Roach Motel - Fla. Reptile Land
11. Roach Motel - My Dog's Into Aanrchy
12. Rat Cafeteria - Kill
13. Rat Cafeteria - Tax Revolt


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rebels And Infidels - Corporate Picnic LP

HC punk band from Alameda, CA. Formed in 1979 as Scream and released a 7" in 1982 under this name but changed their name as well as the sleeves for this one, so there exist 2 versions of it. you can check that one here.
'Corporate Picnic' was released in 1984 on the cult Fowl label (Fuck-Ups, Verbal Abuse, Black Humor,...). good mix of HC and mid-tempo punk.

1. War Games
2. Red Flag
3. Pay The Price
4. Modern Man
5. You're Fired
6. American Citizen
7. Rebels And Infidels
8. Last Rites
9. Vision Of Darkness
10. More Beer
11. State Of The Union
12. Mother's Child
13. Outa My Head
14. Too Fast - Too Slow

Corporate Picnic

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rat Bastards/Dead Drunk - Split 7"

Here's another one on Will E. Survive. The label's 3rd release, from 1995.
Both bands also had 7"'s out on Beer City. Can post these as well.
Rat Bastards offers 3 tracks of HC punk. Dead Drunk do the same with silly lyrics on drinking. Good voice though.

Rat Bastards
1. Industrialized Autocracy
2. What The Fuck?
3. Yer In My Urine

Dead Drunk
1. Beer By Beer
2. Song For Booze
3. Belly Of The Beast

Rat Bastards/Dead Drunk

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Disappointments - s/t 7"

Not to be confused with the 90's punkband. This one is the band from Muskegon, MI. The label states the bandname as Elvis Roy And The Disappointments. Think this 7" was released in 1987.
They were also the backing band of GG Allin when he played in Muskegon.
21 tracks of HC thrash with lots of changes. Elvis Roy blasts his lyrics at high velocity through the ultra-short songs.

Note: some tracks recorded as one rip as it was impossible to seperate them.

1. Better You Than Me
2. Scar Yourself
3. Drink It Away
4. Brainwashed
5. Possessed
6. Wanker
7. Rehash
8. Squared
9. Find A Job
10. The Woe
11. Trash Fever
12. Big Fat Boss Man
13. No Pot
14. P.U.P.
15. Putting It Off
16. Credit Due
17. Wishing Well
18. Did It Wrong
19. Next To Impossible
20. Hint To Move
21. Mama Done Told Me