Monday, September 29, 2008

Active Ingredients - s/t 7"

I think there are a few bands called Active Ingredients but this one is the Lexington, Kentucky band.
Active Ingredients did 2 7"s, this one and the 2nd one 'Bringing Down The Big Boys'. The latter one has been bootlegged in 1993 on an LP which also has the Catatonics, Clitboys and Mecht Mensch 7"s.
Both are rare these days.
This 7" was released in 1984. Compared to the 2nd one, it sounds a bit thin. A version of 'Service With A Smile' also appears on 'Bringing Down The Big Boys'.

1. Service With A Smile
2. Take From The Poor, Give To The Rich
3. Straight Jacket
4. You Suck

Active Ingredients

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nebenwirkung/Dis-Organized Bunch Of Fuckers - Split LP

Split album of 2 Bremen hardcore punk bands. Released in 1985 on Pöbel Records.
Nebenwirkung did a 7" 'Gewalt' on Heimat in 1984. Another 7" was released in 1987 but it seems to be more metal-influenced.
Dis-Organized Bunch Of Fuckers were a bit controverisal back in the day, especially for their song 'Ich Kann's Nich Versteh'n', which sounds quite homophobic although they claim to be not homophobic at all. Chaotic Dischord seems to be their main influence. After this split, they did 2 more albums, the 'So Full Of Lies' LP (1986) (which I plan to post later) and the more metal influenced 'Not Bound To Rules' (1988).

This split is quite long so I split both sides in 2 files.

1. Gnadenlos
2. Tierversuche
4. Heroin
5. Religion
6. Frieden
7. Sterbehilfe
8. Ich Habs Satt
9. Kotzen
10. Bonzen
11. I Hate My Country
12. Leben
13. Stamp The Glue
14. DDR
15. Skinhead
16. Da Will Ich Nich' Leben

Dis-Organized Bunch Of Fuckers
1.Straight Edge
2. Rassenhass
3. Wixer
4. Gasmann
5. Führer Des Volkes
6. Church
7. RD
8. Ich Gelobe (Kein Gehorsam)
9. Public Alcoholix
10. Fuck Off
11. Ich Kann's Nich Versteh'n
12. Fixer
13. Zeit Zum Schlagen
14. Hot Water (On My Cock)
15. Die Faschos
16. N.A.T.O.
17. Ronald Reagan
18. Rosemarie
19. Fisch (Nord-Pöbel)

New links!

DBF side

Nebenwirkung side

Monday, September 22, 2008

Target Of Demand - Man's Ruin MLP

Here's a great but somehow overlooked hardcore band. They also appear on the 'When Men Were Men...' comp. LP posted a while ago.
They are a straight-edge band but their lyrics stay far away from the usual cliché topics of such bands. Most of them are attacks on the rich, the government,...
After the split, some member(s) formed the band Dissension whose 'Why Work For Death' is also a classic. They did a 2nd LP in the late 80's.
'Man's Ruin' was self-released in 1983.

1. The Poor Rich
2. Funny, Huh?
3. Government
4. Man's Ruin
5. Not The One
6. Brain Loss
7. Judgement
8. Deploy The Rich
9. Botchalizm
10. Plastic Bullets

Target Of Demand (new link)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Insanity Defense - Pilgrim State LP

Insanity Defense play hardcore punk with a melodic edge. They were from NY. Consisted of 3 members: Jeff Earing on vocals & guitar, Ron Phillips on drums and Nelson Rowe on bass.
Don't know anything about them. 'Pilgrim State' is their only release from 1985.
Pilgrim State seems to be a notorious psychiatric ward.
The last song 'Witchhunt' is a slow dirge song.

1. Pilgrim State
2. I'm Waiting
3. Something To Believe In
4. Let Me Help
5. How Long?
6. Make The Change
7. It Used To Be
8. Common Ground
9. Epitaph
10. Witchhunt

Insanity Defense

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hard Corpuscles - Decide LP

Here's another one on Reactor Records. Hard Corpuscles were from Melbourne. They only did this album. Can't find alot of info, not even on the Australian Punk site. 'Decide' was released in 1987. The track 'Ronald Is' also appears on 'The Not So Lucky Country' comp. posted awhile ago.

1. Score
2. B.F.P.
3. Social Grace
4. Decide
5. Ronald Is
6. Real To Me
7. Bubble Life
8. I Need
9. Comedown Efcaf
10. Westgate

Hard Corpuscles

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Clyng-Onz/Psychedelic Skeletons - Split LP

Here's the 2nd and last release on Anchorage, Alaska label Bullhead Records. This is a split album with 2 punkbands, Clyng-Onz and Psychedelic Skeletons, released in 1985. Quite different from the Skate Death album. Especially the Psychedelic Skeletons have some weird songs here.
Don't have any info on these bands. We should be glad that someone had the idea to release some Alaskan punk on record otherwise there wouldn't have been much known about punk in Alaska to the rest of the world.

More punk from Alaska! Hot on the heels of SKATE DEATH comes this split LP of strange and diverse sounds. The CLYNG-ONZ are a more primitive, goofy band while the SKELETONS have a diversified sound from trashy grungy to weird dischordant noisefests.(MRR #35)

1. Let's Get Juvenile
2. Environmental Song
3. Ten Miles North
4. Jiz's Revenge
5. Strange Ranger
6. Escanaba
7. Readin TIME
8. Rosie
9. Bums
10. Fast Hawaii
11. Nuclear Combat

Psychedelic Skeletons
1. Hey Man
2. I Love Alaska
3. Hypocrite
4. Bonzai Bananza Bomb
5. Fuck Me!
6. Words
7. Confused
8. Original #4

Clyng-Onz/Psychedelic Skeletons

Clyng-Onz Live (check more hilarious videoclips(!) from them on YouTube)

Monday, September 8, 2008

ZZZ Hacker - Kind, Sieh Da Nicht Hin! 7"

Here's another one of my friend. Think it's quite rare.
Actually I don't know anything of ZZZ Hacker. They were from Bielefeld and this 7" was self-released in 1983. The 'Pogographie 4' book states this as well done hardcorepunk with kinky lyrics. There's no lyrics sheet and my German isn't that great so I wouldnt know.

1. Jim Knödle
2. Schwarze Rote Gelbe
3. Ein Männlein
4. No More Müsli (Für Petra)
5. Zum Geburtstag
6. Nordseestrand
7. Stacheldraht
8. Verbot

ZZZ Hacker (new link)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Where's The Pope? - Straight Edge Holocaust MLP

Now let's get back to Australia. Here's another fine record, this time of Where's The Pope? from Adelaide.
The sleeve art probably caused some problems with the straight edge kids. It's a bit of a simplistic assault but understandable. While XXX kids were fulminating against peer pressure, some of them used the same tactic as well.
Where's The Pope? started in 1985 and were influenced by the US skatecore bands. 'Jesus Gets Rich' is an attack on religion, while 'There Goes The Neighbourhoood' is an ironic aproach towards the racism in Australian society.
Never heard their 2nd album 'Sunday Afternoon Barbeques' but it seems to be not that hardcore anymore.
This mini-album was the last release on Reactor Records in 1988.

1. You Dick
2. D.U.I.
3. Jesus Gets rich
4. Pizza To Go
5. No Better Than Us
6. There Goes The Neighbourhood
7. Computer Error
8. Me And My Gun

Where's The Pope?