Sunday, October 23, 2011

V/A Around The World In 90 Minutes MC

 2nd comp. tape on Smurfpunx. Compiled by Mokka and showing very diverse and international stuff here. Actually, this tape opened my ears for a lot of lesser known international bands, in a time where people still where very UK-oriented.
There's also some bands here which music has to be smuggled across the iron curtain. Remember that this was made during full cold war. Only a few years before the wall should fall. It was very dangerous to smuggle Western music into the Eastblock and vice versa.
On side A we have Toxic Waste (Northern-Ireland), Armatrak (New-Zealand), Bikini (Hungary), 2 Minuta Mržjne (Yugoslavia), FOH (West-Germany), Anti-Dogmatikss (Spain), Funeral Oration (Netherlands), SH Draumur (Iceland), Siekiera (Poland), Nyx Negativ & Bedrövlerz (Sweden) and Lobotomia (Brazil).
Side B contains Ex-Humans (Greece), Butcher (France), The Zero Point (Denmark), Powerage (South-Africa), Saukerle (East-Germany), A.P.P.L.E. (USA), Cani (Italy), Kumikristus (Finland) and Sponky Business (Belgium).

Side A

Side B

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Short Fuse - Blow My Fuse 7"

 This 7" was simultaneously released with the Stompede 7" posted below. Another Tokyo HC band on Czech label Badman Records.
Don't know anything about Short Fuse and I think they didn't release anything else. I like this one more than the Stompede 7".

1. Reign Of Blood
2. Restriction
3. Words
4. Sleep
5. Lie-Cycle

Short Fuse

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stompede - s/t 7"

As requested, here's the Stompede 7", a HC band from Tokyo.
Originally released as a double pack with a 7" of Saigan Terror on Pushead's Bacteria Sour label in 2001. This version is the repress in 2002 on Czech label Bad Man.
Bought every Japanese record I could get my hand on back then. Haven't listened to this one for a long time. It's OK but not outstanding.

1. Yo Anny Ta
2. Drunk 48
3. Sic You
4. Stomp The Sunset
5. No God No Man