Sunday, January 23, 2011

Intense Youth! - Demo

Pittsburgh hardcore band. This demo tape was recorded in 2002. Got it for free when I ordered one of the The Awakening 7"s released on Behold The Youthquake.
Intense Youth! also released the 'Self Destruct' 7" and a split 7" with Caustic Christ.
Geoff and Andy were later in Fuckedupmess and Andy is also a member of the great Brain Handle.
Scans of the small lyric booklet included.

1. Starting Point
2. Host Vs. Parasite
3. Paper Revolution
4. Intense Youth!
5. The One Thing I Will Never Lose...
6. Field Measurements Of The Thickest Skull
7. These Words Will Be Your Prison

Intense Youth!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

V/A Intensive Care Unit LP

Comp. album of Gunma HC bands. Best known is Dooms Day. This comp. was released on For The Deaf, a local label probably run by Dooms Day as the 1st release is a flexi of the band. The other release on For The Deaf is the 'Corruption' comp. LP.
All the bands played together on the Fight It Out gig series, sometimes with guests like Cheeky, So What or Innocents.
Won't say that these are the cream of the crop Japanese HC bands but it's an interesting document of the Gunma scene. Bands include Violent Mohawks, Grace, Gillmore, Dischord, Block Buster and Dooms Day. No extra points for original band names here. I do like Block Buster's title 'Money Makes The Stupid Cops' though.
I think this one was released in 1989/90.

Intensive Care Unit