Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mental Disturbance - The Sound Of Confetti Falling On The Ground - Demo II

2nd demo of Brussels HC band Mental Disturbance, recored and released in 1989. They appeared on a few comp. tapes posted here before.
I've seen them live a few times. Always did a good show.
Mental Disturbance always had a strong USHC sound. They do a cover of the Adolescents here. Bassplayer Beastie does the vocals on that one.
Never heard the 1st demo tape 'Hard Of Hearing' released in 1987. In 1990 they did their only vinyl release; a self-titled 7" on French label Alternative Noise.
Guitarplayer Michel Kirby played in Arkangel, Deviate and Length Of Time afterwards.
Tracks 15 & 16 ripped as one track.
Track 14 is not a homophobic song. Back in the day people thought that anal sex was the way to get AIDS, which has been proven wrong. It's a song about this horrible disease in a period that people never survived when one was diagnosed seropositive.

1. I Haven't Got A Friend In Jesus
2. Our Crew
3. Deafening Noise
4. Censured
5. M.I.T.I.R.L.I.T.I.B.
6. Don't Let The Feeling Fool You
7. The Sound Of Confetti Falling On The Ground
8. Come Back
9. Nothing To Tell
10. Mental Disturbance
11. I Hate Children (Adolescents)
12. I Hate Posers
13. We Like Hot Dogs
14. Anus Virus (A.I.D.S.)
15. Intro
16. Food Doesn't Walk
17. Summary

Mental Disturbance