Sunday, September 23, 2012

Deranged - Live Zaal Patria 15/11/1980

Third and last live recording from this gig. I don't think there are any recordings of the Underdogs.
Deranged was a young punk band from Bruges. They only existed for a few months and this was their 1st gig. Don't think they lasted very long as members of Deranged and Rebel would start a new band called Sperm.
Omer wrote me that there are demo recordings of Sperm but he hasn't got any. He'll ask around and hopefully he can dig some up.
Deranged sound very simple and primitive here. But I think it's very cool someone recorded them in their very short existence. Otherwise they would only be remembered by the handful that seen them play live.
Thanks to Robin (ex-Deranged, Sperm) for leaving a comment here.

1. Kill Yourself
2. No You Don't
3. Deranged
4. Sad To Be With You
5. ?
6. The Instrumental Song
7. Fucking Awful
8. Roadrunner


Saturday, September 8, 2012

V/A Gegen Nazis!

Another comp. tape released in the late 80's by the people behind B-Product that released both 'Ook Dit Is Belgisch' tapes posted here before. This time it's an international affair. They released another one called 'Unite And Win' which I have here but it's missing a large chunk of the 1st song so I'll be looking for a better copy.
B-Product was run by Vos and Carl Levecke. Both guys had a lot of international contacts and featured a lot of unknown bands on their tapes. I remember being introduced to some New-Zealand stuff like on that comp. 7" from 1987 on Out Of Order Records and the ultra-rare Nazgûl 12" (now that's a record still not posted on any blog out there).
Back to the tape:
1st band is Rotterdam squatters Anarcrust with their metallic, crusty HC sound. Released quite some records of which the 1st album is on Skuld Releases.
From the Phillipines we have Dead Ends. Released 3 tape albums on Twisted Red Cross.
From The Netherlands there's one song of Moengo Tapoe. They did an album 'Duende' in 1989.
Next is one song of Scream Of Protest from Greece. Can't find any further info.
Bleeding Nuns were a cool HC band from Oklahoma. Did a split tape with Beavers and appeared on some comp. tapes as well.
French band Original Disease is next. Released one 7" and a few tapes.
Deadlock is the German band. More deathcore/grind.
Last band on side A is Adiexodo from Greece. Released an album on Enigma in 1986.
Side B start with Canadian band Pankreasse. cool stuff. would like to hear their demo tape.
Germany's Nasty Nation is next with one song against nazis (I think the title should be 'Faschos In Land'). So is that the same band that maybe later turned rightwing? There seems to be a dodgy band with the same name.
3rd Greek band is Chaos Generation (Γενιά Του Χάους) . They were called Anti-Culture (Αντικουλτούρα) before. Formed in 1982, disbanded in 1989.
Cool, unknown Australian band Strange Stains is next.
2nd Phillipines band is Valley Of Death. Also appeared on a comp. tape on Twisted Red Cross.
From the same scene as Anarcrust we have Ptooooing. There's a 4-way split tape with both bands and also Vanity 4 and Sex Slaves.
Last band is from Brussels, Belgium; Mental Disturbance.

Gegen Nazis - Side A

Gegen Nazis - Side B