Saturday, May 9, 2009

Premature Baby's - Lie Cheat And Steal 7"

Premature Baby's (sic) were from Muskegon, MI. This 7" was released in 1987 on Michigan label Depression Records known for their releases of Plasma Alliance and Boom & The Legion Of Doom.
Some of their releases are quite sloppy but Premature Baby's play fast and tight HC punk.

A partial Depression Records discography:
42949 Plasma Alliance - We Can't Wait 7"
DR 1 Toxic Attitude - Stupid Teenage Music 7"
DR 2 ?
DR 3 Boom & The Legion Of Doom - Hate To Love, Love To Hate 7"
DR 4 ?
DR 5 Premature Baby's - Lie Cheat And Steal 7"
DR 6 Ugly But Proud - Knuckles From Nowhere 7"
DR 7 ?
DR 8 Boom & The Legion Of Doom - Detroit LP
DR 9 ?
DR 10 ?
DR 11 ?
DR 12 ?
DR 13 ?
DR 14 Twitch - Jedi 7"
DR 15 Pecker Tracks - Kamode Kamotion 7"
Here some releases I can't find the label # of:
Boom & The Legion Of Doom - Skate Thrash Grind 7"
Broken Trust - Straight Edge America 7"
Slaughterhouse - Perfect Example 7"

All help with filling in the gaps is much appreciated!

1. Cats In The Bag
2. Quest For Money
3. Encaged
4. You're Not The Boss
5. Lost Cause
6. What's The Difference?
7. Who Died For You?
8. Insanity's Destiny
9. Riot Squad

Premature Baby's


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Usually premature babies are really gross, but this is pretty good.

LuckyComeHawaii said...

I know the entire catalog of Depression records, I created it!
Your close yet no cigar!

Stormy said...

Looking forward to hearing this. Thanks


LuckyComeHawaii said...

It's Lee Cheat and Steal

Curious Guy said...

LCH, yeah I know but is it a missprint or is it done deliberately? Then who is Lee?
Could you help me out on your label discography? Would appreciate it alot!

Anonymous said...

curious guy,

i have the NUMB SEX 7" up for trade in your want list, shoot me an e-mail:

Twin Uzis in Hyrule said...


the wizard said...

This record is a killer, one of my favorite unknown $1 bin gambles...i'll always miss that about the midwest. BOOM & THE L.O.D. are from another planet man.

LCH should post the whole Depression discography for us!