Saturday, June 27, 2009

Half Life - Never Give In LP

First full length of this Pittsburgh punkband.
Half Life already started in 1984. Their first release was the 'What's Right' demo tape in 1985, later re-released on LP/CD. In 1986 they released the 'Under The Knife' 7". The sound changed from typical punk anthems to a more heavy sound.
'Never Give In' was released in 1989 on Skyclad and was produced by Tom Lyle.
The band split up in 1990.
There's a Half Life official site here done by ex-guitarplayer Vinny Curtis (who doesn't play on this album).

1. Go Down Fighting
2. Crawling
3. Never Give In
4. Who Do You Blame
5. Rotted Mind
6. Somethings Missing
7. Victory To The Killer
8. Try To Stop Me
9. United And Strong
10. End It All
11. Information We Get
12. Whats Right

Never Give In

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Order Of Decay - Bite Or Be Bitten 7" / s/t LP

And here's another one from Australia.
Order Of Decay released 2 records on Norwood label Dominator Records & Tapes. Can't find much info but the LP is posthumously released as singer Philthy Phil passed away in 1989 at the age of 23. Don't know how he died.

Dominator released a variety of stuff : from HC punk of Filthy Scumbags, Order Of Decay, Arm The Insane to dark indierock like The Mark Of Cain. At the end the label went completely deathmetal.

Bite Or Be Bitten 7" (1988)
1. Expelled
2. The Aftermath
3. Payroll
4. Order Of Decay
5. Mental Anguish
6. Fuel

Order Of Decay LP (1989)
1. Australian Police
2. On One Condition
3. Confused
4. Detox
5. Talking
6. Another Christ
7. K.S.
8. Get Out Of My Way!
9. Solitary Confinement
10. Psycho Man
11. Exciter

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blitzkrieg - Complete Disarmament LP

I think there were a few bands called Blitzkrieg back in the day but this is the band from Amsterdam. Not a lot is known on them but they managed to release an album 'Complete Disarmament' in 1983. Lots of short songs played very fast and a few longer mid-tempo songs.

There's a clock ticking in between the songs (although I ripped the first couple of tracks without the clock ticking, sorry). The lyrics are CRASS-style political rants covering the usual punk topics. Sung both in Dutch and English.

1. Complete Disarmament
2. System Needs War
3. It's You
4. Alles Is Tevergeefs
5. 3,5 Miljard Idioten
6. Dankbaar
7. Ieder Een Taak
8. Silly Play
9. Mannen En Gaten
10. My Life
11. Whole World In Flames
12. Wat Ben Je Dom
13. Someone's Gonna Get The Head Kicked In
14. Blind En Doof
15. Klein Verschil
16. Gut Gut
17. Val
18. Twee Revoluties
19. Den Haag Vandaag
20. Party-Punk
21. Think!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Human Sufferage - Thank You, Mother Dear LP

As promised, here's the second album of Columbus band Human Sufferage. A great follow-up of their first one. 'Thank You, Mother Dear' was released in 1985 on New Age.

1. Hey Big Guy
2. Thou Shallt Die
3. My Special Friends
4. Less Than Life
5. Results Are Still The Same
6. Don't Play With My Life
7. Thank You, Mother Dear
8. Take It For Granted
9. Fair Warning For All

Thank You, Mother Dear