Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mental Disturbance - The Sound Of Confetti Falling On The Ground - Demo II

2nd demo of Brussels HC band Mental Disturbance, recored and released in 1989. They appeared on a few comp. tapes posted here before.
I've seen them live a few times. Always did a good show.
Mental Disturbance always had a strong USHC sound. They do a cover of the Adolescents here. Bassplayer Beastie does the vocals on that one.
Never heard the 1st demo tape 'Hard Of Hearing' released in 1987. In 1990 they did their only vinyl release; a self-titled 7" on French label Alternative Noise.
Guitarplayer Michel Kirby played in Arkangel, Deviate and Length Of Time afterwards.
Tracks 15 & 16 ripped as one track.
Track 14 is not a homophobic song. Back in the day people thought that anal sex was the way to get AIDS, which has been proven wrong. It's a song about this horrible disease in a period that people never survived when one was diagnosed seropositive.

1. I Haven't Got A Friend In Jesus
2. Our Crew
3. Deafening Noise
4. Censured
5. M.I.T.I.R.L.I.T.I.B.
6. Don't Let The Feeling Fool You
7. The Sound Of Confetti Falling On The Ground
8. Come Back
9. Nothing To Tell
10. Mental Disturbance
11. I Hate Children (Adolescents)
12. I Hate Posers
13. We Like Hot Dogs
14. Anus Virus (A.I.D.S.)
15. Intro
16. Food Doesn't Walk
17. Summary

Mental Disturbance

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Asinine Solution - Asinine Cassette #1

Got some requests to rip and post the Asinine Solution tape. Asinine Solution were from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. They released 3 EP's between 1996 and 1998. The 1st one 'Your Wisconsin Friends' is almost impossible to find; only 200 copies pressed. The other 2 are more wellknown. 'My Dad's A Goat' was issued on Beer City Records, the 3rd one 'Cause Effect' on their own Asinine Records label.
This tape combines some basement recordings of which some of the songs appear re-recorded on the Beer City 7". The other stuff is a live recording with old singer Lee Costa and has a few songs off their 'Your Wisconsin Friends' 7". Think the tape was released in 1997, in between the 1st 2 EP's.
Expect some raw recordings here with each song crudily ending by the stop button of the recorder.
There were a lot of great HC bands from Wisconsin in the 90's. Also check 10-96, URBN DK, Default, Stand Off, Bitchslap, The Scuzz, ...

2/22/97 Basement
1. Hyperactivity
2. Politician
3. Hippies On Crack
4. P.S.F.
5. I Hate Your Games
6. Indecision
7. Flagburning In Medford
8. Viewpoint
9. Election
10. For My Country
Live in Wausau, WI
11. Lynch Mob
12. No Topic
13. Peter Pumpkineater
14. Games
15. Porn Again
16. Just Like That
17. Kirk's Car
18. Hyperactive Colon
19. Jack Off
20. A.S. (The Song)
21. Indecision

Asinine Solution

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Attic 22 - Live Adinkerke 1986

Punkband from the "Westhoek', I think from Veurne. Don't know a lot of them but one member was later in Disgorge.
Attic 22 also recorded a demo. Mad Mohawk is in contact with some of the ex-members but no result for the moment. Hopefully it will show up in the future.
Never caught them live back in the day but here's a recording that ex-member Steve sent to Mad Mohawk. Bitrate is 128 but it's a good live recording so the quality is OK. Steve can't remember the title of the 12th song.

1. Stamping Ground
2. Augst 6th
3. With You
4. Lubricious Priest
5. Fuck You All
6. Wat Ze Kunnen
7. Join The Army
8. Sugar Baby
9. Oi
10. Ronnie & Maggie
11. Beautiful People
12. ?
13. Wild Thing
14. No Man's Land

Attic 22

Sunday, October 28, 2012

R.O.Conspiracy - Unofficial Tape

 Late 80's HC band with metallic licks. R.O.Conspiracy were from Groningen and were called Intensity for a short period and then changed their name. Full band name is Radical Overthrow Conspiracy. Not sure but I think there's a link with Bloedbad, a great early 80's HC punk band that did some demos as well as a split tape with Jetset.
There are 12 tracks on the tape but only 11 titles mentioned. Don't know the title of the last song. Also a cover of an SSD song.
First 2 songs ripped as one track.

1. Raison D'Être
2. Paradoxal Peace
3. If You Don't Care - Christian In Name
4. Reality's A Fact
5. Abbatoirs Of Greed
6. Above The Masses
7. Dark Tunnel
8. Repugnant Song
9. Display Of Impotence
10. We Shall Overthrow
11. Boston Crew (SSD)
12. Untitled

RO Conspiracy

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Underdogs - Demo

Here's the demo from Bruges punkband the Underdogs. As I am originally from Bruges, I don't know a lot about them. I got into punk a few years later so I never seen them live. Some members of Sperm did play as well as stand-in.
Underdogs appeared on the Punk Etc. comp. tape 'Allez Crachez' from 1982 and the "No Big Business" comp. album on Kleo in 1981. This "demo" actually compiles all those tracks.
No pictures of the band unfortunately but my good friend Mad Mohawk uploaded one song on Youtube.

1. War, War, War
2. Underdog
3. We're Still Alive
4. Third World Image
5. Bobo


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Deranged - Live Zaal Patria 15/11/1980

Third and last live recording from this gig. I don't think there are any recordings of the Underdogs.
Deranged was a young punk band from Bruges. They only existed for a few months and this was their 1st gig. Don't think they lasted very long as members of Deranged and Rebel would start a new band called Sperm.
Omer wrote me that there are demo recordings of Sperm but he hasn't got any. He'll ask around and hopefully he can dig some up.
Deranged sound very simple and primitive here. But I think it's very cool someone recorded them in their very short existence. Otherwise they would only be remembered by the handful that seen them play live.
Thanks to Robin (ex-Deranged, Sperm) for leaving a comment here.

1. Kill Yourself
2. No You Don't
3. Deranged
4. Sad To Be With You
5. ?
6. The Instrumental Song
7. Fucking Awful
8. Roadrunner


Saturday, September 8, 2012

V/A Gegen Nazis!

Another comp. tape released in the late 80's by the people behind B-Product that released both 'Ook Dit Is Belgisch' tapes posted here before. This time it's an international affair. They released another one called 'Unite And Win' which I have here but it's missing a large chunk of the 1st song so I'll be looking for a better copy.
B-Product was run by Vos and Carl Levecke. Both guys had a lot of international contacts and featured a lot of unknown bands on their tapes. I remember being introduced to some New-Zealand stuff like on that comp. 7" from 1987 on Out Of Order Records and the ultra-rare Nazgûl 12" (now that's a record still not posted on any blog out there).
Back to the tape:
1st band is Rotterdam squatters Anarcrust with their metallic, crusty HC sound. Released quite some records of which the 1st album is on Skuld Releases.
From the Phillipines we have Dead Ends. Released 3 tape albums on Twisted Red Cross.
From The Netherlands there's one song of Moengo Tapoe. They did an album 'Duende' in 1989.
Next is one song of Scream Of Protest from Greece. Can't find any further info.
Bleeding Nuns were a cool HC band from Oklahoma. Did a split tape with Beavers and appeared on some comp. tapes as well.
French band Original Disease is next. Released one 7" and a few tapes.
Deadlock is the German band. More deathcore/grind.
Last band on side A is Adiexodo from Greece. Released an album on Enigma in 1986.
Side B start with Canadian band Pankreasse. cool stuff. would like to hear their demo tape.
Germany's Nasty Nation is next with one song against nazis (I think the title should be 'Faschos In Land'). So is that the same band that maybe later turned rightwing? There seems to be a dodgy band with the same name.
3rd Greek band is Chaos Generation (Γενιά Του Χάους) . They were called Anti-Culture (Αντικουλτούρα) before. Formed in 1982, disbanded in 1989.
Cool, unknown Australian band Strange Stains is next.
2nd Phillipines band is Valley Of Death. Also appeared on a comp. tape on Twisted Red Cross.
From the same scene as Anarcrust we have Ptooooing. There's a 4-way split tape with both bands and also Vanity 4 and Sex Slaves.
Last band is from Brussels, Belgium; Mental Disturbance.

Gegen Nazis - Side A

Gegen Nazis - Side B

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lunatics - Live Zaal Patria 15/11/1980

Here's part 2 of this gig.
Lunatics were a punk band from Kortrijk and operated at the same time with the better known The Definitivos. Actually Peter, Lunatics guitarplayer joined The Definitivos later on. Both bands operated from the notorious 21, a local pub where all the punx hung around. Band changed name from Lunatics to Lunatix. For more info on the Kortrijk scene in the early days, check this site (Dutch only).
Only 6 songs in 15 minutes, and no titles except for one called '1984'. Maybe Peter could give us more info and the titles.
Omer also included a stub of a concert with Lunatix supporting Poison Girls in Ledegem.

Just got a mail from Peter. Here are the titles he remembers after all those years:
01 Painting Of A Star
02 ?
03 1984
04 RAF
05 ?
06 Bobby


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rebel - Live Zaal Patria 15/11/1980

Thanks to Omer for the rip of this one. Omer was the drummer of this punk band from Bruges. He also played drums for Sperm and as stand-in for The Underdogs as well.
Now this is a very rare recording that luckily survived on an old tape. Omer is planning to rip the other live stuff of Deranged (Bruges) and Lunatics (Kortrijk) as well. Never heard these bands before and I think only people who were there will remember them. From this gig I only heard The Underdogs before. Will post their demo soon.
Last song is cut-off unfortunately (end of tape). Rebel also play the most controversial song The Sex Pistols ever made.

Note: Omer just mailed me to let us know that the last song is 'Desertation', not 'Dedication'. You'll need to re-tag the MP3.

1. Guns In The Opposite Way
2. You Say You
3. Alone
4. Coming Up For Air
5. Belsen Was A Gas
6. Weekend
7. Forcy Face
8. Who's Life Is This
9. VMO
10. Desertation


Sunday, July 22, 2012

V/A Dirty Methodes To Survive? Tape

Last of the batch of tapes I lend from Brob for the moment. Cool title despite the spelling mistake (Methods is written as Methodes in Dutch).
1st comp. tape made by Stoffy of Geraardsbergen. A 2nd one was already finished as well but I never heard/seen this one. It was also a benefit tape for organisations against animal cruelty. A subject that punx don't care a lot about these days.
Capital Scum delivers 4 live tracks. There are 5 titles mentioned but I could only find 4 songs. So I labelled 'Slavery' as 'Black Mind Slavery'. They also do 'Gimme Gimme Gimme' of Black Flag.
Eindhoven's Afflict follows with 1 song 'Sharon'.
De Panne's Disgorge is next with 3 tracks off their 2nd demo.
Repulsives from Tielt deliver 3 tracks from their aborted split LP.
Dutch all-female punkband Bambix bring us 3 early tracks.
Next are Shooting Skippies from The Netherlands. Don't know much about them. Melodic stuff.
Side B starts with 2 live tracks of The Dirty Scums.
Next is Rough Justice from Aalst with 3 live tracks. Posted their demo some time ago.
2 tracks follow of French HC band M.S.T.
Dutch crossover band Cry Of Terror follows with 3 tracks.
Next are 2 Polish thrashcore bands, The Corps and Nadzo'r. There's an extra track of Nadzo'r not mentioned on the sleeve.
Tape ends with Swat and his girlfriend with their rapcore project Deadly Serious.

Dirty Methodes To Survive? - Side A

Dirty Methodes To Survive? - Side B

Saturday, July 14, 2012

V/A Stop Fascisme Tape

10th tape on Kurt Boelens' Kankertapes. This one was a benefit for the Limburg AFF.
This is a Belgian bands affair.
Side A starts with Chronic Disease. 3 live tracks, probably taken from the gig in Eeklo with Rose Rose. I have a feeling that the original tape where these songs come from,  runs a bit too fast on these recordings. Also cool to hear a more melodic song we did. 'Reflections' didn't last long in our set as it was quite different from our other songs.
Next is René Binamé Et Les Roues De Secours. This band is still active today but shortend their name to René Binamé. Second song 'Jesus Sur Sa' should actually be ' Jesus Sur Sa +'.
One track from garage-rockers The Midnight Men. Released an album on Punk Etc. in 1989. Had Hazel in the band who later joined Rise Above.
2 tracks from Brussels HC-band Mental Disturbance.
Just Something follows with 2 melodic punk tracks. Found out that this was the 1st band of the Stubbe brothers. David Stubbe is better known as drummer for Neuthrone, Holefiller, Möse and Gura (and some other, lesser known projects, bands).
Toespieze was a band from the Bruges-area with Meyer and Sling of Chronic Disease. They recorded one demo of which the 2 tracks were taken from.
Doodt Illegaal follows with 2 songs from their split tape with Youth Crew.
 5 Les evolved out of Indecency. They bring us 2 tracks of melodic HC bordering on alternative rock.
Deadly Serious was Swat's rapcore project. Quite funny. Swat ran Zelfkrant zine.
One song included from funpunkers The Dirty Scums.
W.C.P. is the last band. 6 tracks of noisecore with Arnie Chaos on drums. I left those tracks as one track as it was impossible to seperate.

Note: side A has quite some gaps in the songs unfortunately. I guess something went wrong copying from the original tape. It's a bit annoying to listen to.

Stop Fascisme

Sunday, June 24, 2012

V/A Kampf Den Hirnfickern Tape

Bizarre title for this late 80's comp. tape, released by Unter Schwarzer Flagge Antimedien from Ahlen, Germany.
Quite an eclectic mix here.
Contains 2 tracks of Belgium's Dawn Of Liberty.
German punk is presented by Gunsch, L'Attentat, Erotischer Stuhlgang and P.O.Y. (Power Of Youth).
Poland's Dezerter deliver 'Kollabosong'.
Angor Wat from Norway bring us 1 live track.
Another live track is from The Ex.
Familie Kalaschnikov and The Violent Word have a postpunk sound. Don't know where the latter is from.
We get into experimental territory with Kämpfende Herzen, Reibach and Frankfurt's Solanaceae Tau, who released a lot of tapes, mostly on their own Nihilistick Noise label.

Kampf Den Hirnfickern

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mediafire account suspended

Bringing you the sad news that my account on mediafire has been suspended. Thanks to some LA company that claimed copyright violation on the 'Susan' Story' 12" of Cry Of The Innocent (on my other blog). A bit strange as former member Lee made a comment on that one a long time ago, without asking me to pull down the link.

Don't know what I'll do in the future. All links are down for the moment.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

No Numbers - Where Do We Go From Here? Tape

1985 demo tape of Tielt punk band No Numbers. 19 songs of mostly mid-tempo punk.  Some moody tracks like 'Someone I Could Trust' and 'Depression'. 'Vivisection' sounds a bit like CRASS. Also contains a cover of 'Wild Thing'.
No Numbers had Stinky in the band. He left to play with Repulsives in 1986. Otherwise no info on the band but Brob knew these guys so I expect him to give more info. Brob lend me the tape. Came with a lyric sheet/booklet but he put that somewhere else so don't have a scan of it.
13 tracks of the tape were released on a 2CD a few years ago with 3 other Tielt bands (The Dirty Scums, Repulsives and Get Stuffed), released by Pik of The Dirty Scums.

1. Animals
2. Neutron Bomb
3. God & Violence
4. Outlaw
5. Going Home
7. Hungry For Love
8. Poor Old Johnny
9. Someone I Could Trust
10. Wasted People
11. Peace And Freedom
12. The True Story
13. Army It's A Crime
14. America
15. Reality
16. Vivisection
17. Wild Thing
18. Depression
19. Human Life

No Numbers

Saturday, June 2, 2012

V/A Thrashing With Your Parents Tape

4th and final installment in the Smurf Punk Tapes series. Thanks to Brob for lending me the tape to rip.
Again 90 mins. of HC/punk and thrash from all over the world. Released in 1988 I guess.
Misanthropic Charity deliver 2 songs of melodic HC/punk. Band was from Denmark and had Electric Deads singer in the band.
No Fraud were from Florida. One of the best late 80's HC bands. Tracks probably from their demo. Their 1st 7" is a classic.
Corruption play metal-influenced HC. Both tracks already appeared on the 'People Of The Pit' comp. I already uploaded.
The 7" of O.H.M. has been posted here before as well. They deliver 3 tracks of which 2 are on the 7" (titles have been translated).
Virulence were a CA hc/crossover band. Released an album on Alchemy Records (Melvins, Poison Idea, RKL, Neurosis, ...). Later changed their name to Fu Manchu.
3rd band from Denmark is Leben Und Leben Lassen, better known as LULL. 3 live tracks.
Guillotine is the next Alchemy Records related band.
Yugoslav Sun is as you can read from the band name, from Yugoslavia.
False Liberty is pretty wellknown. Tracks taken from their great 'The Zoo Is Free' demo.
Both tape sides end with live tracks of Solucion Mortal; a political HC band from Mexico.
Hate Crew is the 1st Belgian band here. 2 songs that don't appear on the album on Punk Etc.
Another band from Yugoslavia is Crist. 2 tracks of heavy crossover thrash. Released the 'Powerdrive' 7" on No Profit Tapes in 1988.
Bad Influence is the 2nd Belgian band with the song 'Kick Out Religions'.
Electro Hippies from the UK deliver 'Vivisection Song'.
F.P.B. ws a Czech punk band. Name stood for Fourth Price Band.

Thrashing With Your Parents

Saturday, May 19, 2012

V/A 24 Love Songs Part II Tape

Got some goodies to rip from Brob, member of Smurf Punx and co-worker of the Vort'n Vis. Thanks alot!
I thought the '90 Minutes Around The World' was the 2nd release on Smurf Punk tapes but it's actually the 3rd. Never knew that this one existed until recently.
So '24 Love songs Part II' is the 2nd release on Smurf Punk Tapes (1986) and offers us 24 tracks of worldwide HC/punk and 5 tracks of poetry by Paddy Vacant And The Acid Heads from South-Africa.
Side A starts with A-Strant, the predecessor of Dawn Of Liberty. Cool HC/punk recorded live.Met singer Stefan Joosten again on the Antisect gig here in Belgium. Long time no see.
Next are FoH (Flag Of Hope) from West-Germany.
Bad Influence from Antwerp continues with 2 songs from their early anarchopunk phase.
Raw HC from Necrophilia is next. Band was from Yugoslavia.
Next is a very obscure band called Chaos S.A. from South-Africa.
S.D.T. follows with 2 tracks from their demo. Full band name is Suburban Death Trip. After they stopped, some members started a new band with the same initials.
Another cool band from Yugoslavia is next: Solunski Front.
Side B opens with South-Africa's most well-known Powerage.
Deviant Gedrag is next with 2 tracks from the demo I posted here before.
3rd band from Yugoslavia is Herpes Distress. Later shortened their name to Distress.
Germans Abfallbeseitigung are next. Punk with some wave influence.
Another rarity are the 2 songs of Pigs In Blue Glue. Recorded live. Probably your only chance to hear this band. Guitarplayer later joined Hate Crew.
Tape finishes with Repulsives, Brob's 1st band.

24 Love Songs Part II

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Virus Insurrection - A Game Called Life Tape

Virus Insurrection came from Preston, UK and were active in the late 80's. Never released a record but some songs of this demo tape appeared on a few compilations.
'A Game Called Life' is the band's 2nd demo. Expect some cool anarchopunk tunes here with songs dealing with meat eating, fox hunt, the system, war,  religion,... Drums are a bit sloppy from time to time. The songs are pretty short as well. As most of their contemporaries chose to play USHC, crust or melodic punk, Virus Insurrection stayed true to the anarchopunk sound of their predecessors.

1.  Meat's No Treat
2. A Game Called Life
3. Exploitation
4. Duke Of Beaufort
5. Images Of War
6. Systems Failed
7. Who Needs It / Smash The System
8. Christianarchy
9. No Questions Why
10. Old MacDonald Had A Duckburger

Virus Insurrection

Sunday, April 29, 2012

V/A Stop This - Fuck Vivisexion Tape

Late 80's comp. tape released in Belgium (Tielt) as a benefit for an organization against vivisection.
12 very diverse bands on this one.
Pestilence from Austria bring us thrash/grindcore. Later changed their name to Resolute.
German HC band Cox-Orange is next. They released a 7" on Amok Records.
Lärm again as the 3rd band here.
Exhaustless Revolt was a political HC band out of Antwerp. I think they did 2 demo tapes.
Next are Dark Age from Switzerland. Did an album on German label Beri Beri in 1990.
Last band on side A is Pszycho from Austria. A bit experimental.
Side B starts with Motus Vita Est from Yugoslavia. Tracks from their demo tape. Released an album on Sacro Egoismo in 1990.
Neolithicum is a pretty unknown HC/punk band from The Netherlands. Releases a CD 'More Kicks Than Brains' in 1994.
Ronald Ruck from Antwerp is next with some noisy HC bordering to grindcore.
Another band from Yugoslavia follows: Vuk I 7' Kozlic (or Volk In 7. Kozlek). Great HC/punk.
Germany's Cat-O-Nine Tails is next. Released an album in 1988 on Rise & Fall (Inferno's label).
Last band is Sound Pollution from Greece. Grindcore.

Side A

Side B

Saturday, April 14, 2012

V/A Het Lijkt Wel Vrede Tape

Another comp. tape on Ack Ack Tapes run by Kurt Boelens. Don't know how many tapes occurred on Ack Ack, but this one is the 9th. A selection of late 80's HC/punk bands from all over the world.
First band is from Paris, France. Krull play HC punk and released a 7" on New Wave in 1989.
Bad Influence from Belgium deliver 2 live tracks of their early anarchopunk sound.
Nasty Nation is next. Unknown band from Germany. There's an Oi! band with the same name from Germany these days. Don't know if it's the same band. If so then they're quite dodgy.
More wellknown are Swiss band Jaywalker. Tracks taken from the 'Oben Und Unten' tape.
Last band on side one is Lego'5, cool Dutch female-fronted HC band. There's even an extra track not mentioned on the tape.
Side B opens with wellknown Spanish thrashers HHH.
Next are Australians Gash with tracks from their 1st album.
More obscure is Action 33, a Swedish band playing HC/punk in the tradition of Asta Kask.
Next are Canadians Missing Link with 2 songs from their 'Murder Music' demo tape. They released a 7" 'Metalibut Torque Bastard' in 1987. More info on the tape on Equalizing Distort.
Inhuman Conditions are next with 3 tracks. Metallic HC typical for this time.
ENE from Groningen deliver us double-vocalled noise punk. My friend Erwin of State Fucker Records released a discography album a while ago (200 copies only I guess). Members later in Mushroom Attack and Fleas & Lice.
Last band are punk veterans Vortex.

Het Lijkt Wel Vrede

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bristle - Fired From Life 7"

First release of Seattle, Washington punk band Bristle. The band existed from the early 90's to 1999 although a second album was released in 2006.
Bristle have releases on Havoc (The System 7"), Beer City (Inner Conflict 7") and Ransom Note (Won't Die For You LP).
The 'Fired From Life' 7" was released in 1992 on Pot Pie Recrds, a small local label. The only other release I know of is the Chicken 7" posted here before.

1. Humanity
2. Thief
3. Witch Hunter
4. Insane
5. Riot


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Doodt Illegaal / Youth Crew - Split Tape

 Tape released in 1988 with 2 Belgian bands.
Doodt Illegaal were a punk band from Sint-Niklaas. Good studio recordings here, with a hilarious attempt to cover a wellknown song from a wellknown HM band. There was also a zine with the same name from that period. Don't know what happened wih all the members but singer Micky lives in Ghent these days and plays keyboards in Airun Seth, a local noise/sludge/weird band.
Youth Crew was a band from Liedekerke, near the city of Aalst. Despite their name, they weren't a SXE youth crew band, popular in the late 80's. This is ripping, fast HC. Their recording is live (no super quality) from a gig they played in the Jam Club in Mol. 12 songs in about 15 minutes. Their only official release is on the Mexican comp. flexi 'Nobody Listens Anymore'. One member now in electro-duo Nid & Sancy. The Youth Crew side is ripped as one track.

Doodt Illegaal
1. GP
2. Gepruts
3. Nazi Skins
4. Army Bullshit
5. Eendracht Maakt Macht
6. Fear Of...
7. Sheep
8. Paulus De Boskabouter
9. You Say
10. Violent Raping
11. We Don't Want
12. Run To The Hills

Youth Crew
1. Intro
2. See Them Suffer
3. VMO Gestapo
4. Cowboy Ronnie
5. Kishjaro
6. No Time To Worry
7. Violent Children
8. No Idea
9. People Are People
10. Fascist Pigs
11. From Nine To Five
12. You Don't Care

Doodt Illegaal / Youth Crew

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ideal Anti Fascista - Demo '96

Cool HC band from Barcelona. Once met the bassplayer when on tour with Katastrophobia. We couldn't really communicate on a normal level as he only spoke Spanish and I can't speak a word Spanish. Cool guy though.
This demo shows the band in their 1995-96 period. One of the older singers left to play with E-150.
The band is better known with it's initials I.A.F. They did 3 split 7"s and one full 7". First split is with Brazilians Under Threat, released in 1994 on US label Japankore (one of the Drop Dead members?). Next split was in 2000 with fellow Barcelona HC band HOW. In 2003 there's the split 7" with Finn crusties Rähäkkä.
The full 7" 'Si No Hay Justicia Para Los Pobres' was released around 1996 I think on the dubious French label Sludge Records.
'Asesino' originally by Los Crudos. 'Unjustified Murder' originally by Drop Dead.

1. Se Tú Mismo
2. Inanición
3. Sexism System
4. Tauromaquia Asesina
5. Basura Económica
6. Estúpidas Modas
7. Asesino
8. Bebida Familiar
9. Desprecio Humano
10. Nazi Bastardo
11. Planeta Basura
12. Decisión X
13. *"@#
14. Gritos De Sufrimiento
15. Masacre Animal
16. Grey Day
17. Unjustified Murder
18. Dejadme En Paz

Ideal Anti Fascista

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Köntraklässe - s/t Tape

Short-lived crusty HC band from Long Beach, CA. Recorded in 2001 and released on German label Yellow Dog. 1st tape release the label did (don't know if they did others). The 4 songs were planned to be released on a 7" but this never happened.
For a complete history of the band, check the myspace page. Had Todd from Dystopia on bass, Raygunn on guitar who also played in Scarred For Life (vocals) and now Deadly Reign.

1. Empires For The Rich
2. Quest For Power
3. Guided Allegiance
4. Senseless Destruction


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Flux Of Disorder - Bastards Demo

Political HC punks from Colorado, who like to drink beer as well.
This tape has tracks from various studio, demo and live stuff, recorded between 1993 and 1996. I did my best to level the volume on the different sessions here. Last 2 tracks are the live songs (at Mercury Cafe).
Flux Of Disorder appear on 3 split EP's, with Up Yours!, Armistice and Vomitüs.
Guitarplayer Andy Lefton played in Provoked and now plays in War//Plague.
I also think there's a connection with Deadstate as well.

1. The Flux Continues
2. Refuse
3. Mindless Chaos
4. Biodegradeable Life
5. Redneck Roadkill
6. Fuck The Beer Tax
7. Do Or Die
8. Multinational (Deadstate II)
9. Inhumanity
10. Hellstorm
11. Yellow Pages
12. Why Employ A Pointless Cause

Flux Of Disorder

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Clusterfux - s/t 12"

Here's the 2nd Clusterfux release, from 1999. Also on Queen City Punx and quite limited I suppose.
I think this one is better than the split LP. Better sound too.
For more info on Clusterfux, check the info on my previous post.
Also includes a cover version of Christ On Parade's 'Amerikka The Myth'.

1. Everyone Dies
2. Lying Here
3. Air Raid
4. For Your Viewing Pleasure
5. Think It Over
6. Fuck The Existence
7. Charlie Don't Surf
8. Amerikka The Myth
9. Beyond Me
10. Dot.Com
11. Toe Tag