Friday, November 28, 2008

V/A Big City's One Big Crowd LP

7th release on NY's Big City Records run by Javi of Savage Circle. This album contains 20 bands from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The 1st side are all bands from NY, side 2 has bands from NJ and CT.
The Unjust also did an album on Big City called 'Hammerhead' but never heard it. They also appear on the 'Big City - Don't Want No Pity' comp. 7" and 'Bollocks To The Gonads...' comp. LP on Pax from the UK.
Armed Citizens also had a 7" on Big City.
Ultra Violence did a demo of which the 2 tracks are taken. In the booklet it states that an album was recorded but this one was never issued.
Sheer Terror's first songs can be heard here.
Psychos' song is the only output I know of although they did a 6 track demo. This band had Billy Milano on bass.
Shok had ex-members of Fathead Suburbia, a band that appears on the 'Big City - Ain't Too Pretty' 7".
Krieg Kopf were a political band that issued a demotape that can be found on Good Bad Music.
Bloodlust is the follow-up of Butch Lust And The Hypocrites, a band that appears on the 'The Big Apple - Rotten To The Core' comp. album I posted awhile ago.
Javi And The Bastards were a one off. Label owner Javi did vocals while the instruments were played by The Unjust. song based on the one of the Dead Boys.
Pleased Youth did an album on Buy Our Records and also appear on the 'New Jerseys' Got It?' comp. album.
Same for Sacred Denial. Song taken from their 1st demo.
Bodies In Panic were another Buy Our Records band.
We see Stetz here again. See the 'New Jerseys' Got It?' comp. album.
Same for Bedlam and Adrenalin O.D. ( they do a song of The Damned) who need no introduction.
All the other bands are from Connecticut and were already introduced on my post of the 'Connecticut Fun' comp. LP.
Song of 76% Uncertain taken from the 'Estimated Monkey Time' LP.
'Wonder Bread' of Vatican Commandos is a different recording as the one on their 1st 7".
Seizure appears here as The Almighty Seizure.

1. The Unjust - Cannibals
2. Armed Citizens - The Lost Cause
3. Armed Citizens - Forfeit
4. Ultra Violence - I Threw It Away
5. Sheer Terror - Fashion Fighter
6. Sheer Terror - Rome Song
7. Psychos - Before
8. Shok - No Hope
9. Krieg Kopf - Warhead
10. Bloodlust - Coney Island Massacre
11. Javi And The Bastards - Big City
12. Pleased Youth - Nightmare Reality
13. Pleased Youth - You're Different
14. Sacred Denial -Sacred Denial
15. Bodies In Panic - Time
16. Stetz - Top Secret
17. Bedlam - Lost in Space
18. Bedlam - Knife In My Back
19. Adrenalin O.D. - Love Song
20.76% Uncertain - Another
21. Vatican Commandos - Wonder Bread
22. Chronic Disorder - Waiting
23. Seizure - Socialcide
24. Violent Children -Violent Children

Big City

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

STD - s/t 7"

Sometimes referred to as the 'Another Dead Asshole' 7".
STD were from Knoxville Tennessee, same as Koro. But they sound quite different and not that classic as Koro. This 7' was released in 1984 on Horace Records.
5 originals and one version of a Johnny Cash song.

1. Another Dead Asshole
2. Businessmans Lunch
3. Surf And Kill
4. Operation
5. Folsom Prison Blues
6. Skateboards Suck


Saturday, November 22, 2008

V/A Lung Cookies LP

Compilation released as a joint effort between Smoke Seven Records and Your Flesh zine.
This was originally planned as a cassette compilation but turned into a vinyl edition as vinyl gets more attention than tapes.
Recording quality varies with each band and most were taken from demo recordings.
Ten Minute Warning is a short-lived post-Fartz band.
Final Conflict is the Minneapolis one here who did a great 7" as well.
The Rejectors' songs seem like demo versions of the songs that appear on the split with The Accused.
RF7 songs also appeared on the 'Submit To Them Freely' 7" on Smoke Seven.
Willful Neglect released 2 great mini-albums back in the day, compiled on CD a few years ago.
Sacred Order did an album on Mystic and appear on quite a few comp. tapes as well.
No Thanks from NY deliver 1 song from their demo. Lengua Armada released a discography LP a while back with the very rare 'Are You Ready To Die' 7", 1982 demo and live in CBGB's.
Ground Zero, Otto's Chemical Lounge and Boy Elroy were all from Minneapolis but I don't know anything about them.
Red Meat is another mystery to me as this is the only output I know of them.

1. Ten Minute Warning - Is This The Way
2. Ten Minute Warning - Judgement Day
3. Ten Minute Warning - Buried Alive
4. Final Conflict - Self Defeated
5. Final Conflict - Why Me/Rage And Frustration
6. Final Conflict - Ross
7. Ground Zero - Law & Weather Rut
8. Ground Zero - No Marine Recruit
9. Rejectors - Struggle
10. Rejectors - Anti-Patriot
11. Rejectors - The End
12. Otto's Chemical Lounge - Velvet Emporer
13. Otto's Chemical Lounge - Shopping On Heroin
14. Boy Elroy - Reggae For The Rich
15. RF 7 - Not Now Generation
16. RF 7 - Submit To Them Freely
17. Willful Neglect - Deprogramed
18. Willful Neglect - I Was Drunk
19. Red Meat - Social Fuck
20. Red Meat - Power Of The Minds
21. Red Meat - Another Day
22. Red Meat - White World
23. Sacred Order - Icky Bitch
24. Sacred Order - She Kills Me
25. Sacred Order - The Right To Be Poor And Radical
26. No Thanks - Party's Over Now

Lung Cookies

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Extremes - From Both Sides LP

Here's another record from a band that appeared on the 'The Not So Lucky Country' compilation.
Originally they were called Human Waste and started in 1984. Phil MacDougal, owner of Reactor Records was on vocals back then. After some line-up changes, the band changed name to Extremes.
This album was released in 1987 on Cleopatra Records. Songs were recorded at Hardcore House by Smeer, guitarplayer of Depression and drummer of Gash.
There's an extra track 'Super Powers' mentioned on the backsleeve but it doesnt appear on the record.
A 2nd LP was recorded for Waterfront Records but was never released as the band split up. But it seems that there's a plan to release it one of these days.

Check more on the Extremes here.

1. When Death Wears A Smile
2. Cardboard
3. Search & Destroy
4. Threat Of War
5. Adolf Joh
6. Extremes From Both Sides
7. Get Away
8. Reach Out
9. Ballad Of Mike & Phiona


Friday, November 14, 2008

Insanity Defense - Demo 198X

It seems that the link expired of the Insanity Defense demo that Andyroopunk uploaded in the comments section. So for those who missed it, here's your chance to get it.
Someone else was even so generous to provide a tracklist. I didn't re-tag the MP3's but I included a text document with the titles in the file.

01. Betrayed
02. Social Motions
03. Scapegoat
04. U.S. Mess
05. No Excuse
06. Retaliate
07. Flesh, Metal, And Glass
08. Raised For The Slaughter
09. Beg For Mercy
10. Treason
11. Live Free Or Die
12. Truth Or Consequences
13. Let's See Action
14. Grudge Against The World

Insanity Defense Demo

Thursday, November 13, 2008

V/A New Jerseys' Got It? LP

Snapshot of the NJ scene around 1985.
3rd release on Buy Our Records, wellknown for releasing records of Bedlam and Adrenalin O.D. Both bands are featured on this one.
Cyanamid did a 7" on Mutha Records.
My 3 Sons did a 7" on Buy Our Records as well. Bodies In Panic, Pleased Youth and Children In Adult Jails released albums on the same label.
Sacred Denial released quite a few albums on their own Forefront label.

1. Bedlam - Mongoofy
2. Bedlam - Burn One
3. Bodies In Panic - Spiders & Cameras
4. Bodies In Panic - Wendy O
5. Cyanamid - N.J. Is A Mall
6. Cyanamid - Support
7. Pleased Youth - I'd Rather Be An Asshole
8. Pleased Youth - Obedience School
9. Children In Adult Jails - Fishing For Compliments
10. Children In Adult Jails - Dog Day
11. Stetz - Kidds Habits
12. Stetz - M.A.D.D.
13. My 3 Sons - People Who Bleed
14. My 3 Sons - Untitled 13
15. Sacred Denial - What Religion
16. Sacred Denial - Our Friend
17. Adrenalin O.D. - Crowd Control
18. Adrenalin O.D. - Infiltrate The State

New Jerseys' Got It?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Squits - Noise Against Silence 7"

Squits were from Haarlem, The Netherlands which also brought us Neo-Punkz/Suspense.
12 tracks in less than 13 mins. full of simple, primitive HC punk with great female vocals.
This 7" was released by the band in 1982.

1. Noise Against Silence
2. Punx-Skins
3. Hilversum III
4. Porno Pirate
5. Alle Disco's
6. Squits
7. Big Star (Nr 1)
8. Big Star (Nr 2)
9. Karate Aapje
10. Pindakaas
11. People
12. Cops In The Street


Friday, November 7, 2008

Dis-Organized Bunch Of Fuckers - So Full Of Lies LP

Here's the second effort of the Bremen punk gang Dis-Organized Bunch Of Fuckers. 18 songs in about 30 minutes. Great recording as well.
The sleeve is a bit weird. It's a fold-out sleeve with the lyrics printed on the outside and having a band picture on the inside. Not very creative me thinks.
The Finnish titled 'Ytheiskunnan Uhrit' means 'Victims Of Society'.
The band did another LP "Not Bound To Rules" in 1988 which I never heard before. Seems to be more metal influenced.
This album was released in 1986 on their own Pöbel Records label and was the 2nd release after their split with Nebenwirkung, posted a while ago.

1. Mass Destruction
2. UCA
3. Death Laborities
4. So Full Of Lies
5. Kids Trained To Kill
6. DB
7. No Way
8. Benefactor Of Death
9. Challenger
10. Rumour-Monger
11. Think And Refuse
12. Ytheiskunnan Uhrit
13. Don't Go Crazy
14. Don't You See
15. South Africa
16. Bloody Massacre
17. Their Victims
18. Atomic War

So Full Of Lies

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

V/A Connecticut Fun LP

Compilation album released on Incas Records in 1985. Contains some of the heavyweights of USHC like CIA, Youth Of Today, 76% Uncertain and Vatican Commandos.
Sound ranges from HC punk to more melodic stuff.
Punkestra is actually Seizure with vocals from the bands appearing on this album.

1. Fatal Vision - Blood Bath
2. Fatal Vision - Complex
3. Fatal Vision - Klan Man
4. Fatal Vision - Fatal Vision
5. End Product - Starve
6. End Product - In Heaven
7. Contraband - Feathered Fish
8. Contraband - Red Lights
9. Vatican Commandos - Carry It Forward
10. Vatican Commandos - Things Are Not The Same
11. Seizure - Slaughterhouse
12. Seizure - Guns
13. Bad Attitude - Kill You
14. Bad Attitude - Holy War
15. CIA - Destiny
16. CIA - JFK
17. Rude Awakening - My Walk To The Liquor Store
18. Rude Awakening - We're Here To Fight
19. Lost Generation - Short Cut
20. Lost Generation - Don't Exist
21. No Milk On Tuesday - White Not Right
22. Youth Of Today - Take A Stand
23. Youth Of Today - Stabbed In The Back
24. Youth Of Today - We Just Might
25. Youth Of Today - Wake Up And Live
26. Youth Of Today - Standing Hard
27. 76% Uncertain - Into The Void
28. Punkestra - Connecticut Fun

Connecticut Fun