Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mongo Mange Gatoo - Death Can Be Hazardous To Your Health LP

Quite obscure hardcore band from Amsterdam. Think the band consisted of young kids.
This album was released on their own Lethal Death Records label in 1986. Not a lot of info to be found on them, not even on the Nederpunk site.
Here's a review from MRR No. 45:

This Dutch band seems to model itself after outfits like PANDEMONIUM, who specialize in ultra-fast thrash with political lyrics. The harsh speedmetallish vocals are way in the front of the mix, which unfortunately pushes away the great instrumental sound here, but this is still a respectable debut. (SS)

1. Atomic War
2. CIA Battlefields
3. Go Ahead, Make My Day
4. An Offer You Can't Refuse
5. All Equal
6. Napalm Beach
7. Sniarb Erom Sniarb
8. Baalzebub's Back To Earth
9. Kill The Mayors
10. Capital Punishment
11. Nuclear Holocaust
12. Death Can Be Hazardous To Your Health
13. Mens Sana In Corpore Sano
14. Acid Rain

Mongo Mange Gatoo


ArchisBald said...

Oh man, this is really great! If it wasn't for the vox being so prominent. You really nailed it by saying that. The guitar work is exceptional, this bands production really does hijack the presentation in whole. "Death can be hazardous to your health" is my favorite track off of this one. The musicianship reminds me of Zyclome A's sound. Great one, Thanks and cheers!> Jughead

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

used to own this record. it's so great to find it here.
the singer always reminded me of naked raygun's singer.
back then i had some letter correspondence with the singer, they were squatters and they sure weren't in it for the money.
proper dutch hardcore!

Tjø said...

I just got this record from Sjap, he owns and shares a tattoo shop with some guys in Amsterdam now!
'House of Tattoo's', check it out!