Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stand Off - Over All 7"

Didn't know about this band until recently they were mentioned in the comments' section.
Stand Off were one of those late 90's hardcore punk bands from Wisconsin. In fact they had 2 members of the more wellknown Default.
Stand Off did another 7" which is a split with 10-96.
The 'Over All' 7" had 2 pressings: the 1st one is a split label release between Distraught Records and Power Ground Records. My copy is the 2nd press on Power Ground records, limited to 300 copies.
3rd track is 'Negative Thoughts' as stated on the label; the back of the sleeve states 'Stand Off' as title.
This one has no cat.# and I'm still looking to complete the label's discography.

Power Ground Records:
PGR 1 ????
PGR 2 Droids - Ja Bede Bardzo Droby 7"
PGR 3 Boris The Sprinkler/Droids - Split 7"
PGR 4 Remission - Fetus The Code 7"
PGR 5 URBN DK - Human Indifference 7"
PGR 6 Maneurysm - Swallowed By Karma 7"
PGR 7 Default - Die With Honor 7"
PGR 8 Ojorojo/Inflicted - Split 7"
PGR 9 ????
PGR 10 ????
PGR 11 Inflicted/Segue - Split LP

1. Overall
2. Stabilize Me
3. Negative Thoughts
4. Time For Change
5. Blinded
6. See Right Through
7. I'm So Boring

Stand Off

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Bloody Coat Hangers - Bloody Entertainment 7"

Very 1st release on Will E. Survive in 1994. The Bloody Coat Hangers were from Chicago and this 7" is their only release. Nothing special IMO but worth hearing.

Note: 1st two tracks ripped as one track

1. 14 Dead Bodies
2. The Creation
3. Attitude
4. Minkia
5. Oil Of Olay

The Bloody Coat Hangers

Friday, January 15, 2010

V/A Necrophile Orgasm Tape

Here's a rare tape released in New Zealand sometime 1987/88 I guess.
New Zealand is known for it's early punk bands but for the rest the punk scene was quite isolated back in the 80's. Most bands kept playing the UK punk style and hardcore emerged quite late.
There were a handful of small punk labels like Sound Mind (run by the band Compos Mentis), Positive Youth Promotions (Armatrak, Five Year Mission) and Out Of Order. That label released a comp. 7" in 1987 with 5 HC bands which was the 1st stuff I ever heard from New Zealand. Out Of Order also released a Compos Mentis/Powerage split 7" and the very rare Nazgûl 12".
This comp. tape was released by Sonik Lobotomy Tapess. The sound quality is pretty lo-fi. This is a copy from a copy from a copy but I guess that the original tape doesn't sound much better. There's some noisy stuff on it as well.
Too lazy to type out the tracklist (I sent all info to KFTH and I scanned the full sleeve as well) but here's the band list:
Moral Fibre (4 tracks)
Casualty (3 tracks)
Genocide Factory (4 tracks)
Nazgûl (3 tracks)
Sticky Filth (4 tracks)
Wazzo Ghoti (3 tracks)
Necrophiliacs (1 track)
Exhibit A (2 tracks)
Survivors Of The Plague (3 tracks)
Satans Vomit (2 tracks)
Pain (1 track)
Cot Death (2 tracks)

Necrophile Orgasm

Saturday, January 9, 2010

V/A Superhits Volume 1 EP

For those who want some more Aspirin Feast, here's the comp. EP with 2 tracks of them. Other bands are Meat Minder, North American Bison and DUMT. Nice to listen to but Aspirin Feast blows them all away.
This 7" is a limited press of 500 copies and released on Jam Records in 1992. There's a 2nd volume as well but never heard it but is more punk oriented (oa. The Rickets).

1. Meat Minder - Doggy Bag
2. Aspirin Feast - Thinking Is A Crime
3. Aspirin Feast - Scrape And Cremate
4. North American Bison - Middle Class Family
5. DUMT - Twister

Superhits Volume 1

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Knucklehead - I LP

Last release on the Speed Of Sound label (see Underground Soldier).
Knucklehead was another HC band from Philly. Their songs are midtempo most of the time, with some metal riffs.Definitely an attempt to play crossover.
Thin production by Butch Vig who later on produced albums of Sonic Youth and Nirvana.

1. Egypt 1938
2. All Your Lies
3. P.O.W.
4. Pull The Chord
5. Now Is The Time
6. Decline
7. GVT. F.M.U.
8. Mirror Christs
9. You Dirty Kids
10. Johnny Cash
11. Devil's Island