Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ripcord & Heresy Live Netwerk, Aalst 1988

Reading 'Trapped In A Scene' by Ian Glasper and visiting the Smurfpunx site from time to time brings back good memories. One of the best gigs I ever attended was in 1988, set up by the Smurfpunx in Netwerk at the city of Aalst. 4 bands played: Anguish from Belgium, Cry Of Terror from Holland and Ripcord & Heresy from the UK.
Can't remember much of Anguish but they were very political. Some members would form Indecency after Anguish split.
Cry Of Terror were a metallic HC band. They released a 7" and 2 albums on Old World Records and contributed to various comps.
And then came Ripcord and Heresy! I was (and still am) very much into them and both played a great set which you can listen to here.
There were like 500 people at the gig and the atmosphere was great. No troubles at all. If I could use the word positive hardcore then it should have been like that all the time.
The European HC scene would soon collapse after bands like Heresy split. Well you still had the straight edge scene and also came along the crusties. The HC scene didn't interest me at all and I started listening to anarcho stuff again as well as all the early Swedish and Finnish bands thanks to bands like Doom and ENT who brought back punk into HC.
The Smurfpunx lost their space to do gigs and folded soon afterwards.
But in Ieper, a new place was created to do gigs called the Vort'n Vis were bands like MDC, Scraps, Nations On Fire, Nausea, No Security, Sedition, Disaffect and even Disorder played.
It also created a schism between the XXX brigade and the drunken crustie punx.

And the guy who yells 'Fur Is Murder' the last time in the song 'Furder' is yours truly (well 22 years ago!).
Tracklists are provided in the files. The last bit of Heresy sounds a bit muddy as the recording was split over 2 tapes.

Also check out the next bands with members of both bands: Violent Arrest, Geriatric Unit and Warprayer.




mike said...

Wow, what a cool post - Heresy and Ripcord are tops! I've been coming here for a little while and haven't commented until now, but I love the blog... thanks for the tunes. Any chance you could post some Cry of Terror? I've got the 7" but would love to hear the LPs. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Curious Guy said...

Hello Mike,
sorry don't have any Cry Of Terror.
So you run All Go No Slow. Think I've seen a song of my old band (Chronic Disease) once on one of your podcasts.
Thanks for the appreciation!

Anonymous said... U 1

Curious Guy said...

Anon, thanks for the links. Got that Breeder 7" already from MRR although the quality sucks :(
Last link doesn't work so I don't know which record it was.

Anonymous said...

"Some members would form Indecency after Anguish split."
Indecency already existed before Anguish split, I think. Onno - guitar, Dirk - drums, Boule - bass.
I think Fons from Anguish went to join Indeceny...

Anonymous said...

"The Smurfpunx lost their space to do gigs and folded soon afterwards."
Smurfpunx continued to organsise concerts to well into 1991. Netwerk was not 'our' place but yes, we sometimes had to find other spaces.
I quit and started to work with the Vort'n Vis and other places because I wanted to stick to DIY and not work with commercial promoters.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for clearing that up about Anguish and Indecency. Didn't know the bands too well. Maybe I've seen Indecency live but I can't remember.

Toxik Boys said...

Gracias Curious Guy!, great music and great writing!.

Anonymous said...


This is my new band “American Jihad” featuring members of TSOL, Bonecrusher, Pennywise, & The Nip Drivers.
I’m trying to spark interest because we’re just starting out. Any chance you can post to your blog?


Anonymous said...

great you put this stuff on here.i'd completely forgotten all about this gig.funny hearing our firt singer singing songs that our second vocalist recorded!!.never heard these memories of this gig are very hazy.i do remember the pit being massive,like a huge whirlpool!!
and also that mini tour i had to play two sets every night as i was playing guitar for both bands at the time.ball the best baz

Curious Guy said...

Hi Baz, thanks for the comment. My memory is hazy too but I remember this gig pretty well. I'm also into Violent Arrest a lot. Too bad you guys hardly play any gigs.

Anonymous said...

hey curious guy
violent arrest were going to be just a studio band but we've played out a couple of times.due to family and work commitments we'll only play close to where we live so the chances of playing on mainland europe are very slim indeed.thanks for the interest though.

Zen said...

Ripcord link is broken :(
Somebody re-up please?

Curious Guy said...

New link for Ripcord. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Could you re-upload the links, please? TNX!

Curious Guy said...

New links. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Can anyone re-upload this both gigs... thank you very much, i will put later on the gig of Cry Of Terror if anyone is interested, Cheers from Ton-Brainblast.