Saturday, July 31, 2010

Outrageous - s/t LP

1st album of Amsterdam punk band Outrageous. Outrageous was set up by Eric Peters who used to sing for The Nitwitz. The other members went on as BGK.
Peter went on to sing for Amazing Blazing Windmills (grunge) and The Zoo (commercial pop) but is now in glamrock band Bastardz Of Glitter.
After this album released in 1984, followed the '14 Flaming Farts' album (1985). Both were self-released.
In 1987 Outrageous released their last album 'Night Life Crawl', a 12" mini-album, in France on All Or Nothing.

01. $ For Oil
02. Say Cheese
03. Beziers
04. The Game
05. Fucking Me Up
06. The Morning Buzz
07. My Turn
08. Madman
09. Phone Call
10. Take Your Chance
11. British Bikes
12. Bundi
13. Bog Artist
14. La La La


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Hey there, did you ever upload the Thrash Dumbos 7"? I'd love to hear if it you ripped it. Thanks!!