Sunday, November 28, 2010

The End - Revenge 7"

5th release on IM Records, the label of The Faction. This 7" of The End, released in 1986 is actually a solo recording by Adam "Bomb" Segal after the split of The Faction. He produced it himself and even played all instruments.
After this 7" Adam would form a full band. They released the 'If You Still Believe' 12" (1986) and, as The Living End, 'The Picture That Came With The Frame' LP (1988) , both on IM Records as well. 2 tracks of The Living End appear on the IM comp. 'Do You Remember Rock'n'Roll?'.
Only 2 songs here: 'Revenge' and 'No Morals'. Those can be found (re-recorded?) on the 'If You Still Believe' 12" as well.
Couldn't remove all crackling vinyl noise.

The End


Anonymous said...

do you happen to have either of their 12"s? i have one, but can't digitize it at the moment. adam bomb does a better, faster version of "no morals" on the 2nd faction collection cd.

Curious Guy said...

Unfortunately not. That version on the 2nd Faction Collection CD is indeed better.