Sunday, October 19, 2008

Underground Soldier - Fun Before Profit! LP

Only release of this female-fronted DC band. Underground Soldier recorded at Inner Ear Studios but I don't think they had alot in common with the DC hardcore scene. They more influenced by UK punk.
'Bonanza' was written by David Rose and 'Raid R. Luv' is a cover of the wellknown song of Golden Earring.
Released on Speed Of Sound in 1985.
Speed Of Sound was a small label with 4 releases:
SOS 001 Flag Of Democracy - Love Songs 7"
SOS 002 Kremlin Korpse - Moscow's Revenge 7"
SOS 003 Underground Soldier - Fun Before Profit! LP
SOS 004 Knucklehead - I LP

1. Stop To Think
2. White Out
3. EST
4. Bonanza Cow-Down
5. Fantasy Dream
6. Raid R. Luv
7. Wasp
8. Sunday Slaughter
9. Riot In Safeway
10. Headaches

note: tracks 4 & 5 ripped as 1 track.


John said...

They had coonection with dichord bands - one member was in Beefeater

Curious Guy said...

Didn't know that John. Well I was actually referring to the early Dischord period.

Anonymous said...

That would have been Dug, the bass player that was also in Beefeater. Actually, US were before that. I saw just about every one of their shows & got to be pretty good friends with both Dug & Helen. They were a lot of fun live & were super nice people. They had a great demo that came before the LP & was even better. I'd love to find it again, my copy wore out years ago. Thanks for posting this!

Anonymous said...

This link gets you to the Landlords LP.

Curious Guy said...

Link is fixed now. I fucked up a bit. Thanks for the extra info Borneojimmy. Would like to hear the demo as well.

Anonymous said...

A truly great album! They got the production just right on this one. Like Vice Squad but better!

Anonymous said...

Hey Curious Guy,
How's it goin' have you received the package yet? Let me know. Hope everything is cool Cheers>RG

FuseRed said...

Great album - Beefeater were excellent so nice to hear Doug's earlier band.

They also had a track on the Bouncing Babies compilation w/ Artificial Peace, Black Market Babies, Void, Scream, GI, etc.


Eric W said...

I was the drummer in Underground Soldier, or as it was popularly spray painted "UxSx"...

My eternal thanks for taking the interest and time to digitize and host this!

It's on my iPod as of this minute, and I'm completely stoked. Again, thanks.

Curious Guy said...

Hi Eric, thanks for leaving a comment here and the appreciation.

Honquijote said...

Never heard of this band before.
So thanks a lot for introducing me another unknown gem... :-)

Anonymous said...

At last! I heard the song "Headaches" on the Funhouse punk radio show in Houston in the 80s.. I never knew who performed it.. Now at last I have this old favorite of mine!

Claudio said...

The LP arrived in Chile in the hands of a Philadelphia Skeater in 85, it quickly became one of our favorites along with Minitemen, The Dead Milkmen, Beefeater, The Cramps, etc..
The disc was lost there and were only recorded on audio tape.
Great band.

Anonymous said...

That link no longer works, could you please repost it? Thanks!

Curious Guy said...

New link for Underground Soldier. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Could you please re-upload this LP the link's dead i've been looking every were for this album & i can't find it! :S

Curious Guy said...

Fresh rip, new link. Enjoy!