Sunday, February 7, 2010

Trenchcoat Army - s/t 7"

Great 7" of this NYC band. Learned about them on one of the comp. 7"s on Kangaroo Records.
I copied from what's written on the Mad At The World Records flyer that comes with the 7":
six songs of raw and misanthropic hardcore punk from this NYC based outfit that contains the very same people that brought you the seminal NYHC zine Guillotine. Having finally got into the studio long enough without resorting to kill each to offer this EP of fast minimalist and noisy hardcore. Trenchcoat Army presents a view on hardcore music every bit as authentic as bands long gone, without resorting to the rhetoric established by the current thrash revival.
500 copies pressed and sold out from the label. Recorded and released in 2000.

1. Lost
2. Whose Life Is It Anyway
3. Bottom Feeders
4. Say You Love Satan
5. Retribution
6. Beginning Of Your End

Trenchcoat Army

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Felipe said...

Could you please post the DISASTER AREA - "Cut the Line" LP if you have it? please please please post it if you can :)