Sunday, June 6, 2010

V/A Montreal New York Connection '85 LP

9th release on NY label Big City. I think it was originally planned to be released by other people but they didn't have enough money so Big City helped out.
This is a live compilation with Montreal bands Countdown Zero, Vomit And The Zits and Gassenhauer. Scab and Ultra Violence are from NYC and Krakdown from Long Island.
The NY bands were recorded at CBGB's on June 3rd. The Montreal bands at Salle St-Louis De France on July 6th.
Bands that played but didn't make it to this comp. are No Policy, Genetic Control, Fair Warning and Cro-Mags.

I ripped the tracks by band.

1. Scab - Overture
2. Scab - Get Burned
3. Scab - Tools
4. Ultra Violence - No Help From Up Above
5. Ultra Violence - Misunderstood
6. Countdown Zero - Blastoff
7. Countdown Zero - Brainless
8. Gassenhauer - N.D.G.
9. Gassenhauer - Drunken Skinhead
10. Countdown Zero - (Intro) Degenerates
11. Countdown Zero - Out Of Control
12. Ultra Violence - I Wanna Kill
13. Ultra Violence - Soul Stealer
14. Scab - Games
15. Krakdown - Freedom
16. Vomit And The Zits - Rip Off

Montreal - New York


Cecelia said...

hey- I was wondering if you could email these songs to me? I've been trying to get a download of this for ages and the media fire link doesn't work anymore. Thanks! -Cecelia (

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!