Thursday, September 23, 2010

Suburban Death Machine - Demo

Short-lived HC/punk band from Pittsburgh, USA. Released a 7" and a 12" album in 2005 and then broke up. Both records are worth tracking down.
Here's the demo tape released before those. Has 9 tracks of which 'Surrounded' and 'Average American Psychopath' were re-recorded for the 7". All other tracks were never re-recorded.
First 3 tracks ripped as 1 track.
Suburban Death Machine on Myspace.

1. Suburban Death March
2. No Reason
3. Black Hole
4. Surrounded
5. As A Punk I Find This An Anti-Punk Record
6. Average American Psychopath
7. Suburban Dreams
8. No Hope
9. I Quit

Suburban Death Machine


Dan said...

this is a great underated demotape,and to me their best stuff,thx for reminding to play this fucker again!

Anonymous said...

i was the vocalist for SDM and just wanted to say that it's pretty sweet to see this on here. i like this blog and it's great to be included!

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the appreciation Dan & Dan. Are you in any band these days?

Anonymous said...

no, i live in philadelphia - 5 hrs away from the others and have not met any potential band mates here.
ian (guitar) is starting something up, but it's going slow right now.
aaron (bass) is in icon gallery.
zak (drums) not sure what he's up to, lives in oregon i think.