Monday, July 7, 2008

V/A The Not So Lucky Country DoLP

Released in 1988 on Australia's best known punk label Reactor Records. Contains some well known names and a few lesser known ones. Some bands were already split up before this release.
A wide variety of styles, mostly punk, hardcore, some crossover thrash and one experimental track by Slub.
I will post some more stuff of some of the bands appearing here in the future.

For those interested in the history of Australian punk or wants more info on the bands, should go to the Regression site. Click on the "M.P.D." and "S.P.D." buttons for full list of bands.

Bands/titles are:
Side A
Arm The Insane - Fight Or Die
Where's The Pope - Jesus Gets Rich
Nobody's Victim - Create Your Own Rules
End Result - National Service
Fear And Loathing - 44VD
Internal Haemorrhage - After The War
Gash - Socialite
Permanent Damage - Kids Play With Guns
Cosmic Psychos - Custom Credit
Side B
Massappeal - Elitist Shit
Condemned Attitude - Homeless Crew
Renegade - Riot Squad Gladiator
Aardvark's Afterbirth - Army Of Hitlers
Septic Saw Blades - Wars
Fester Brothers - Gag
Death Sentence - Fear
Slub (with John Murphy of SPK) - H.L.D.
Depression - War And Freedom
Side C
Civil Dissident - Memories Of Menzies
The Hard-Ons - Show Us Wot Ya Got
Alligator Parade - Wild Chicken Farm
Filthy Scumbags - Lager Drinkers From Hell
Utter Stench - Slappy's
Bad Ronald - The Tree Song
Death Sentence - Adrenalin
Venom P. Stinger - Venom P. Stinger
Side D
Vicious Circle - The Jokers Palace
Hard Corpuscles - Ronald Is
Extremes - America
Mental Hellth - Always The Same
No Control - C.I.A.
Be Kind To Beavers - Stop The City
Crucified Truth - Make A Stand
Psychotic Maniacs - Meat
Permanent Damage - Where I Stand

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Donut Duck said...

Excellent! Been looking for that for ages! Thanks!

Curious Guy said...

Always welcome DD! I could scan the whole booklet if you really need it. Just don't like scanning but if you really want to have it...
I'll post another Australian comp. soon which is quite hard to get these days.

Colon The Librarian said...

yeah me too,just grabbed the arm the insane 12in and 7in recently not sure which blog,but will find out if you want um.i,m so far behind with the old records i,ve got of blogs lately its not funny.
anyhow curious cheers for the chance to finally hear this

Curious Guy said...

I understand completely Bernard. That's why I hesitated so long to start with this blog.

Donut Duck said...

Yeah but it's good you started the blog because i prefer to get some extra info than just the files without any accompanying info.

As for the booklet - i wish my scanner would work so i could scan all the extras with my postings but you don't have to if you don't want to.

And maybe if your friend lets you rip the World War III? compilation you could post it on your blog too!? The compilation has its moments, alot of classic stuff on it!

Colon The Librarian said...

heres the blog those arm the insane records are on

Anonymous said...

Thanx for these goodies!
Anything of Massappeal?

Curious Guy said...

Massappeal 1st album and 7" here: