Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ideal Anti Fascista - Demo '96

Cool HC band from Barcelona. Once met the bassplayer when on tour with Katastrophobia. We couldn't really communicate on a normal level as he only spoke Spanish and I can't speak a word Spanish. Cool guy though.
This demo shows the band in their 1995-96 period. One of the older singers left to play with E-150.
The band is better known with it's initials I.A.F. They did 3 split 7"s and one full 7". First split is with Brazilians Under Threat, released in 1994 on US label Japankore (one of the Drop Dead members?). Next split was in 2000 with fellow Barcelona HC band HOW. In 2003 there's the split 7" with Finn crusties Rähäkkä.
The full 7" 'Si No Hay Justicia Para Los Pobres' was released around 1996 I think on the dubious French label Sludge Records.
'Asesino' originally by Los Crudos. 'Unjustified Murder' originally by Drop Dead.

1. Se Tú Mismo
2. Inanición
3. Sexism System
4. Tauromaquia Asesina
5. Basura Económica
6. Estúpidas Modas
7. Asesino
8. Bebida Familiar
9. Desprecio Humano
10. Nazi Bastardo
11. Planeta Basura
12. Decisión X
13. *"@#
14. Gritos De Sufrimiento
15. Masacre Animal
16. Grey Day
17. Unjustified Murder
18. Dejadme En Paz

Ideal Anti Fascista


Peñuflo said...

Hey Boss!

I'm the drummer of the first formation of I.A.F.
And I want to tell several explanatory notes about the band,
the first split 7 "UNDER THREAT (Brazil) who edited the vinyl was Brian, drums of" Dropdeap ", in the year 94.
Japankore his label, in this 7 ", also in this ep was VIOLENT HEADACHE Chiko of the band on guitar and second guitar Sergio HT.
Furthermore this demo, you work here was the second where also participated Italian as second voice, he also was parallel to E-150. Just after this edition as I left both the band.
Here in this demo although Sergio was not Carlos had entered.

Chiko left the band shortly before recording.
And too much Italian as I left the band in late 96.

After this change of components Chiko return to the band again but also joins as drummer and vocals Dani. This was the second training that took the band to disappear after this training these 3 albums were released more:

- 7 "solo Sludge Records," no justice for the poor ... There will be no peace for the rich ", released 97 years. It was an album that had many delays and also edited changes were made to the artwork without permission of the band.
- Split 7 "HOW (Barcelona), Dani parallel band. Edited the year 99.
- Split 7 "with the band RÄHÄKKA Finnish, this material was the last posthumous materials, I edit the band in 2001.
The band was active so I have understood until 2004.

Today is moving the idea of ​​publishing the entire discography on 12 ".



Unknown said...

Hello, I have the two splits from IAF / Underthreat - Rahakka I missed out been trying to find this demo but the link is dead can you send it to me or reupload? I'd love to feature this demo on my youtube channel! Thanks.