Saturday, April 14, 2012

V/A Het Lijkt Wel Vrede Tape

Another comp. tape on Ack Ack Tapes run by Kurt Boelens. Don't know how many tapes occurred on Ack Ack, but this one is the 9th. A selection of late 80's HC/punk bands from all over the world.
First band is from Paris, France. Krull play HC punk and released a 7" on New Wave in 1989.
Bad Influence from Belgium deliver 2 live tracks of their early anarchopunk sound.
Nasty Nation is next. Unknown band from Germany. There's an Oi! band with the same name from Germany these days. Don't know if it's the same band. If so then they're quite dodgy.
More wellknown are Swiss band Jaywalker. Tracks taken from the 'Oben Und Unten' tape.
Last band on side one is Lego'5, cool Dutch female-fronted HC band. There's even an extra track not mentioned on the tape.
Side B opens with wellknown Spanish thrashers HHH.
Next are Australians Gash with tracks from their 1st album.
More obscure is Action 33, a Swedish band playing HC/punk in the tradition of Asta Kask.
Next are Canadians Missing Link with 2 songs from their 'Murder Music' demo tape. They released a 7" 'Metalibut Torque Bastard' in 1987. More info on the tape on Equalizing Distort.
Inhuman Conditions are next with 3 tracks. Metallic HC typical for this time.
ENE from Groningen deliver us double-vocalled noise punk. My friend Erwin of State Fucker Records released a discography album a while ago (200 copies only I guess). Members later in Mushroom Attack and Fleas & Lice.
Last band are punk veterans Vortex.

Het Lijkt Wel Vrede


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